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6mm Remington Ammo

Introduced in 1955, the 6mm Remington is an excellent varmint and predator cartridge. With muzzle velocities that can exceed 4000 feet per second, this cartridge is flat shooting and extremely accurate. Heavier bullets make the 6mm suitable for deer sized game as well.

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  1. Hornady 6mm Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 95 Grain SST Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 95 Grain SST Boxer Brass 6mm Rem Hornady Ammunition


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    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Hornady
    • American-made Hunting
    • $1.48 Cost Per Round
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    • UPC 090255816631
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History of 6mm Remington Ammunition

The 6mm Remington was introduced in 1955 by the Remington Arms Company. The cartridge designer, Fred Huntington, used the .257 Roberts case and necked down to accept a .243 diameter bullet. This cartridge was topped with a 75 grain bullet and offered as the .244 Remington. In 1963 the .244 Remington was renamed to the 6mm Remington and the name has remained the same since.

Intended to be a varmint cartridge, the 6mm is spot on accurate at ranges up to 400 yards. With a 100 grain bullet maintaining a velocity of over 1000 feet per second as it passes the 400 yard mark, it will be very efficient at dispatching even the largest of the varmint species. Some sources indicate that 500 yard plus shots are not uncommon. Interestingly enough, it has found favor among deer hunters as it has performed very well at distances out to 300 yards on medium sized game.

The cartridge is as accurate as any of the other cartridges on the market today, and with its mild recoil, it is a great choice for the new shooter or for those who prefer a lighter recoiling varmint and deer rifle. There is a strong similarity between the 6mm and .243 Winchester, with the 6mm just edging past it in performance.

The 6mm Remington continues to chambered in bolt action rifles from various manufacturers and can be found in single shot rifles as well. A great performer in the hunting arena, the cartridge did see some popularity among target competitors, but never really took off in that arena, but its cousin the 6mm BR certainly did.

Ammunition for the 6mm Remington is not common, but can be found without taking extraordinary measures. The most easily found type of ammo is the pointed soft point with weights ranging from 55 grains to 105 grains. Velocities can reach over 4000 feet per second at the muzzle with heavier bullets generating over 2000 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. For those willing to look a little harder, specialty bullets like the Nosler Partition and Hornady SST can help get the last drops of performance out of this cartridge.

The 6mm Remington is a great choice for the “One Gun Only” question. It has long range capabilities, a wide variety of ammo choices, which leads to a wide variety of applications. This versatility makes it a “jack of all trades” type of cartridge.

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