Triple-Shock X Bullets Explained

The Triple-Shock X is Barnes Bullets premium hunting rifle ammunition.

This line of ammo comes in most rifle calibers and the bullet is quite unique in that it uses a fairly thin diameter hollow section in the tip compared to similar bullet styles. This thin section works extremely well to create a very uniform expansion effect when it impacts a target.

Another thing that makes this and related Barnes ammo lines unique is they don’t have a bullet core. You’re firing solid copper with the TSX and it works better than you’d imagine, especially if you’ve used cored bullets or solid lead for years.

This bullet type came out in 2004 and has been popular among hunters, rifle shooters and reloaders ever since.

Triple-Shock X Features Barnes TSX

Lead-Free – Like many specialty lines from Barnes Bullets, the TSX line is lead free. This is a perk if the area you’re hunting in doesn’t allow leaded bullets. Some have a full lead ban, some require jacketed rounds and so on. This bullet is usable everywhere lead is banned but may be considered a hollow point in most areas (but not all).

Solid Copper – The solid copper bullet offers great weight retention.  The bullet maintains its' structural integrity much better than a lead  or jacketed bullet.  This means you will get better weight retention and deeper penetration than with other bullets that will fragment to a much greater degree than the solid copper bullet.

Circumferential Grooves – These grooves are what make the copper bullets from Barnes perform so well in regards to barrel fouling. They are the product of years of research to keep copper as a viable bullet material.

Thin-Diameter Hollow Point – The hollow point in the Triple-Shock X is narrow compared to similar brands but with the copper bullet, it works just right. Each shot will expand into four razor sharp cutting edges on impact unless a hard object like bone is encountered.

Triple-Shock X Uses

This is a very good rifle ammunition mainly developed for hunting. The sheer number of calibers offered is pretty impressive, ranging from .224 caliber to the .577 Nitro.  If it can be hunted, Barnes makes a Triple-Shock bullet for the job.

This wouldn’t be a very good home defense ammunition unless you had a significant distance between you and would be attackers or cattle rustlers/horse thieves. These bullets were designed to travel long distances with relatively flat trajectories and devastate their target on impact.

The Triple-Shock X is one of the more premium ammo lines by this particular manufacturer and if you’re looking for a lead-free alternative hunting ammunition, this is a very popular choice with good reviews from most shooting/hunting forums around the net. The one bullet style that rivals this from Barnes' is the Tipped Triple-Shock X.