Invite Your Friends

Get a $10 credit when a friend buys $200+ worth of ammo. Best of all, they'll save $15 on their first purchase as well!

How It Works:

  • Invite your friends to by sharing your custom link with them.
  • They click on your link and get a great deal on ammo, saving $15 on their first $200+ purchase.
  • You get a $10 credit once their initial purchase ships. No limit to the number of friends you can refer!

Ideal for website owners and bloggers, CCW trainers, shooting clubs, gun ranges, and anyone with shooting buddies who wants to save on ammo! Check out the banner options for promotion here: Static Banners | Animated Banners.

Please note that you need to have an account in order to participate. You can sign up here if you don't have an account. If you do, go to our "Invite & Earn" page to get your custom link for sharing with your friends.

Got questions? Check out our Refer-a-Friend FAQs for more.