Flex Tip Technology (FTX) Bullets Explained

Flex Tip technology is the name Hornady has given to the way the bullets are designed in their FTX line of ammunition. This ammo line covers a wide range of calibers and name brands and is a replacement for the old hollow points people used for home defense and concealed carry weapons. If you’re familiar at all with hollow points from pre-2000, you know they can be very inconsistent when they hit something and you never know how each individual shot will perform, even when pulled from the same box. Some splinter, some fragment, some penetrate way too much. Hornady's Flex Tip ammo is extremely consistent and feathers out into identical metal petals when it hits a target.

The terminology from Hornady can be a little confusing as the FTX style is often mixed with other Hornady patented ammo styles to create things like Monoflex, LEVERevolution, FLEXLOCK and a few other complete lines for different applications. We’ll focus on the FTX bullet itself here.

Features of Flex Tip Ammunition

PenetrationFTX Bullet – This ammo was actually designed to penetrate clothing like leather, denim and thick layers before expanding. This makes it easier to rely upon in normal everyday situations. For hunting use, this ammo will go through thick hides and skin before expanding.

Deep Wounding – The primary function of any hollow point type round is to stop something immediately and permanently. The Flex Tip ammo reliably opens on impact with flesh causing large wound cavities with great penetration.

Smooth Feeding – FTX ammo casings are silver nickel plated so they are resistant to corrosion and easier to find when the lights are low. This type of plating gives you better reliability when firing from semi automatic pistols also.

High Velocity – Your old style hollow point never reached the maximum velocity the ammo promised because it simply wasn’t a smooth object flying through the air. FTX bullets cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. You’ll be impressed when switching to FTX.

Uses For Flex Tip Ammunition

Defense – The Hornady Critical Defense line of ammunition is built around the FTX bullet.  This ammunition is designed for concealed carry use, and is intended to make use of the FTX bullet's superior penetration and ability to go through heavy clothing and still function as a hollow point should.  The rapid expansion characteristics of the FTX bullet coupled with the penetration the Flex Tip provides gives Critical Defense ammunition an edge over more traditional typed of concealed carry ammunition.  The Critical Defense ammo is available in a variety of handgun calibers.

Hunting – When you’re after large game animals like bucks, moose and bear, stopping power is a must have. The FTX bullets are very effective at any range due to the way they expand on impact after penetrating skin and hide. Animals with especially tough skins like hogs will go down easier and faster with the FTX line.

Overall, if you’re looking for a state of the art hollow point, this is probably worth checking out. It’s sure come a long way from the old days when your grandfather painstakingly cut huge X’s into your bullets.