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5mm Rem Magnum Ammo

Remington introduced the 5mm Magnum as an improved version of the .22 Mag. in 1969. It has slightly better performance than the .22 Mag., but was never as popular. Today, there are no rifles in production, but ammunition is still being made.

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History of 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum Ammunition

The 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum was designed and introduced by Remington Arms Company in 1969. The cartridge was chambered in the bolt action Model 591 and Model 592 rifles. In 1973 the company ended production with about 52,000 rifles being produced. Since then, no other major manufacturer has picked up production of new rifles in 5mm RMR.

In 2008, Taurus International announced that they would produce a handgun in their Tracker series chambered in the 5mm RMR. Marketed toward varmint shooters it would be a nine shot double action revolver. At the same time Aguila Ammunition announced that it would begin production of 5mm RMR ammo. The Tracker has not yet been introduced to the market, and no release date has been announced, but the Aguila ammunition can be found fairly easily.

The case was a newly designed rimmed bottleneck and was based on making an improved version of the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. The 5mm RMR case holds a 5.2mm diameter bullet that weighs 30 grains. Velocities are listed as 2300 and 2400 feet per second at the muzzle using a JHP bullet. Muzzle energy is in the 350 foot pound range. The cartridge remains well respected for its accuracy but even more for the terminal effects on small game and varmints.

The limited market success of the 5mm RMR remains somewhat of a mystery. When compared to the .17 HMR and .22 WMR th 5mm RMR hits harder and it is faster, and flatter shooting than the .22 WMR. Some firearms authorities assert that the design and performance were just a bit ahead of its time as the true potential of the cartridge was never really appreciated by the shooting community. Today the 5mm RMR is still maintaining a foothold among the varminting community as the Remington rifles that were produced around 40 years ago are still shooting and serving their owners well.

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