0 Buck Explained

0 buck, or single-aught buck, while a little less common than its big brother 00 buck, is primarily used for hunting deer and large game but is also popular for home defense. This ammo will give you about 10 pellets per round depending on the shell length and an effective range of around 50 yards on average. The pellet is .32 inches in diameter and weighs about 48 grains, just a bit more than your average .22LR bullet.  All buck shot was originally intended for hunting deer at fairly close range in wooded areas so this is a good choice if you’re going to be in heavier brush with more obstructions. The extra pellets in 0 buck make it a decent choice over larger buck shot.

Home Defense Use

Buckshot Pellets with Dime0 Buck can be used for home and property defense just like any buckshot but you’ll need to keep the power in mind. This ammo can easily blow through sheet rock, wiring and even metal doors so you’ll want to prepare for that beforehand. When comparing it to other shot sizes, 0 Buck falls in between the higher shot count of #4 Buck and the deeper penetration of 00 Buck.  The advantage over 00 Buck is that 0 Buck will allow for a couple more wound channels and still give good penetration.  As with any home defense ammunition it is important to know what it will do when used indoors, so conducting penetration tests with drywall and other material will give you a good idea of the power of your chosen ammo.

Hunting Use

0 buck is well suited for hunting in pine forests and heavy brush.  The weight of the pellet and the amount of pellets in the average load make this an excellent hunting choice.   Hunting with a shotgun can definitely be more rewarding than using a rifle but it can take some getting used to if you’re just starting out.  The choice of shot size is vital to your success when hunting, 0 Buck is a great choice for deer, coyote and other medium size game and predators, it would be a poor choice for small game or any kind of bird hunting.

0 buck is actually pretty versatile and can be used for quite a few applications, such as home defense, feeding your family or protecting livestock. People sometimes choose 0 buck because it has those few more pellets than 00 buck and it’s a tradeoff of more damage creating pellets vs fewer larger pellets. It’s personal choice really so use what you’re more familiar with shooting for the best results or pick up a few different ammo types so you’re bases are covered.