Copper Plated Round Nose (CPRN) Bullets Explained

The copper plated round nose is probably one of the more common types of small caliber bullets you’ll run across in gun stores. The average round nose is made of lead but those tend to be vanishing as lead concerns cause them to stop being carried. An easy and affordable solution for this is to just apply a copper plating during the manufacturing process. This coating guarantees the rounds can be carried, sold and fired just about anywhere.

If you’ve spent time around firearms as a kid, chances are you probably first shot .22 caliber CPRN bullets or their hollow point brother the CPHP. These are so prolific you can find them in every country in the world for small game hunting and backyard shooting.  One of the most prominent manufacturers of CPRN bullets is CCI, they offer these bullets in ammunition for .22 LR, Long and even .22 Short.

Hunting UseCPRN

Many people religiously use CPRN bullets for shooting small game like squirrels and even birds. These bullets are accurate and cheap to load up on so you can bring home a nice haul without breaking the bank. The copper plating allows you to shoot them in areas straight lead isn’t allowed like public lands so that opens up some additional opportunities. However, you won’t be bringing down large deer with these.

Varmint Control

Varmint control is one area this specific ammo type is well known for. If you’ve got a problem on your property with gophers, rabbits, crows, foxes or just about anything that will eat your crops or small livestock, the CPRN bullet has been used successfully for decades to stop these threats immediately. You can usually kill any small critter with a good clean shot and if you find the power a bit lacking, you can always jump up a caliber or switch to a hollow point.

These rounds do tend to ricochet so you’ll want to make sure you aren’t aiming at a very small target directly in front of a huge rock or solid piece of metal. The best backstop will always be dirt and grass so use your judgment before firing.

Backyard Shooting

Shooting targets, cans and bottles on your property, this round performs perfectly. It’s got a good balance of power and accuracy and these typically don’t hit you with much kick as you fire. This can depend on whether you’re using a pistol or rifle of course. It’s a lot of fun and can be a family bonding activity to blow through a few rounds on the weekend. 

When shooting cans and targets on your property, you want a quiet round and the .22 CPRN is very quiet compared to most other ammo types. You can fire off tons of rounds without disturbing your neighbors or even family members who are in your home or on your property.