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357 Magnum Ammo

The .357 Magnum is one of the most popular centerfire revolver cartridges produced.  It has proven its effectiveness in decades of police use as well as use in civilian self defense.  Hunters have also used this cartridge to take game such as deer and feral hogs.

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  1. Winchester 357 Magnum Ammo - 20 Rounds of 125 Grain JHP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 125 Grain JHP Boxer Nickel-Plated Brass 357 Magnum Winchester Ammunition


    $28.00 Price As low as $27.50 in bulk
    In stock now
    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Winchester
    • American-made Self-Defense
    • $1.38 to $1.40 Cost Per Round
    • Winchester SKU S357MPDB
    • UPC 020892218864
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History of 357 Magnum Ammunition

The .357 Magnum was the first and remains the most popular of the magnum handgun calibers. Introduced in 1935 as a step up from the .38 Special, the .357 Magnum was developed by the legendary Elmer Keith, Col. D.B. Wesson of Smith and Wesson and Winchester firearms and Phil Sharpe, a prominent gun writer of the time. This project used a case almost identical to the .38 Special with one major exception; the case was 0.125” longer. Sharpe developed a charge that pushed the 158 grain bullet used in the .38 Special beyond the 1,500 foot per second mark using an 8 ¾” barrel using a Smith and Wesson .38/44 Outdoorsman revolver. From this work came what would be known as the Smith and Wesson Model 27.

Besides the S&W Model 27, there have been a plethora of revolvers built to handle the .357 Magnum cartridge. The popularity among law enforcement and civilians alike has kept demand for the .357 Magnum high since its introduction. All the major firearms and commercial ammo manufacturers have firearms or make ammo for the .357 Magnum.

Along with many Law Enforcement agencies, U.S. military personnel used the .357 Magnum from World War II to the Vietnam Conflict. One particularly notable user of this caliber was General George S. Patton. He carried an ivory, not pearl, handled S&W .357 along with his single action .45 Long Colt.

One of the interesting facts about the .357 Magnum is that while most commonly found in revolvers, other types of firearms use this caliber as well. Marlin, Henry and other major manufacturers build lever action rifles chambered for the .357 Magnum. Israeli Military Industries and Coonan both manufacture semi auto pistols that shoot the .357 Magnum and Ruger has introduced a .357 Magnum bolt action rifle. Consider that there are also several single shot and even pump action rifles to be had, and the idea of the perfect rifle and pistol combination in .357 Magnum is not a far fetched one.

The .357 Magnum, while not among the popular choices among police agencies due to the advantages offered by semi auto pistols, is still a very valid hunting and personal defense cartridge. Hornady makes their famous LEVERevoution ammo in .357 that is very popular among medium and even large North American game hunters. Magtech offers their First Defense, solid copper bullet, self defense ammunition in .357 Magnum. The versatility of the .357 Magnum and the multitude of platforms that it comes in work together to ensure that the first Magnum will remain among one of the most popular magnums on the market.

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357 Magnum Ammo Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 357 Magnum PMC Ammunition
  • Doug said:

    "This ammo would have gotten better quality rating but there was a lot of unburned residue left in the action of my firearm. I was shooting a Desert Eagle and although the ammo burned "dirty" this never effected accuracy or function of my firearm. It did function without interruption and was surprisingly accurate for the price."

  • 3ddi3myboy said:

    "Good prices and delivery; that is all I ask. Many thanks!"

  • Jersy said:

    "A quality product at a really good price. You can not go wrong with this this selection."

  • Click To Purchase This 357 Magnum Fiocchi Ammunition
  • Doug said:

    "This ammo would not function two rounds in a row in my firearm. I had problems with rounds loading from the magazine, and I had rounds fail to eject cleanly. I did shoot some one at a time and the accuracy was not up to snuff with other brands. This pistol can be finicky with this type of bullet, but it really didn't like this load. "

  • Bret said:

    "I have used other Fioochi ammo with my .357 handgun and my carbine with no problems and this ammo continues that excellent performance. Shoots well and fed without a hitch. "