Truncated Cone Solid Bullets (TCSB) Explained

The truncated cone solid bullet or TCSB can easily be identified because it looks like a solid cone of metal at the tip but at some point it’s had the tip cut cleanly off leaving a flat nose at the end of the cone shape.

These bullets are pretty prolific in smaller caliber, especially .22 LR, and see a lot of use at ranges or for backyard plinking and varmint control. The solid bullet version are just as the name implies, there’s no hollow point or cavities within the bullet. It’s typically going to be available in solid lead though there are some manufacturers out there that make a TCSB with copper. The jacket can vary between full metal jacket and semi-jacketed.

Truncated Cone Solid Bullet FeaturesTCSB Bullet

Easy-Feeding – One of the more noticeable and talked about features of the TCSB is the smooth-feeding nature of ammo using this bullet. It works great in any automatic pistol or rifle due to the shape. You’re unlikely to get jams or other mechanical malfunctions when you compare this to standard types of ammo with a round nose or other tip.

Varied Penetration – Depending on the diameter of the flat nose area, the penetration you’ll get using ammo with a TCSB will vary quite a bit. The smaller the diameter of the flat nose, or meplat, the more penetration you’re going to get. This leads to this bullet being used in all types of application from hunting to plinking to home defense.

Blunt-Force – The counterpoint to the penetration, the larger the diameter of the flat nose, the more initial “shock” force will be applied to the point of impact. This idea was originally introduced by legendary gun writer, Elmer Keith.  This can lead to some pretty impressive displays with backyard shooting and various targets. The flat nose area also helps this particular bullet be pretty useful with paper targets on the range as it produces a cleaner hole and fewer radial tears on targets, this makes scoring easier.

Truncated Cone Solid Bullet Uses

This particular bullet sees a lot of action on the range and in backyards. It’s almost always going to be found for handguns but not so much rifles. The penetration combined with the initial impact makes it a relatively popular alternative in areas hollow points aren’t allowed as this bullet will cause quite a bit of damage and can punch through thicker hides. Sure it’s not going to expand and there’s a possibility of over-penetration but you can pick and choose from different styles to suit your exact need. Reloaders can also tailor rounds for home defense or concealed carry specifically.

Many shooters seem to agree the TCSB performs better than your standard lead round nose but does not have the stopping power of a hollow point. This makes it a good choice if HP’s are banned where you live. You can get them in lead or other metals if lead is banned as well. It’s a good bullet that seems to be a jack of all trades. You can use these for just about any application imaginable.