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Sellier & Bellot Ammo

Sellier and Bellot is based in the Czech Republic and has been producing ammunition since the 1870's. S&B has been a long time supplier of ammunition to the Czech military and police forces, and is known for its high quality shotgun ammo as well.

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  1. Sellier and Bellot 9.3x72mm Ammo - 20 Rounds of 193 Grain SP Ammunition

    Image For 20 Rounds Of 193 Grain SP Boxer Brass 9.3x72mm Sellier and Bellot Ammunition


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History of Sellier and Bellot Ammunition

Sellier and Bellot, operating since 1825, is the oldest engineering company in the Czech Republic and also one of the oldest continuously operating companies on earth.  The French merchant Louis Sellier started a factory in Prague to manufacture percussion caps. Sellier extended an invitation to Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot, a fellow Frenchman, to join the company soon after production began. Sellier and Bellot worked together and developed products that quickly developed a positive reputation across Europe and even overseas. The company had made more than 156 million caps by 1837, just twelve years after starting.

Sellier and Bellot, starting in 1870, began producing Flobert rimfire cartridges and Lefaucheaux’s pin-primer cartridges. They soon added centerfire cartridges, and Sellier and Bellot in just a few years was manufacturing more than 10 million cartridges per year. Before the turn of the 19th Century, Sellier and Bellot were producing components and ammunition
at four different factories.

During WWI, S&B shifted shifted production to ammunition for military rifles and pistols. The 9mm joined the company line at this time as up as one of the newer cartridges. After the end of World War One, Sellier and Bellot became the primary supplier for the Czech army and police of pistol ammunition. They simultaneously expanded their commercial product lines with a focus on ammo for competition and hunting. Sellier and Bellot grew again after WWII, expanding their product lines to be able to sell more than 85 different cartridges for rifle and pistol, as well as all popular gauges for shotgun, the 12 gauge being most abundant. They exported about 70 percent of their production at this time.

Sellier and Bellot still produces ammunition for military and civilian applications and around the world. S&B was voted as the bronze medal winner in the ammunition category by the readers of the Deutsches Waffen Journal in 1999. The company in 2010 was on pace to sell more than 40 million dollars worth of total product. Sellier and Bellot today manufacture handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition. They sell ten different types of bullets to meet the needs of hunters, competitive shooters and casual plinkers. The most popular hunting bullets they sell are the Nosler Partition and the Exergy.

S&B also supports the shooting sports in addition to being a manufacturer of ammunition. They partner with the Czech Shooting Federation in a significant way to advance shotgun sports in the Czech Republic, and they sponsor multiple shooting competitions and competitive shooters. Magtech purchased S&B in 2009, but they continue to make high quality ammunition that is preferred by shooters around the world.

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Sellier & Bellot Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Sellier and Bellot Ammunition
  • Rick said:

    "I ran 200 rounds through Glock 17 and S&W m&p9c, shot great no misfires or FTF, wish it was more readily available"

  • Glenn1903 said:

    "I ran roughly 200 rounds through my wife's Ruger SR9. Absolutely no misfires! Clean-up was a breeze. Some of the best target ammo I have used to date. Will be doing much more business with you."

  • cflglock said:

    "I've run 500 rounds of this ammo through my Glock 19 and Glock 26 with no problems at all. I think it is a very good target ammo at a very good price."

  • vtsnow said:

    "I've been trying a bunch of different ammo lately and I was really impressed with the S&B 9mm 115gr. FMJ round. Not a single misfeed or FTF, as expected, and less cleanup. I will be ordering more for sure."

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  • Gene said:

    "When you pull the trigger the ammo goes "bang!" What more can you ask? It burns clear, leaving gun fairly free of residues and carbon."

  • Bene said:

    "Bought 4 boxes. cycled flawlessly thru my Glock. Excellent value."

  • JoelDug said:

    "What is there to say... Sellier and Bellot is great ammo. What is not to like? This ammo alway fires well. "

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  • Commander said:

    "This is the only ammo that will cycle through my 20 round Saiga mag"

  • ACR-Dude said:

    " has consistently provided me very prompt service as well as great bargains on excellent ammunition. will continue to be my main source assisting me in keeping my inventory topped off. "

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  • quantum13 said:

    "I've generally had good experience with sellier and bellot ammo. i will go for that over something like american eagle any day. it doesnt foul the gun up too bad and this .308 didnt cause any issues in my brand new SCAR. i would recommend this or PRVI Partizan (serbian ammo) over bottom of the barrel american stuff like blazer, magtech or american eagle. unfortunately it is FMJ so i had to buy some HP as well to make it shootable at some ranges."

  • Click To Purchase This 303 British Sellier and Bellot Ammunition
  • POPS said:

    "I had not had a chance to fire until this weekend. I picked up a 1913 British 303 at a estate sale in very fine condition. Then I was not able it find any rounds so I located yall on the net . I received my rounds very quickly. After firing them the balance and accuracy of the rounds have a very high quality , and the value fell well in range I could buy bher in Texas "