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In 1877, the Giulio Fiocchi Enterprise began manufacturing sporting ammunition. Since then, Fiocchi has produced a variety of ammunition from their plants in Italy and Missouri – and are now known for their world-class shotgun ammunition, as well as NATO-specification ammo for military use. Learn More

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  1. Fiocchi 32 ACP Ammo - 50 Rounds of 73 Grain FMJ Ammunition

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    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Fiocchi

    • Made by Fiocchi
    • 50 Rounds
    • 84¢ Cost Per Round
    • 73 Grain
    • FMJ Bullet
    • Foreign Discount Range
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Boxer
    • 1000 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 160 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • Fiocchi SKU 32AP
    • UPC 762344001494
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“To put regular gas in a Ferrari is a capital sin. It’s the same with putting mediocre ammunition in a top gun.”

Carlo Fiocchi

An accountant is an unlikely ammunition manufacturer. But that’s just what Giulio Fiocchi was before one fateful day way back in 1876.

Back then, Giulio Fiocchi worked for a bank in Milan, Italy. When he was sent to collect on a loan given to a manufacturer of black powder and muskets in Lecco, Giulio researched the situation and determined it was not possible for the borrower to repay. Upon returning to Milan, Giulio was consumed with thoughts of getting into the ammunition manufacturing business. He knew nothing about ammo, but felt like he had tripped over the opportunity of a lifetime. After proposing the idea to his brother Giacomo and convincing the bank to lend them money to purchase the insolvent company, it was official. By the next year, Giulio Fiocchi Enterprises began manufacturing ammunition.

Fiocchi Italy: The Mother Country

Fiocchi Munizioni – Italian for “Fiocchi Ammunition” – was founded at a pivotal point in the history of the firearm. The muzzle-loader was quickly going the way of the dinosaur, replaced by the breech-loader. First, Fiocchi started manufacturing reloadable primer cases. By the early 1890s, however, they moved into the world of complete cartridges with bullets or shot. Black powder was now a thing of the past, except for a small group of niche hobbyists.

At the turn of the century, there was a curious expansion for Fiocchi. The manufacturing of ammunition leftover a significant amount of scrap metal. Tired of simply throwing this out, Fiocchi found a use for the metal – snaps. In fact, Fiocchi became a world leader in the production of clothing snaps (so much so, that when this lucrative side enterprise was sold in the 1980s, it went to one of the biggest garment manufacturers in the world).

What’s more, Fiocchi was an early leader in manufacturing worker welfare. In 1904, Fiocchi built a number of houses in Lecco, available for purchase at prices their workers could afford. These were not the “company towns” of America’s Gilded Age, but respectable housing. Nurses and childcare were likewise provided by Fiocchi for their employees – and still are. The company also employs many third- and fourth-generation employees to this day.

The Fiocchi Catalog

Fiocchi first focused on ammunition for sporting and hunting. But during World War I, they produced ammo for the Italian army. The factory was seized in World War II by the Germans, and as Allied forces closed in around them, the Germans attempted to destroy the factory. Employees resisted and prevailed over the Germans on the ground, but they were unable to protect the factory from bombs being dropped from Allied planes, which eventually destroyed the plant in 1945.

Fiocchi has always been a family affair. The company was founded by two brothers, then bequeathed from founder Giulio to one of his 13 children, Carlo – who was one of seven brothers. After the destruction of their family’s factory, they were faced with the choice of whether to rebuild or to call it a day and move on.

The Fiocchi family rebuilt their factory in 1946, after the close of the Second World War, leveraging a loyal workforce and not taking a dime from the Marshall Plan. This modern rebuild enabled Fiocchi to manufacture the most advanced ammunition available at the time, keeping them abreast of the expansion of the ammunition market during the 50s and 60s. Marketing this new and improved ammo to a broader audience began with partnerships.

Today, Fiocchi still sits on the cutting edge of high-quality ammunition production, all of which has a deserved reputation as some of the best available. The company sells shotgun shells for shotgun competition and competitors at the world-class level, they continually refine and expand their already inclusive line of centerfire ammunition, and they also manufacture NATO spec-certified ammunition. Fiocchi cartridges were even proudly used in Olympic triumphs in 2004 in Athens and 2008 in Beijing. But the innovation doesn't end there. Cyalume Chemtracer shotgun shells, the Canned Heat product line, Cowboy Action Line and the Tundra Rifle line are proof of how Fiocchi keeps a finger on the pulse of the ammo market and anticipates future trends.

Fiocchi makes a full line of ammunition, but one thing it is perhaps most known for is the manufacture of rare cartridges for collectors of antique or unusual firearms. An example of this is the .455 Webley. This caliber is so archaic that in its original form, it still utilized black powder as the firing mechanism. While not the standard issue service model for the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Navy during World War I, it was a popular private arm among those respective services. Originally a large pistol primer, it is now a small pistol primer when manufactured by Fiocchi for antique firearms collectors and enthusiasts.

The History of Fiocchi of America Inc

There’s a strange and circuitous history of Fiocchi in the United States. They shared a factory with Smith & Wesson in Alton, IL in the 1950s. However, the interest between both companies began to conflict, and Fiocchi sold its share. This represented a temporary end to the Fiocchi brand in the United States. However, Carlo Fiocchi, the great grandson of the founder of Fiocchi, came to the United States on his honeymoon in 1980. Unfortunately for Carlo and fortunately for American partisans of the brand, this was to be a working honeymoon. His research led to the 1983 founding of a Fiocchi importation center.

One thing the company didn’t count on was massive demand stateside. Fiocchi were simply unprepared to meet the demands of the American market on an import basis. Carlo convinced Fiocchi president Paolo that building a manufacturing plant in the Ozarks near Springfield was the right step forward for the company. In a strange echo of the company’s origins, the land for the plant was purchased from a farmer who had defaulted on his mortgage. The surrounding community welcomed Fiocchi of America with open arms as they brought good manufacturing jobs to the region. Over 75 percent of the ammunition Fiocchi sells in the United States is also manufactured in the United States. This is how Fiocchi has earned its American slogan “Italian by birth, American by choice.”

Where Is Fiocchi Ammo Made?

While many collectors and everyday hunters and sportsmen use Fiocchi Ammunition for shooting targets, clay or game, Fiocchi is an Italian brand, with its Italian manufacturing hub in the same region (Bologna) that manufactures Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Perhaps Fiocchi could be considered the Ferrari of ammunition, but at a price point nearly anyone can afford. A quick visit to the company’s website will show the sleek and elegant design for which Italian luxury brands are world-famous, along with Fiocchi ammo reviews that are often stellar.

Fiocchi has a strong history, and is clearly committed to continue improving their influence and reputation among American sporting shooters. And after all these years, the Fiocchi family are still firmly in control of this business, an enterprise run with love by a single family for over 140 years, and now on its fourth and fifth generations. All told, 70 family members have shares in a holding company that owns the ammunition manufacturing enterprise.

“My family name is on the frigging box! I cannot sell anything but the best. It’s my Italian sense of pride.”

Carlo Fiocchi


Where is Fiocchi ammo made?

Fiocchi is an Italian company and its headquarters and main plant are located in Via Santa Barbara in Lecco, Italy. Fiocchi also makes ammo throughout the world, including in Hungary and Great Britain. In the U.S., Fiocchi has a production facility in Ozark, Missouri, where it makes more than 75% of the Fiocchi ammo that’s sold in the U.S.

Who owns Fiocchi Ammunition?

Fiocchi Ammunition is owned, entirely, by private capital holdings of the Fiocchi Family. Currently, Carlo Fiocchi is the head of the company, which has been run by five generations of the family, for over 140 years.

Is Fiocchi ammo quality ammo?

Fiocchi is considered a quality, albeit affordable, ammunition. The company has multiple qualifications and certifications, including the NATO’s Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP), and has contributed to prestigious shooting sports events, including the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games and several World Cups. It truly is a high-quality ammo at an affordable price, with .223 cartridges starting at less than $0.30 a round.

Why is Fiocchi ammo cheap?

Even though Fiocchi is a quality ammunition, it is still affordable at less than $0.30 a round for .223 cartridges. Fiocchi keeps its ammo low priced by manufacturing the ammunition in the country in which it’s sold (the Fiocchi U.S. plant is located in Ozark, Missouri). What’s more, the company is still 100% family owned and operated, which helps reduce the payout to corporate owned ammunition companies.

Sam Jacobs
Written by
Sam Jacobs
  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 4 reviews below
  • Mike Las Vegas said:

    "I have fired over 4000 rounds of this ammo in 4 different handguns, and I have never had a misfire! The consistency of performance really helps me measure my marksmanship objectively. "

  • RealRudy said:

    "A yr ago or so a range worker told me about this brand being the best range ammo for it’s all around performance, no misfire, loading, extract of casing, jam ups, nothing! far been true to a “T” I been using since and not one hiccup..not one people, out of my HKVP9 not one jam up. "

  • Roger said:

    "Have run a little over 250 rounds of the 1000 round order. I have not had any failure to feed rounds and no failure to extract rounds. "

  • BlackHawkDon said:

    "Only fire a couple of mags of this ammo without any misfires or other problems. This is an excellent range round. "

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    based on the 4 reviews below
  • SH in TX said:

    "This ammo has proven to be the most accurate I've found out of a Remy 700 HB with a 1:12 twist. Had almost given up on accuracy with this rifle, but this load yielded 0.7 MOA (100 yds, calm day, off support). "

  • 6/8 said:

    "They work great and the price is good "

  • USA GUNNER said:


  • CRAIG said:


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  • Click To Purchase This 32 ACP Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 3 reviews below
  • 22Tony said:

    "Better ballistics, high quality, American made, all at a lower price than competitors. What more can you ask for. "

  • scott said:

    "great ammo for the price"

  • 1oldcop said:

    "I like Fiocchi ammo. The quality is consistently good and you provide it in a timely manner and at a reasonable price."

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 3 reviews below
  • Bushwacker61 said:

    "I have bought lots of 1,000 of this ammo 2-3 times. The first lot(s) were good. However, I started getting tons of split case necks about every 10th round with my most recent lot. This was with a 10.5" AR pistol and good quality P-mags. I had my local gunsmith look at the gun, and he couldn't find any issues, so presumably the culprit was the ammo. Not sure if they had some QC issues this year? I haven't written off Fiocci, but I'll probably wait a while until any bad ammo cycles through the market."

  • Ezekiel said:

    "Ive been shooting fiocchi 223 amd 9mm for a couple years solely now, never have had a malfunction, bad primer, or defaced/damaged round. Shoots great, burns well, and such a good price for what you get."

  • EmmBee said:

    "Purchased 1000 and reloaded those after shooting. Ammo functioned beyond expectations and reloaded cases performed well too. "

  • Click To Purchase This 380 ACP Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 3 reviews below
  • Alan D Simmons said:

    " I am very happy with this 380 and my wife wii get another. "

  • Bodkin said:

    "Just got a Sig Sauer P238 for myself. First day at the range, 50 rounds Fiocchi 95 gr FMJ, ran through with no problems at all. Have used Fiocchi 115gr 9 mm in another pistol, also worked fine."

  • Ski said:

    "I recently bought my wife a Sig Sauer P238 .380 pistol. I also bought 100 rounds of Fiocchi ammo to go with it. At the range , this ammo would cause a jam every second or third round. I manually unloaded the clip and loaded it with Federal ammo and it performed perfectly with no jams. "

  • Click To Purchase This 40 Cal Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Nikonsal said:

    "Received ammo in 2 days. Shot 400 rounds first day with no issues what so ever. Have shot a total 750 rounds so far with zero problems with ammo. Great value."

  • Ed said:

    "I was very surprised at the speed of delivery, received my ammo 2 days after placing the order. Went to the range week later and put 200 rounds down range. No miss fires, jambs or fly always. Great service, great ammo."

  • Click To Purchase This 357 Magnum Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • F said:

    "Ammo it loded hot just how I like it. Yes its not HP or JHP but since it has significantly more energy than avg 357 Magnum Ammo I feel I dont need it to be HP to get good effect. Also its among the least expensive Brass .357 Magnum Ammo while still performing quite well. What's not to like?"

  • customer said:

    "Good quality ammo, would buy again."

  • Click To Purchase This 22 WMR Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • acep51 said:

    "I've been using this brand for some time and must say it is excellent. It may be a slight bit dirtier than the CCI and Winchester ammo I used in the past. I have never had a misfire or jam with this ammo and always smooth ejections from my guns. The accuracy is outstanding from bullet to bullet. I highly recommend this ammo to the hunter or non completion target shooter. You will NOT be disappointed with this ammos all around performance."

  • 243dave said:

    "My old 22 Mag rifle is load sensitive but performs well with the Fiocchi soft points. I get sub-half inch groups at a measured 50 yds from the bench with them vs 1-1/4" from CCI and 3/4" from Winchester hollowpoints. FMJs from both shoot a 1/4" better. I dropped a point on performance because I have not tested it on game animals yet. I don't hunt with this rifle much because I found the hollow point offerings from CCI & Winchester too explosive for squirrels and lacking penetration on larger game like small pigs. The FMJ offerings do not incapacitate small game like squirrels except on direct nrevous system hits. If the softpoints prove to be the compromise I hope they are, I will make an effort to tune this rifle and use it more. FWIW: I also get near benchrest accuracy from the Fiocchi Hi-Vel ammo in 22LR."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • freejac said:

    "I purchased 250 rounds of this ammo, and was totally taken back by the response time getting the ammo. I ordered on saturday night online, received it tuesday afternoon. I have since run one box through my Suomi M31, a Finnish sub machine gun, and it fired flawlessly. No hangs, no misfires, no low blow back pressures. And the price was great. Only problem ( non problem) was one box busted open in shipping, go figure Fed-Ex with the gorilla baggage handlers.... ;-)"

  • vtsnow said:

    "I've only shot 50 rounds so far, but the Fiocchi 9mm 115gr. FMJ round seems pretty good. A little dirtier than expexted, but no misfeeds or FTFs so I am happy. A little more expensive than the S&B ammo that I prefer."

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • cjbaltes said:

    "Barely had to clean my rifle after shooting an entire box and had my rifle dialed in very quickly as a result of very little shot variation using this ammo."

  • spymyeyes said:

    "This is without a doubt the CLEANEST ammo I have ever bought. The lead nose is painted so zero lead fingers! Every round went bang and cycled perfectly. Keep up the great work!"

  • Click To Purchase This 28 Gauge Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Fred Flintstone said:

    "I got a good deal in Mesa buying three flats. It shoots well, However I have such a hard time reloading the spent hulls. I find the Winchester AA HS and the Federal Top Gun is much easier. Also I have had the Fiocchi hulls blow in half after about the third or 4th reload. I use the 20/28 and the 572 powder. Don't know if this is a factor, but is my experience! "

  • Dick said:

    "Have no compliants Performed better than expected"

  • Click To Purchase This 357 Magnum Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Doug said:

    "This ammo would not function two rounds in a row in my firearm. I had problems with rounds loading from the magazine, and I had rounds fail to eject cleanly. I did shoot some one at a time and the accuracy was not up to snuff with other brands. This pistol can be finicky with this type of bullet, but it really didn't like this load. "

  • Bret said:

    "I have used other Fioochi ammo with my .357 handgun and my carbine with no problems and this ammo continues that excellent performance. Shoots well and fed without a hitch. "

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • NJ said:

    "I was having trouble with other brands of 9MMs. The extractor was unable to remove spent cases so the gun would jam. It would jam every 4th or 5th round. I would have to remove the mag, use a small flathead screw driver to pull back the next live round and shake the gun so the spend case would fall out. I tried three different brands before I bought the Fiocchi rounds. I cycled 150 rounds of Fiocchi 9MMs through my gun yesterday WITHOUT a single jam! Could not be more satisfied with the ammo's performance. Thanks."

  • Click To Purchase This 38 Super Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Shadow 2 said:

    "I have a Witness 38 Super. Eaa recommends you should not use +P ammo in this weapon.I use Fiocchi 129gr FMJ or Armscor 125gr FMJ. I fired 400rds of each,so far no problem.I like this ammo and I will keep on using it.As for Ammo Net,this is a great place to shop.There prices are fair and there service is great and fast.The people there care about what you want and need.After you order,they will contact you to make sure everything went well.What more could you ask for.Thanks Ammo Net."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • John S said:

    "I bought this stuff just to try it, really. I've only fired about 20 of the 50 rounds by now. I will say that I experienced no issues with it (jams, etc.), and it's easy to put on-target from up to 25 yards. It did leave a little extra soot in my Glock 19, and it produces a fairly strong "burnt powder" smell when fired. Not a big issue at all, but it does seem to fire "dirtier" than most ammo I'm used to. I don't have much experience with Frangible ammo, but it seemed to work exactly as advertised."

  • Click To Purchase This 12 Gauge Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Buzzkill said:

    "I wish the shooter performed as well as these rounds! I shoot 250 and one week I was red hot and the second round I was cold! So basically When it was warmer I thought the rounds shot hot....but in the cooler weather the gun performed better. These were an excellent target round for shooting skeet for the price!"

  • Click To Purchase This 308 Win Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Matthew said:

    "4 inch groups at 100 yds. 8 inch groups at 200. I had an expert confirm with my LMT platform. We double checked barrel lugs, optic lugs. I switched to Federal and groups were less than 2 inches at 100yds. Day after I had a gunsmith re-check barrel and optics. All checked out. "

  • Click To Purchase This 32 ACP Fiocchi Ammunition
    based on the 5 reviews below
  • chrismyster said:

    "great bullets/no problems/good price/would buy again"

  • Bryan in California said:

    "Made it to my house in 1week = great shiping at a great price. You guys have a new custermer Thanks"

  • DK said:

    "Ammo came faster than tracking. Great ammo. Does what the add says. NO misfires. Will be ordering more at later date. "

  • pabear said:

    "your ammo is a great buy and I will use your company more."

  • lgvelez said:

    "Excellent ammo! I have shot 200 rounds and no FTE or FTF. I will be buying more."

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