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Tula Ammo

Operating since 1880 in Tula, Russia, Tula (aka "TulAmmo") has been producing military ammunition since it was opened. Today it is known for steel cased rifle ammunition but it also produces steel cased pistol ammunition as well.

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  1. TulAmmo 40 cal Ammo - 500 Rounds of 180 Grain FMJ Ammunition

    Image For 500 Rounds Of 180 Grain FMJ Boxer Steel 40 Cal TulAmmo Ammunition


    $124.99 Price
    In stock now
    • New Condition
    • 500 Rounds
    • Made by TulAmmo
    • Discount Steel
    • 25¢ Cost Per Round
    • TulAmmo SKU TA401800
    • UPC 814950016529
  2. TulAmmo 40 cal Ammo - 50 Rounds of 180 Grain FMJ Ammunition

    Image For 50 Rounds Of 180 Grain FMJ Boxer Steel 40 Cal TulAmmo Ammunition


    $15.99 Price
    In stock now
    • New Condition
    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by TulAmmo
    • Discount Steel
    • 32¢ Cost Per Round
    • TulAmmo SKU TA401800
    • UPC 814950011524
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History of Tula Ammunition

Tsar Alexander II approved the start of operations for the Tula Ammunition plant in 1880 in Tula, Russia. It is not widely known that private funds were used to establish the Tula plant and sister plant in Ulyanovsk, and the company remains a privately owned entity.

The company operated under a contract for the first seven years to produce 210 million rounds. The company grew even more after the completion of the contract, and in 1916 brought the Ulyanovsk plant online. During World War One, Tula produced one quarter of all Russian ammunition. Between WWI and WWII, Tula switched from brass casings to steel cased ammunition. This helped to conserve Russia's limited supplies of copper and zinc while taking advantage of the large amounts of iron available in Russia.

Tula was called to service again during World War Two and their factories were capable of producing the 400 million rounds per year required to keep the Russian military in the fight. When the war ended, Tula was able to continue expansion of their production capacity as well as the variety of ammo they sold. Tula today makes more than forty different types of ammunition for Russian military rifles and pistols and they export to more than twenty different countries.  This ammunition in the US is branded as TulAmmo.

The cartridges themselves have polymer coated steel casings, bi-metal bullets and non-corrosive primers. TulAmmo meets the specifications of SAMMI and CIP.  Polymer coating on the cases as opposed to lacquer coating increases shelf life and provides more reliable functioning. The bi-metal bullet has a lead core wrapped in steel and coated in copper.

TulAmmo sells a plethora of cartridges both for rifles and pistols including .223 Remington and 7.62x39mm as well as 9x19 mm and .45 Auto. If you have a firearm in military style that was manufactured since WWII, TulAmmo likely makes some ammunition you can use for it.

Tula Ammunition has grown continually since it started more than 130 years ago. It is estimated that more than 500 million rounds were shipped just to the U.S. in 2009. TulAmmo is committed to producing quality ammunition at an economical price, making it likely that they will be providing ammunition for shooters around the world for years to come.

Tula Ammo Customer Reviews
  • Click To Purchase This 9mm TulAmmo Ammunition
  • fdxde2000 said:

    "I purchased a thousand rounds and it arrived quickly and was well packaged. "

  • OSCAR said:

    "Great ammo great prices "

  • Momma K said:

    "Have only used 100 rounds so far. No problems Good price"

  • pepper1603 said:

    "I have a Ruger SR9C & had no problem with the ammo. Some people said it left their guns dirty but I really didn't see much difference between it & other ammo, but I enjoy cleaning my guns anyway."

  • Ozzy said:

    "Picked up a 1000 rounds. Quick delivery fair price. No problems cycled fine through my LC9's, Kahr and HK. Will definitely pick up more. "

  • Chuck said:

    "When I seen the sale AMMO.COM had I couldn't pass it up. I have been shooting these since I got my XDM Mod.2 without problems. Great value ."

  • Marty said:

    "I have only shot about 100 rounds ,but I have used Tulammo before ,in 223's. And never had any problem with it.I don't anticipate any problem with these 9mm."

  • Rico said:

    "Have fired a couple thousand rounds of this ammo and it is great stuff. All fired from a Glock without any malfunctions. I bought it when it was cheaper per 1k rounds so the price has really soared. Still looks like the best 9mm value on at the moment."

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  • Click To Purchase This 7.62x39 TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Bruce said:

    "Ive cycled hundreds of rounds without a fail with my Arsenal 101S, I love cleaning my weapon for those who complain about dirty ammo, I have recommended AMMO.Com to all my friends and in the Gun groups I'm in, Thanks, Bruce"

  • JOhn said:

    "Lots of FTF's...choose something else"

  • Raizen Kane said:

    "I have a Chinese type 56 (SKS copy). TulAmmo is about all I fire out of it. It's inexpensive, powerful, and all around a good buy. The one drawback to it is the fact that steel cased Russian ammo is dirty after the shots go off. I had to spend about an hour cleaning the powder residue and metal fouling from my rifle. But I wouldn't trade that for nothing. Thanks Russia!! You make such great things."

  • SGriffithUSMC said:

    "Fired 200 rounds pretty quickly through my AK. Not a single misfire or cookoff. With the sky rocketing ammo prices lately I definelty got a really good deal"

  • tiki said:

    "thank you you have been great and on time in rough times"

  • Matt said:

    "I have been using this ammo for over a year in my AK and I have never had a problem. It is fantastic ammo for target shooting. I have yet to encounter a misfire or any problems and I have gone through thousands of rounds. "

  • KAWAKID said:

    "Great ammo. I've shot over 400 rounds and never had a misfire."

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  • Click To Purchase This 7.62x39 TulAmmo Ammunition
  • EP said:

    "Ran about 350 rounds through flawlessly. Perfect performance. Very happy with the price and service, delivery was way faster than I expected. "

  • Larry said:

    "Would buy again. Performed very well. Great Seller. Fast ship. Thanks again."

  • John said:

    "Ammo works perfectly! Good value and Thanks!"

  • Bruce said:

    "I have run hundreds of rounds and love this ammo, I love cleaning my aks is the only place I buy bulk ammo and I tell all my friends and groups about them"

  • Slick said:

    "Really good deal on this ammo, shoots great, not, I repeat not a dirty ammo which surprised me for it being so cheap. I bought the 1000 round deal, and as soon as I get my Christmas shopping done I'm going to buy 2000 more rounds of it. "

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  • Click To Purchase This 45 Auto TulAmmo Ammunition
  • roxy said:

    "I've shot over 500 rnds and can tell you the accuracy is great. Will buy more in the future. Fast delivery at a great price. Reliable and clean burning."

  • Hal said:

    "We're about 25 rounds through it with a brand new Springfield mil spec 1911 45 ACP good feel.. no misfires ..everything on Target and I qualified ....the delivery was excellent from the supplier price was right I definitely would recommend these and I will buy them again"

  • John said:

    "I have only fired 100 rounds so far. 50 each in two different 1911's. Not a single problem. "

  • Alvaro said:

    "I liked the ammo but in some indoor shooting ranges, they do not allow to use this ammo."

  • SK2 Hutch said:

    "For the price this is pretty decent range ammo."

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  • Click To Purchase This 9mm TulAmmo Ammunition
  • srs said:

    "Shoots fine in my ruger."

  • BSR said:

    "No cycling issues with Glock 19 and 17.. Worked very well."

  • Rico said:

    "Fired serveral hundred (Glock) without a malfunction. Stuff shoots great. Unfortunately the price keeps creeping up but I suppose thats just a sign of the times. "

  • andy said:

    "Fires fine, but seemed to jam up in the magazine with more than 5 or 6 rounds"

  • spymyeyes said:

    "The ammo was VERY dirty and the residue from firing told me it is cheap propellents. It cycled perfect and every shot went bang, so good job overall."

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  • Click To Purchase This 9mm TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Blueturtle said:

    "Have shot 9mm 40SW 45ACP made my TulAmmo. No failures, accurate, not bad price. A little dirty. Can't shoot at the range I usually go to, so I shoot outdoors at a friends range or at my Mom's 15 acres. Shooting ranges dont like the steel and off course they tell you it will ruin you guns."

  • Tbone said:

    "I had no problems with these rounds great for target practice."

  • Hunter said:

    "Negligible difference between this and "name-brands" that cost more than double the price!"

  • Krakrjack said:

    "I have shot about 600 rounds of this throw a Glock 19 Gen 4 with no FTF's of any kind. It is a little dirty...but that's what they make cleaning kits for....."

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  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Gunman8 said:

    "Good groups, quick delivery, great price. Thank you."

  • Larry N. said:

    "First let me start by saying the service I have received from has been EXCELLENT!!! As far as the TulAmmo 223 rem. 55gr FMJ product goes it is very reasonably priced and shoots very good groups out to 200 yds. I will warn anyone using this ammo on a regular basis you will need to clean the chamber of your rifle every 2 to 3 hundred rounds with Acetone. This will breakdown any lacquer buildup and stop any FTE's from happening. I have never had a dud round of Tula (unlike Wolf or Brown Bear) and I shoot alot of this stuff. I read poor reviews on this ammo quite often and it's all due to not cleaning the weapon properly."

  • JPM said:

    "Great ammo. Bought the 1000 round case, best price on the net. Fired about 200 with no problems, no jams or misfires. Fast shipping and good follow up. I would highly reccomend this ammo and this supplier."

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Willy said:

    "As long as you keep your gun clean, this ammo is the best as far as value goes. Hit targets with no issue at 300 yds out of my AR. Will definitely order again! "

  • Jay said:

    "Great ammo! No issues CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS AMMO! I worn you to clean your rifle ever two or three hundred round. Other than that it is great!!!"

  • Dee said:

    "This Ammo is great for the way I use it..I shot mostly on the range to 100yd. It shots clean and I never had a misfire and I used many 1000s of rounds using this Ammo. Also the price is very affordable if you shot a lot like I do. Happy shooting hope for BULLSEYE. Dee"

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Jay said:

    "I have an AR-15 and this ammo cycled right thru the action with no issues what so ever. It is true that the powder in the tuluammo burns a little more dirty but I can cycle hundreds of rounds through the gun and have no issues the just clean the rifle. For the price you cant beat this ammo."

  • Silverain1 said:

    "Excellent ammo at a tremendous price. I will continue to buy it and buy it here!"

  • Click To Purchase This 7.62x39 TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Bruce said:

    "You guys are fast and the ammo price is the best, never had a round to fail, I'm a pleased customer!"

  • Jack said:

    "I tried out a box or two of Tulamo prior to my purchase from you. It works really well in my newly purchased Ruger Mini 30. After sighting in the Ruger it would consistantly blow the center out of a bullseye target at 50 yards. That's what I really wanted it to do."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm TulAmmo Ammunition
  • d6 said:

    "great ammo! "

  • Rob said:

    "I picked up 6 boxes of this for my Glock 17. Seeing as how their .45 ammo runs through my Glock 21 with zero problems. This ammo had about 5 failure to fires, 2 or 3 failure to ejects, and due to failed ejection failure to feed. All failures were within less than 150 rounds.1 spent casing was stuck in my barrel and it took me over 20 minutes to get it out. Not to mention inconsistent muzzle flash. I'm really hoping I just got a bad run of ammo, but I CANNOT recommend their 9mm ammunition."

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Willie said:

    "Haven't fired any yet."

  • Roadkingcsk said:

    "Tried shooting this in my Colt. Never had any problems with ammo before. Couldn't get the rounds to cycle. Put some cheap brass loads in and everything was fine. Plastic clips were annoying to get rounds free. Should not have bought as much of it as I did, not sure what the hell to do with it now. "

  • Click To Purchase This 380 ACP TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Goldfarmer said:

    "after receiving the TulAmmo 380 ACP Ammo I went out to do a little targer shooting and before finishing one box my Ruger LCP 380 jamed whin ejecting or missed fire three times. The Ruger LCP has never jamed before, Other ammo was brass case and TulAmmo 380 ACP Ammo is steel. I cleaned the Ruger again but have not had time to retry another box but will after holliday's. "

  • Mad said:

    "This was the first time i have ever purchased Tulammo and was very disappointed. About every 3rd round might fire. The range master said the firing pin was making contact but the primers were set too deep causing the problem."

  • Click To Purchase This 7.62x39 TulAmmo Ammunition
  • TomInJax said:

    "At the range, I was able to produce nice clean 2 inch groups without a stand or brace. Never had one misfire. TulAmmo seems to have a reputation for making dirty ammo, but the rifle was easy to clean with much less residue than I expected. I will be ordering more! (Don't tell my wife!)"

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem TulAmmo Ammunition
  • David said:

    "I ordered this ammo on a Monday and it was at my door on Friday! Considering that it had to be shipped four states away that is FAST shipping. I also like the fact that donates a portion of every sale to pro gun institutions. This is now my number one "go to" source for ammo."

  • Click To Purchase This 30 Carbine TulAmmo Ammunition
  • Bob R said:

    "Bought a box of this to use as economical practice ammo. Shot all 50 rounds without any problems, in an old 15 round and a new 30 round magazine. My early Universal Carbine seems to love it. Althought I can't quantify it, it does appear to be a little dirty compared to the Remington I have used, but that is what a cleaning kit is for. Will save the more expensive ammo for personal defense, but will buy more of the TulAmmo for target practice!"

  • Click To Purchase This 308 Win TulAmmo Ammunition
  • D said:

    "This ammo works quite well in both my .308 semi-autos. It's not overly dirty and you don't run the risk of case fractures that you run with some of the older military surplus ammo. No reloading potential but if you're like me and don't reload but want some reliable plinking ammo this stuff is for you. It's not match grade, it's not reloadable, but it goes bang every time and I've yet to have a FTF/FTE in any of my rifles after around 800 rounds of this stuff. I've run it in 5-6 pistol and rifle calibers so far and had no trouble with any of it. Fair price, fast delivery, I recommend it. Thanks!"