Fusion Ammo Explained

Fusion is a well-known deer hunting line of ammunition from Federal Premium. The name comes from the fact that the jacket is electro-chemically fused with the lead core so there is almost no chance of early separation. When these impact a target, the skived tip allows very good and consistent expansion even at very long ranges. This line of ammo also has quite a variety of different sizes for hunting from handgun to African game and everything in between.

This ammo type is marketed as “mid-range” by Federal Premium and is somewhere between average ammo and “premium” ammo.  Most commonly found in .223 to 7mm Rem. Mag., Fusion ammo can accomodate most any hunter's needs.

Fusion Ammunition FeaturesFusion Bullet

Skived Tip – A skived tip means that at the end is a bit of exposed core so upon impact it’s guaranteed to expand rapidly for maximum stopping power. It expands very similarly with each shot very similar to a hollow point.

Pressure-formed Core – The core of the bullet is very important due to weight and balance issues. These cores are all identically created with high pressure with almost no weight deviations. This adds to strength and also how expansion occurs.

Molecularly-fused Jacket – The bullet jacket is so well fused to the core that separation isn’t going to happen often if at all.  Wtih this type of fusion, the bullet core material is also more evenly distributed within the jacket.  This aids accuracy, penetration and expansion.

Boat-Tail – At mid to long ranges, boat tail bullets are well known for their accuracy and reliable grouping. This gives the shooter the ability to make long range shots consistently.

Fusion Advantages

If you’ve used regular lead bullets with different jackets, sometimes they don’t perform as expected. The Fusion line is very uniform with each shot. The bullets group very well and expand very similarly when they strike a target. Naturally, where you hit a target will change that quite a bit. Hunters know that if you strike soft flesh vs shoulder bones for instance, the wound creation will be very different.

This round is marketed mainly for hunting so it’s an advantage that you can use it most everywhere hunting is allowed. There will be exceptions of course so you’ll want to call before you go hunting with only Fusion ammo just in case.

Fusion Disadvantages

As a factory ammunition, it may not perform as well as top of the line reloaded ammo or some other more premium deer hunting ammo lines. For the average shooter this won’t be a concern but for professionals, every advantage possible is usually going to be preferred.

Overall, this is a very well respected line of game hunting ammunition and hunters all over the Internet seem to think highly of it. The inclusion of handgun rounds is also a nice touch even though you won’t run across too many people who hunt whitetails with a pistol. There’s also muzzleloading ammo and primers.