Truncated Cone Hollow Point (TCHP) Bullets Explained

The truncated cone hollow point or TCHP is a truncated cone bullet with a hole in the tip to promote expansion on impact and boost the stopping power of these already powerful bullets. The standard truncated cone is a smooth feeding bullet with more penetration than your average Round Nose or Soft Point bullet due to the shape.

When you’re needing penetration, the TC bullet type is a spectacular choice for semi-automatic pistols and rifles. If you add in the stopping power of the hollow point, what you’ve got is a bullet that’s going to devastate a soft target if the bullet impacts in any vital area.

TCHP The truncated cone hollow point is often used for plinking and target shooting. The ammunition manufacturers that are making TCHP ammo will usually use quality components and make the product to exacting standards.  Another great use of the TCHP is small game hunting and pest control.  With rapid expansion and some fragmentation, the TCHP will quickly dispatch smaller animals.

Truncated Cone Hollow Point Features

Truncated Cone – Naturally, this is what you’re going to be wanting first and foremost with this bullet type. This looks like an inverted cone with the end cut off leaving a nice, flat meplat that can offer various levels of penetration depending on the diameter of the meplat.

Hollow Point – The hollow point combined with the truncated cone is like peanut butter and chocolate. It was just meant to be. Now you’ve got great penetration combined with the famed stopping power and wound creation of the hollow point. What more could you ask for in terms of quick, clean kills?

Variety – You can get this style of bullet in ammo lines of most calibers .22LR’s are very common in this style, other calibers like this .45 ACP will have TCHP bullets, but are not as common as the .22 LR.

Truncated Cone Hollow Point Uses

This is a bullet made primarily for hunting and plinking, but is accurate enough for target shooting..

Overall, this bullet will give you the best of both worlds. You’ve got primo penetration and amazing expansion wrapped up in a single round. You will have to check with local regulations about the hollow point as those are banned in quite a lot of places as of 2013. You could be nailed with a big fine if you use them accidentally so it’s worth calling around or checking online before you load up your rig and head to the range or hunting grounds.