Semi-Jacketed Soft Point (SJSP) Bullets Explained

The semi-jacketed soft point or SJSP is another bullet that you can put in the hollow point alternative category.  Hollow points have their use definitely but there’s some times you don’t want to use them or simply can’t. The SJSP has an exposed lead soft point that gives very reliable expansion on impact along with deeper penetration than your average hollow point.

You’ll usually find the semi-jacketed soft point with a copper jacket of various lengths and thickness to go with a lead core. Some manufacturers have this bullet in use with different materials like a “lead-like” tip or other specialized components so they can be used in regions lead is banned.  This particular bullet is can be used for home defense but you can also find them for hunting in rifle calibers as well.

Semi-Jacketed Soft Point FeaturesSemi Jacketed Soft Point

Variety – This bullet can be found on tons of different ammo types. This bullet type is most commonly found handgun calibers with a few manufacturers making them in rifle calibers. They can be designated as target shooting, hunting, home defense and most anything. This is a popular bullet type for varmint control ammunition as well.

Penetration – An area this shines is penetration. Hollow points sometimes don’t quite get in there as deep as you want. When hunting or protecting yourself and your family, a shallow shot can cause some major problems. The SJSP goes a bit deeper than a hollow point before the expansion initiates.

Expansion – As mentioned above, the soft tip allows this bullet to expand once it hits the right depth in a target. In addition to expansion, many SJSP bullets deform and tumble as well. This can lead to a lot of damage internally even with a badly placed shot. It takes some trial and error to see how a certain brand will perform if it’s a SJSP.

Semi-Jacketed Soft Point Uses

This bullet can be used in most any application; home defense, big game hunting, target shooting, varmint control, this one does it all. Where a FMJ bullet was designed to retain its shape, this one was designed to deform and provide greater energy transference. That soft point can be in many different shapes but the end result is it’s going to flatten, tumble and cause a massive wound that’s often twice as round as the bullet before impact. It’s common for a SJSP to bounce around inside a ribcage guaranteeing even the largest most thick-skinned creature goes down fast.

This is a great choice because it can perform well in almost any situation.  Although it does not stand out in any one particular area, it does well in virtually all of them.  The only real downside is that there is usually lead used in this bullet, but some alternatives are available that are the same but have swapped lead for a non-toxic material that performs almost as well.

If you have a cache of ammo, you’re going to want quite a few boxes of SJSP in there to round things out and give you a great, all-in-one shot.