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Below is our selection of Tulammo 45 ACP for sale. To see our entire selection of 45 ACP ammunition, check out our 45 ACP ammo page. As one of Russia’s oldest ammo companies, Tulammo 45 ACP is well known for its low price point and is great for plinking and target shooting. Learn More

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History of TulAmmo 45 ACP Ammo

Why Buy Tulammo 45 ACP?

Established in 1880 by Tsar Alexander II, Tula Ammunition (or Tulammo) is one of Russia’s oldest ammo plants still making ammunition today. Tula produced ammunition for the Russian army through both world wars and now provides low-cost ammo to North America and most of Europe.

Developed in 1904 by John Moses Browning for his iconic 1911 pistol, the 45 ACP was the main sidearm cartridge for the US military from WWI all the way through Vietnam. Renowned for its stopping power, the 45 Auto is America’s cartridge that is synonymous with freedom, victory, and the fight against tyranny.

The most important thing to remember about Tulammo 45 ACP is that it is inexpensive. This makes it a lot easier to grable some Tulammo 45 ACP 500 rounds at a time without breaking the bank. The more 45 ACP Tulammo you have, the more you get to the range and shoot. This means your marksmanship skills will be more honed thanks to Tulammo 45 ACP and their amazing prices.

One of the best aspects of the 45 ACP ammo Tula produces is that it is easy to buy in bulk. This means that you can really get a lot of ammo to stockpile and this drives your cost per round down. A lower cost 45 ACP Tulammo is always a good thing, and this is one of the benefits of buying a spam can or 45 ACP bulk pack.

However, the biggest downside to Tulammo 45 ACP is that it is steel cased and Berdan primed. This means the Tulammo 45 ACP cases are not reloadable. However, if you’re looking for a round that is incredibly inexpensive and goes bang every time, 45 ACP Tulammo is a great choice. Modern semi-automatic pistols like the Glock 21, 1911, and Sig Sauer P220 should have no problem feeding and extracting Tulammo 45 ACP.

How Can You Save Money Buying Tulammo 45 ACP?

Here at Ammo.com we do everything we can to ensure that your cost per round is as low as possible to keep your favorite 45 ACP semi-auto handguns full of Tulammo 45 ACP. With ammo shortages looming on the horizon, the best thing you can do is make sure you load up on all the best Tula 45 ACP ammo you can get your hands on. And we can help you with that!

The best way to save money when you’re stocking up for your favorite 45 ACP firearms is by purchasing bulk Tulammo 45 ACP. Although the upfront costs are higher, the cost per round is lower. This way, you’re actually saving money every time you hit the range.

The 45 ACP was made for mass production and high shooting volume, this helps keep the Tulammo 45 ACP price as low as possible. Buying Tulammo 45 ACP 500 rounds at a time in bulk helps save you money in the long run while keeping your marksmanship skills sharp for any self-defense situation.

We’ve got tons of Tulammo 45 ACP for sale at the lowest prices on the web. And our massive supply of 45 ACP ammo is ready to ship discreetly to your door at the click of a mouse. Get your ammo stockpiles stacked to the rafters for target practice, plinking, varmint hunting, or any SHTF situation so that your favorite Glock 19 or 1911 never runs dry of Tulammmo 45 ACP when you need them the most.

Customer Reviews

  • Danny said:

    good quality ammo

  • Light-infantry said:

    Firstly, if your looking for great ammo at a cheap price then this is it. Secondly, I’ve shot about 200 rounds and no misfires (might happen if you don’t clean your weapon after every session) some people have no knowledge of PCIs and maintenance. This is well comparable to the high valued rounds with none of the extra cost. Will definitely be buyin again.

  • R said:

    Ran it through a colt 1911 with no problem

  • roxy said:

    I've shot over 500 rnds and can tell you the accuracy is great. Will buy more in the future. Fast delivery at a great price. Reliable and clean burning.

  • Hal said:

    We're about 25 rounds through it with a brand new Springfield mil spec 1911 45 ACP good feel.. no misfires ..everything on Target and I qualified ....the delivery was excellent from the supplier price was right I definitely would recommend these and I will buy them again

  • John said:

    I have only fired 100 rounds so far. 50 each in two different 1911's. Not a single problem.

  • Alvaro said:

    I liked the ammo but in some indoor shooting ranges, they do not allow to use this ammo.

  • SK2 Hutch said:

    For the price this is pretty decent range ammo.

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