22 Long Rifle (LR) Ammo For Sale

Easily the most prolific and well known firearm cartridge in the world, the .22 Long Rifle (LR) is great for plinking and small-game hunting. The .22 LR is also considered the best choice for introducing new people to the sport of shooting, due to its lack of recoil and low noise. Learn More

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  1. Aguila 22 LR Ammo - 250 Rounds of 40 Grain CPRN Ammunition

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    Image of Aguila 22 LR Ammo - 250 Rounds of 40 Grain CPRN Ammunition
    $60.00 Price


    • 250 Rounds
    • Made by Aguila

    • Made by Aguila
    • 250 Rounds
    • 24¢ Cost Per Round
    • 40 Grain
    • CPRN Bullet
    • Discount Rimfire
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Rimfire
    • 1255 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 140 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • Aguila SKU 1B221100
    • UPC 640420013114
  2. Aguila 22 LR Ammo - 50 Rounds of 38 Grain LHP Ammunition

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    Image of Aguila 22 LR Ammo - 50 Rounds of 38 Grain LHP Ammunition
    $14.99 Price


    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Aguila

    • Made by Aguila
    • 50 Rounds
    • 30¢ Cost Per Round
    • 38 Grain
    • LHP Bullet
    • Discount Rimfire
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Rimfire
    • 1025 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • Aguila SKU 1B220268
    • UPC 640420001074
  3. Aguila Super Extra 22 LR Ammo - 50 Rounds of 38 Grain CPHP Ammunition

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    Image of Aguila Super Extra 22 LR Ammo - 50 Rounds of 38 Grain CPHP Ammunition
    $15.00 Price


    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Aguila

    • Made by Aguila
    • 50 Rounds
    • 30¢ Cost Per Round
    • 38 Grain
    • CPHP Bullet
    • Discount Rimfire
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Rimfire
    • 1280 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 137 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • Aguila SKU 1B222335
    • UPC 640420001036
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.22 Long Rifle ammo is the most widely produced and most popular cartridge in the whole United States. For more than 100 years, it has served the needs of hunters and sport shooters, law enforcement and even the military. Based on the Flobert BB cap, .22 caliber long rifle ammunition is the result of the continuous improvement of the BB cap to meet the need for a cartridge with accuracy, low recoil and low noise for a multitude of applications.

The .22 LR rimfire cartridge can be used in many different situations, from target shooting to plinking and small rodent control. It's comparatively inexpensive (especially bulk .22LR), widely available and lighter to carry – making .22 LR ammo a fantastic choice for long shooting sessions at the range, an extended hunting trip or a long hike.

Firearms Chambered For 22 Ammo

Pistols and rifles of all action types have been chambered in .22LR. From small Derringer pistols to full-sized clones of military rifles, the .22LR bullet has more firearm models chambered for it than any other caliber. A popular trend for this cartridge is to convert a firearm that normally fires a larger centerfire caliber, such as .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm, with a smaller barrel and firing chamber. This allows the shooter to train with less recoil, less cost, and less noise with the weapon they will fire in competition or carry every day.

The Evolution of .22 LR Ammunition

.22 Long Rifle ammunition has only experienced minor changes since being introduced in 1887 by the J. Stevens Arm & Tool Company. From that time, the .22 LR has seen an increase in velocity, range and accuracy. Hollow point bullets are also produced that offer a flatter trajectory and better energy transfer. Some companies manufacture a .22 LR shot cartridge that propels a small payload of #12 shot to dispatch small rodents at close range – a safer method than using a solid point bullet. Beyond all the applications for a .22 LR, it is frequently the first firearm that many people shoot.

The genesis of the 22 Long Rifle lies in the .22 Long. This round effectively retains the casing of that cartridge, combining it with the 40 grain bullet of the similar .22 Extra Long. When it comes to the 22 Long vs. 22 LR, it really comes down to length – a .22 LR bullet is about 0.975 inch long, while a .22 Long is 0.800 inch long. Likewise, 22 Short vs. 22 LR comes down to weight, with the 22 Long Rifle being heavier and longer compared to the 22 Short.

The 22 LR round itself is also based on the Flobert BB cap of 1845, with lineage moving through the .22 Smith & Wesson cartridge first released in 1857.

The .22 Long Rifle and similar (.22 Short, .22 Long, and .22 Extra Long) all have heeled bullets. This means the case and bullet have the same diameter, with a more slender-heeled section sitting inside the case.

The round is also one of the most versatile on the market today. Very few rounds can boast that they are able to fit into as many models of rifles and pistols alike as the 22 Long Rifle.

Why Is the .22 Long Rifle Round So Popular?

There are reasons other than sheer versatility and reasonable price that make the .22 Long Rifle round such a big selling item in the United States. The low recoil and accuracy are another feature, making it the perfect round for hunting, pest control or just plinking in the backyard. For many generations, this round is where they learned marksmanship as a part of the Boy Scouts of America’s rifle shooting merit badge program.

In fact, one of the primary uses of the round today is as a training round, due to its intersection of quality and expense. This is the go-to round for several events – including virtually all biathlon and bullseye events, as well as divisions of pinshooting, metallic silhouette and benchrest shooting – so training on anything else is ill-advised. Across the nation, the .22 Long Rifle round is preferred in high schools, colleges, the Boy Scouts, 4H clubs, Project Appleseed, and others. In the Olympic games, precision rifle and pistol competitions likewise feature the round.

This explains why the round is so popular, even though it lacks power. You’re not going to bring down an elk, but you might win your local Elk’s Club shooting competition. And while it’s also not ideal for defense, many self-defense carriers use the round because it’s small and inexpensive.

Military and police snipers occasionally use the round as well. This is because it’s a quiet cartridge, comparatively speaking. However, due to the very short range of the round, you will only find it in the arsenal of an urban police or military unit.

One example of this is the Israeli Defence Forces. Suppressed 22 LR rounds were used throughout the 90s in riot control situations and for shooting dogs before primary operations. The round’s use by the IDF has been scaled back because it is more lethal than previously thought. It was also preferred by the CIA’s predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services, who used High Standard HDM, which held these rounds. Suppressed Ruger MK II pistols carried by the Navy SEALs throughout the 1990s likewise used .22 LR.

While it can be used in semi-automatic weapons, these should be standard or high velocity rimfire rounds. In fact, it is the low recoil of the .22 LR that makes its subsonic version unsuitable for semi-automatic firearms. The recoil is so low that it does not properly cycle the round. This is never a problem with manual action rifles and pistols.

Francis Gary Powers, of the famously downed U-2 flight, was carrying one of these when he was shot down over Soviet airspace in 1960.

Gary Powers, the Most Famous 22 LR Carrier

As stated above, Gary Powers was carrying the High Standard HDM chambered for this round. His downing, known as the U-2 incident, is one of the more pitched and tense moments of the Cold War.

Powers was spying. No one disputes this. So the Soviets did what any other government would do: They shot him down. Powers survived, thanks to his parachute, and was quickly apprehended by Soviet authorities. In the United States, the media reported that a civilian craft researching the weather and operated by NASA was shot down. Within days, however, the Soviets released pictures of the pilot and the plane parts, as well as photographs taken by the spy plane as it flew over Soviet military bases.

The Soviets sentenced Gary Powers to prison time for espionage: Three years in standard prison and seven years in a hard labor camp. Fortunately for Powers, he was freed two years later in a spy swap for Rudolf Abel.

Powers disappeared for four days before the United States government even acknowledged anything was wrong. They went so far as to paint up a U-2 in NASA colors to further push the ruse on the American public. President Eisenhower denied any knowledge. Indeed, Ike was in a pickle: If he denied knowledge, he admitted to not being in control of his own administration; if he admitted knowledged, he admitted to spying right before an important summit with the Soviets. The normally ebullient Ike was instead desultory, telling his personal secretary “I would like to resign.”

For his part, Khrushchev played the event masterfully. When they first claimed to have downed an American spy plane, the Soviet dictator specifically did not mention whether or not the pilot was safe just to see how the Americans would react.

The event sunk any hope of a meaningful peace between the Soviets and the West. It also was one of the first events leading toward the heating up of the Cold War in the early 1960s that ultimately lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

When Powers returned to the United States, he did not receive a hero’s welcome. He did not detonate any of the classified parts of the U-2. Likewise, he had come to the Soviet Union with a suicide capsule, which he obviously did not take. The CIA and the Senate Armed Services Select Committee both said Powers did nothing wrong.

After a stint testing pilots for Lockheed on the CIA’s dime, Powers published his memoirs, which ruffled some feathers and got him fired. He then became a KNBC Channel 4 traffic helicopter pilot. His helicopter crashed after running out of fuel several miles from its final destination, killing him and his cameraman in 1977.

Bulk .22LR Ammo: The Perks of Cheap .22 Ammo

.22LR ammunition is the choice for youth shooting programs around the world due to the low cost, low recoil, minimal muzzle blast and stellar accuracy. With bulk .22 LR ammo, shooters are able to concentrate on shooting fundamentals without worrying about loud bangs, jumping recoil or an empty wallet.

Considering the variety of firearms chambered for this cheap .22LR cartridge, as well as the many shooter-friendly features, it is likely that the .22 Long Rifle will remain popular for years to come.


What is 22 long rifle ammo?

The .22 long rifle, or .22 LR as it’s commonly written, is the most popular and abundant ammunition in the world. This small, iconic cartridge has minimal recoil and is significantly quieter than other ammunition. The full cartridge measures an inch in length and the most common configuration includes a 40 grain bullet. A range of firearms have been chambered for the .22 LR over the years, from pocket pistols to carbines to AR-style rifles.

What is the difference between 22 short and 22 long rifle ammo?

While .22 long rifle (LR) is the standard ammunition people mean when they say .22, there are other variations, including the .22 short. The .22 short preluded the .22 LR, and was the first American metallic ammo. It was created in 1857 for the first Smith & Wesson revolver and measured less than 0.7 inches in overall length, compared to the .22 LR’s standard one inch size. The shorter cartridge also holds a lighter bullet, as the .22 LR projectile typically weighs 40 grain, while the .22 short comes in 27 or 29 grain.

What is the difference between 22 long and 22 long rifle ammo?

The .22 long, which was developed in 1871 from the .22 short, is similar to the .22 long rifle, but hit the market 16 years earlier. The .22 long measures .888 inch in total length, compared to the .22 LR’s one inch, and has a lighter bullet (29 grain compared to 40 grain). When it comes to performance, the .22 long doesn’t meet the standards of the .22 LR. The older cartridge reaches an average velocity of 1,038 feet per second, with an energy of 67 foot pound force, while the .22 LR has a velocity of 1,200 fps and 131 ft·lb force, more than double that of the .22 long.

What is the best 22 long rifle ammo?

The best .22 long rifle ammo depends on the shooter’s needs. For general target and range shooting, many opt for traditional lead round nose cartridges, which tend to be the most affordable. If price is a concern, choose to buy .22 LR in bulk, which tends to be cheaper than when purchased in individual boxes. If using .22 LR for pest control, a copper plated hollow point (CPHP) can be more effective than the standard round bullet. Reputable brands include Federal, Winchester, and Remington, amongst others.

How fast is a 22 long rifle bullet?

The average .22 long rifle cartridge, with a 40 grain bullet, reaches a velocity of 1,200 feet per second (fps). Different cartridge configurations can change this velocity with lighter bullets travelling faster. Subsonic ammo is also available in .22 LR, which stays below a velocity of 1,126 fps and is quieter to shoot.

22 Long Rifle (LR) Ballistics: Chart of Average 22 Long Rifle (LR) Ballistics

Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only. The actual ballistics obtained with your firearm can vary considerably from the advertised ballistics. Also, ballistics can vary from lot to lot with the same brand and type load.

22 Long Rifle (LR) Bullet WEIGHT Muzzle VELOCITY (fps) 22-1/2" Bbl. Muzzle ENERGY (ft. lbs.) 22-1/2" Bbl. Mid-Range TRAJECTORY (in.) Muzzle Velocity
  Muzzle 100 yds. Muzzle 100 yds. 100 yds. 6" Bbl.
30 Grain Lead Free 1650 n/a 181 n/a n/a n/a
30 Grain Hyper Vel 1750 1191 204 93 n/a n/a
31 Grain Shot #12 950 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
32 Grain Hyper HP 1500 1075 165 85 2.8 n/a
32 Grain Expediter 1640 n/a 191 n/a n/a n/a
32 Grain Stinger HP 1640 1132 191 91 2.6 1395
37 Grain Segmented HP 1435 1080 169 96 2.9 n/a
38 Grain Sub Sonic HP 1050 901 93 69 4.7 n/a
40 Grain CCI Quiet 710 640 45 36 n/a n/a
40 Grain Segmented HP 1050 897 98 72 n/a n/a
40 Grain Pistol Match 1070 890 100 70 4.6 940
40 Grain Standard Velocity 1070 890 100 70 4.6 940
40 Grain AutoMatch 1200 990 130 85 n/a n/a
40 Grain Silhouette 1220 1003 139 94 3.6 1025
40 Grain HV 1255 1016 140 92 3.6 1060
40 Grain HV HP 1280 1001 146 89 3.5 1085
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Sam Jacobs
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    based on the 10 reviews below
  • red-one said:

    "I have shot 4000 rounds thru Ruger 10/22, Ruger MK IV, Smith & Wesson auto pistol, M&P, 3 different 1911 22 pistols all automatic only had 3 fail to fire and 2 fail to feed total. I had no issues with running complete mags fast or slow fire drills. But like all 22 ammo, was a little dirty after the first 500 rds, but did not seem to affect the performance. For the price very dependable."

  • Gary said:

    "First 5000 I bought were of,poor quality. !3 out of 50 failure to fire in four different weapons. Sent back to factory, received 5000 replacements. Have fired 3000 +-throught a Marlin 60, Ruger 10/22. Browning Buckmark, Stevens 87H. One failure to fire. Cleanliness was as expected. Dontb think there is any .22 rimfire ammo that is really "clean"."

  • Christopher said:

    "I got these thinking it was going to be great for my new Ruger 10/22 backed on reviews. However I was hugely disappointed. Ever round got hung up feeding one way or another. The only time it would successfully rack a round is when the bolt had enough force to shear off a part of the lead tip leaving large chunks behind. Out of 100 rounds used so far (of the 1000 bought :( I could not go though a full factory 10rd magazine without multiple failure to feeds. Would not recommend.. will not buy again. "

  • David said:

    "Others that I have used tend to get hung up when ejecting. Every time I use these rounds they all eject perfectly."

  • Thomas L said:

    "First off, I cannot say enough nice things about the service given to me by ammo.com and I intend on buying as much ammo as I need from this seller. As far as the ammo itself goes, I fired all 500 rounds divided between 4 auto-loaders, 3 lever action and 3 bolt action rifles, all scoped and all from 105 measured yards at a range. I am very impressed with how clean this ammo shoots. I am a clean freak where firearms are concerned and it takes some doing to impress me where cleanliness is concerned on .22 ammo. As far as accuracy goes, for measured groups, I fired 4, 5 shot groups with each rifle. The average measurement of the bolt action rifles was 5/16 of an inch. The lever actions averaged 7/16 of an inch and the auto-loaders averaged 3/4 of an inch. I never had a single misfire out of the 500. I fired the ammo in 2 Henry and 1 Marlin lever action rifles. I fired the ammo in a 1937 Mossberg model 46A, a 1946 model Remington 510 Target Master and a 2013 Ruger model 77/22 - all 3 bolt guns. I fired the ammo in 2 Ruger 10/22 auto-loaders, 1 Marlin model 60 auto-loader and 1 Remington Nylon 66. Here is where my only complaint with this ammo lies. The ammo does not produce enough chamber pressure to cycle the bolts on these semi-auto rifles. They either stovepipe or fail to force the bolt back far enough to cycle the next round into the chamber. Again, I am a clean freak with my firearms and I remove the bolts and clean the entire receiver after each range/hunting session. I cannot say what the ammo will do in a semi-auto pistol as it has been nearly 20 years since I owned one and it was not worth my time to drive 50 miles to borrow a Buckmark from a friend. "

  • Jason said:

    "Target Shooting Perfect"

  • Lee said:

    "I have shot 100 out of the 500 rounds bought with not one failure! I will be buying again."

  • KEN said:


  • EP said:

    "Very happy with the ammo. My son ran probably 100 rounds through his Ruger 10/22 with out any jams. Had a problem in the past with the (big box store) ammo jamming up when using the large after market mags. Fast delivery as well. We'll be repeat customers for sure. "

  • geno said:

    "great ammo, super service, I'll be back"

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  • Dar said:

    "ammunition works fine"

  • Flash said:

    "I shoot this load in my Beretta. There is always an issue with .22 primers. With these Thunderbolt Rounds I'm have greater success with .22's than others. They also work great in the Ruger Mark IV or Buckmark pistols, and my 10/22 Ruger rifle. As of today I have ordered another 2k more rounds."

  • Melodie said:

    "Ordered this on a Friday evening, received my order the following Tuesday! Great shipping time, NICE find also hard to find bulk ammunition lately!! Thank you"

  • Frank said:

    "Its not cheep but it worked good. nice tight groups "

  • Gene said:

    "goes bang when you pull the trigger."

  • Steve said:

    "I have been shooting Thunderbolts for years .... cant go wrong here! "

  • brownghost said:

    "I love your service it easy and very fast service u use great shippers. I never did this before,but this is the way 4 me. You have me 4 life!"

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  • Atrox88 said:

    "I have shot this ammo thru my Ruger MkIV, S&W Victory & Browning Buck Mark UDX without incident. The SR22 had 2 misfeeds out of 50 rounds. Ammo is accurate and consistent shooting within 7 - 15 yards. "

  • Super B said:

    "This is the first ammo than misfires / doesn't fire all the time; seriously, I cannot get off more than three or four rounds without a problem. Sometimes it happens every other shot. The 22 pistol I use is a Glock 44. "

  • Don said:

    "I bought 10 boxes based upon the other reviews and ammo.com's description. It is dirty (chips of lead fell off when I opened the box). Sparks flew probably five feet out of the muzzle. Glock G44 (brand new). The rounds were all over the target. I stopped after about a doz rounds. Contacted ammo.com to return the remaining nine open boxes. They refused to take them back. Buyer beware. Waste of $113. "

  • Harouna said:

    "Great purchase "

  • Steve said:

    "Happy with the product"

  • Mark iv said:

    "Ammo worked great at range and markmanship class!!"

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  • sergio said:

    "sell sell"

  • Chuck said:

    "The ammo I purchase from you worked great. No jamming or misfires. I was completely satisfied. The value was ok, but considering the cost of shipping it wasn't that great. I don't do a lot of shooting so I would probably purchase again. "

  • steve said:

    "CCI does me very well, hardly ever a problem cycling and much cleaner than lots of other brands. As long as its available will always use CCI and the service here also great.......I'll def be buying from here again."

  • Dave said:

    "Shot it in my Ruger 10/22. Performs great."

  • Bob said:

    "Everything. Excellent"

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  • Froggo said:

    "I have shot the entire box of these with zero malfunctions. All my 22 pistols - even the finicky Firefly & Bersa Thunder eat it up. Great stuff!"

  • red said:

    "bought to cover me in case we can't get anymore do till i can get some more in case of zombies, not to just casually shoot "

  • CowwFace said:

    "Bought 1000 rounds of this to take to the range. We went through about 100 rounds in 2 AR's and zero duds. Perfect feeding, no jamming in either rifle. Using Red Dot sights hit what you pointed the dangerous end at. I would highly recommend this ammo. Tractor on"

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  • Vincent said:

    "Bought several different boxes of 22 LR to try out at the range for 3 different guns. All three cycled the others like a champ. All three never went more than 3 shots without having to clear these. I had no issues with the Federal 36 Grain CPHP Ammunition, but these were nothing but trouble. Will never buy them again."

  • david10140 said:

    "fast shipping great price and great service"

  • Chuck said:

    "I would buy these again..........Very Good"

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  • Don Juan said:

    "Bought 2 buckets of 1,400 each and thought it was a Great value if you have the time to wipe clean bur and or separate poor quality manufactured bullets from the Rest. I learned the hard way that lots of ammo had still bur and that the reason why my m&p 15-22 rifle kept jamming. I definitely don’t recommend this for a semiautomatic rifle. After carefully separating the ones with bur my SR 22 and others worked decently with jams here and there. "

  • RICK said:


  • Tazz said:

    "The powder is not the same from one shot to another!! Some even sound like it is a cap gun and others are fine. I would not rec. or buy anymore Remington ammo!!!!"

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Lou said:

    "I grew up in the 70 hurting with a Mossberg Model 351KA hurting squirrels with stinger's. I had very good luck. When I got in my early 20's I brought a Browning Buck Mark to take with me when I was deer hurting, because squirrels would to always come under your deer stand so at the end of the day I would use it for them. After a while I would hunt squirrels with the buck mark and stinger's, and at 61 I still use stinger's but I have upgraded to a Ruger Mark IV I got it because it is easier to clean. I also still have the Mossberg."

  • David said:

    "The customer service is the best part"

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  • FC said:

    "This fires very well and is worth the extra money. If you use 22 cal for self defense buy this one. Never had a misfire with it. This is with the product made in Germany. I haven't tried if from England yet."

  • Schneider said:

    "Am very satified with the performance in our rifles: Hope you get some more in before long~~~"

  • Click To Purchase This 22 LR Remington Ammunition
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  • BruceHMX said:

    "I've shot this in a Marlin 39A, Enfield BSA Trainer, M4 Colt with 22 subcal unit, SIG 226 with 22 conversion and my Colt ACE. Functioned well in all. No problems feeding or clean up. "

  • 2000TC40D said:

    "A lot of reviewers on different sites say this ammo is junk . I have a gsg 522 always used this ammo it's accurate ,no problem rapid fire auto feeding only issue after around 2000 rounds the gun needs a complete tear down to clean it is on the dirty side AMMO.COM is GREAT TO DEAL WITH "

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  • Butch said:

    "I agree with a previous response. The loads are not consistent. Some crack but others are a dull pop and won’t rack the slide. I emailed Remington yesterday 11/18/18."

  • tomlinson3131 said:

    "Great Ammo!! I am very pleased with this 22lr ammo! The shipping was fast, and the ammo shoots very consistent! I got very tight groups when shooting my Mossberg AR 22. Will definitely be buying more of these!!!"

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  • CavGrunt said:

    "CCI makes some of the most reliable .22LR that I use. I was curious about the low-speed (720 fps) Quiet cartridges. Fired them today in a variety of handguns. Learned immediately that they lack sufficient power to cycle semi-autos. At 25 ft they were slightly less accurate than standard CCI. And I can't testify that they were much quieter than a standard cartridge. I didn't have a bolt-action long gun with me so I didn't get to try them at 50 or 100 yds. For basic close-in pistol plinking they're okay, but I'll stick with a louder (and faster) cartridge."

  • Gobber said:

    "Ammo performed well. No misfires or jams. I have had target rounds from other companies that have both misfired and jammed, but this is not the case with the CCI rounds. Initial cost was a little high as I have found other ammo less expensive, but service and delivery was prompt."

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  • Fritz said:

    "This form sucks. I bought a box of CCI BLAZER for $9.25 I bought a box of CCI PISTOL for $14.00 . This form list them both as CCI 22 LR Ammo, I don't know which one I am reviewing here. . The cheap Blazer worked great in all guns I tried including a 60 year old Montgomery Wards auto which jams on most brands. . I did not see any benefit to paying the extra $5 for the Pistol Match. Both could consistently hit a quarter at 25 yards. "

  • Click To Purchase This 22 LR CCI Ammunition
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  • Skipper said:

    "The ammo is very good; the faster velocity makes the 40 gr. bullet a more accurate round over the 1235 fps. ammo. It is also a lot louder than your average round fired. All and all, this ammo works very well in my Browning Buck Mark Carbine."

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  • Rutcutter said:

    "I haven't shot at 100 yards yet. 30 and 50 yards i can keep a quarter size to a 1 1/2 hole in my target. Shooting out of a ruger 10/22 precision. "

  • 841 said:

    "Ammo . com shipping is fantastic. Great product. Pricey but with supplies as they are you get what you can get."

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  • Thomas said:

    "Just bought a Rossi 22RS and only had one 10rnd mag that came with it, took about 3 days & 7 local ammo stores not having any before I found ammo.com after a short two day wait my order showed up on my door and I couldn't be happier I will be ordering more thank you much appreciated from NH"

  • Mac said:

    "I am not going to shoot this ammo until the apocalypse happens. I also need 30/30"

  • RLKill said:

    "Great ammo, I shoot Aguila ammo all the time in different guns. .22LR is a fun round to shoot target and hunt small varmints with. Can't go wrong with Aguila Ammo. I would have given all 5 stars, but with ammo prices being what they are, there is no good value for now."

  • Ted said:

    "Shoots well in my ammo picky Browning 1911 22LR."

  • lizard said:

    "I have used these 38 Grn Aguila 22 Super Extra Hollow points in both my Savage 64 semi auto rifle and my Heritage Rough Rider Pistol with Excellent results ! They feed flawlessly in the semi auto and are tack driver rounds out of both weapons ! As hard as it is to source locally Ammo .com had it in stock and got it shipped to me quickly ! Hopefully some 22 Mag shows up in time wood chuck season ? Thanks for the help, much appreciated ! Lizard"

  • Richard said:

    "Purchased several boxes at Academy months ago, and very pleased. My .22 semi-auto pistols all function flawlessly with this ammo, unlike certain Remington and Winchester products."

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