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Dick Speer's innovative approach to ammunition, CCI (Cascade Cartridge, Inc.) has revolutionized the reloading market for almost seven decades by improving primers and creating rimfire loads like the Mini-Mag™ Silhouette, Segmented Hollow Point, and Velocitor™. Learn More

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  1. CCI 22 WMR Ammo - 50 Rounds of 40 Grain CPHP Ammunition

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    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by CCI

    • Made by CCI
    • 50 Rounds
    • 64.5¢ Cost Per Round
    • 40 Grain
    • JHP Bullet
    • Rimfire
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Rimfire
    • 1875 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 312 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • CCI SKU 0024
    • UPC 076683000248
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With a talent for all things mechanical, Richard “Dick” Speer started CCI (Cascade Cartridge, Inc.) in Lewiston, Idaho, in 1951, after realizing his brother Vernon’s success with Speer Bullets. Despite being a comparative latecomer to the United States ammunition manufacturing world, CCI is an innovator that never skimps on quality.

The Humble Beginnings of CCI Ammo

Speer was known as something of a mechanical whiz kid. His father, a former farmer, took up mechanical tasks, eventually leaving the family farm to work for Maytag’s engineering department. Dick’s experience as a machinist at Boeing Aircraft’s Seattle plant gave him the ability to produce quality cases, which began in a small room at his brother’s Speer Bullets plant. The component bullet business was already booming at his brother’s factory. Speer saw that as an opportunity for making reloaders and more specialized ammunition for competitive shooters.  

Speer Bullets had already made a mark in the world of ammunition. Jacketed bullets, gun supplies for sportsmen and ammunition loading equipment were its main wheelhouses. Reloader manuals produced by the company were generally considered to be “Bibles” of the craft. It was from this pedigree that Richard emerged.

The first place Speer and partner Arvid Nelson found success was manufacturing proprietary rifle cartridges for smaller ammunition manufacturers like Newton and Weatherby. The bigger ammo companies weren’t providing adequate support, so Speer and partner stepped in to fill the gap. This is when Speer left Seattle and settled in Lewiston. After two name changes prompted by confusion with Speer’s brother’s company (they were first known as "Forged from Solid" before briefly trading under the “Speer Cartridge Works” moniker), the pair settled on the CCI name known around the globe today.

The manufacturing quality was already in place. However, World War II had created a scarcity of the necessary raw materials. The war effort had eaten up cartridge-quality brass, but there was one product allowing Speer the opportunity to produce a quality product that was in very short supply – component primers for reloaders. While their intention was to build primers for hobby reloaders, their first shipment was actually to fulfill a military contract. Speer went on to create non-corrosive and non-mercuric sporting cartridges.

CCI Ammunition Grows and Innovates

Rising popularity led Speer to purchase a 17-acre chicken ranch just a mile from his brother’s plant and right down the street from a local gun club. With a farmhouse for an office and a renovated chicken coop for a production facility, Speer added manufacturing buildings and expanded the product line. This farm-turned-plant continues to produce ammunition to this day.

However, Speer didn’t stop at a simple manufacturing facility. The complex also included modern laboratories to allow the company to research and innovate in the world of ammunition. This lead to the hiring of Dr. Victor Jasaitis, a refugee from Lithuania, which was illegally occupied by the Soviet Union at the time.

As a result of the secret treaty between the USSR and Nazi Germany, Lithuania was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union twice – once during the war and once after. This was never recognized by any country outside of the Warsaw Pact nations. The Western world continued to consider the Baltic States to be illegally occupied. And while the numbers are a bit opaque, tens if not hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians fled the Red Army, both during and after the war, among them Dr. Jasaitis.

The Soviet’s loss was America’s gain. Known as “Doc” to the employees at CCI, Dr. Jasaitis specialized in the chemistry of explosives and became head of CCI’s chemicals division. His work developed new and innovative chemicals, as well as revolutionary primer manufacturing processes. He remained with the company for 26 years, helping them to stand at the forefront of ammunition innovation in the United States.

Perhaps this is how CCI was able to turn out such a superior quality primer. A Portland, Oregon-based barrel marker used CCI primers to set a handloader record in Johnstown, New York, in 1955. He averaged .343 inch with five, 10-shot groups. One group came in at .244 inch. This was groundbreaking and revolutionary at the time, but by no means the last championship won with CCI primers.

All told, the CCI complex includes its own metal fabrication shop, tool and die shop, a chemical and physical research facility, among other specialized, dedicated areas – all encompassing seven buildings sitting on six acres. This is where Doc worked. Such was his craftsmanship that when CCI received a $288,000 government contract, the government specifically requested primers made to Doc’s specifications, not the government’s usual standards.

The Korean War provided an early boost for CCI’s fortunes. Armed with Doc, Speer turned his attention toward military-grade primers just in time for the escalation of America’s “Forgotten War.”

CCI Stinger Ammo and Other Popular CCI Ammunition

By the late 60s, Omark Industries purchased CCI and turned its focus onto sporting ammo and components, making it their in-house source of loads for the powder-actuated tools they manufactured. It was from this that CCI Stinger ammo – the world’s first hypervelocity .22 Long Rifle ammo (commonly known as CCI ammo 22lr) – was born. Today, CCI is part of Vista Outdoor, which is itself a spinoff of Alliant Techsystems. To this day, CCI still provides jobs to over 1,000 people in and around Lewiston, Idaho.

Speer retired with his wife to Chesapeake Bay, but never lost the enterprising spirit that allowed CCI to compete with much larger ammunition manufacturers. He invented a tennis ball serving machine, the Apollo Wizard, which quickly became the gold standard in its field. Two years later, he became the first person to figure out how to get a serving machine to give a ball some spin and went ahead and patented that while he was at it. He sold this company as well before he passed away in 1994.

In the years since, CCI revolutionized and dominated the reloading market, with comprehensive primer improvements like smooth feeding through automated equipment, reduced residue in non-magnum primers, improved primer seating, and better sensitivity. They have also perfected the first hypervelocity .22 Magnum Rimfire cartridge as well as added new rimfire products – including the Mini-Mag™ (CCI Mini-Mag™ bulk purchases are some of the most popular in the current market), Silhouette, Segmented Hollow Point, and Velocitor™ (the fastest 40-grain .22 LR load on the market).

CCI has not stopped growing as a technological leader and innovator in the world of ammunition. In August 2017, crowds turned out in Lewiston for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a 37,000-square-foot addition to the old chicken farm. The new high-tech addition to the facility will crank out .22-caliber rimfire ammunition. While outside vendors supplied the equipment, most of it was designed by CCI’s in-house engineers, custom-built for their purposes. The goal is not only a superior product, but also a reduction in overall production time, allowing the organization to better meet market needs.

Instead of relying on century-old technology like other companies, Speer’s innovative approach resulted in high-performance products that have made CCI known as today’s leader in rimfire ammunition.

Beyond providing superior ammo, CCI is a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and remains engaged in legislative and regulatory challenges to the Second Amendment.

Sam Jacobs
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Sam Jacobs
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  • sergio said:

    "sell sell"

  • Chuck said:

    "The ammo I purchase from you worked great. No jamming or misfires. I was completely satisfied. The value was ok, but considering the cost of shipping it wasn't that great. I don't do a lot of shooting so I would probably purchase again. "

  • steve said:

    "CCI does me very well, hardly ever a problem cycling and much cleaner than lots of other brands. As long as its available will always use CCI and the service here also great.......I'll def be buying from here again."

  • Dave said:

    "Shot it in my Ruger 10/22. Performs great."

  • Bob said:

    "Everything. Excellent"

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    based on the 3 reviews below
  • Billy said:

    "I only want or will purchase this CCI product for my needs. Have tried other brands and they fail, might as well throw rocks. Live in a semi populated area and need to use 22 shorts to thin the squirrel population in my yard. This product gets the job done."

  • JR said:

    "The service was great, 22 shorts are difficult to find. No complaints at all "

  • BlackBear87 said:

    "Have bought this ammo many times and am glad I did one of the most reliable rounds an feel like I got a great deal"

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Lou said:

    "I grew up in the 70 hurting with a Mossberg Model 351KA hurting squirrels with stinger's. I had very good luck. When I got in my early 20's I brought a Browning Buck Mark to take with me when I was deer hurting, because squirrels would to always come under your deer stand so at the end of the day I would use it for them. After a while I would hunt squirrels with the buck mark and stinger's, and at 61 I still use stinger's but I have upgraded to a Ruger Mark IV I got it because it is easier to clean. I also still have the Mossberg."

  • David said:

    "The customer service is the best part"

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • CavGrunt said:

    "CCI makes some of the most reliable .22LR that I use. I was curious about the low-speed (720 fps) Quiet cartridges. Fired them today in a variety of handguns. Learned immediately that they lack sufficient power to cycle semi-autos. At 25 ft they were slightly less accurate than standard CCI. And I can't testify that they were much quieter than a standard cartridge. I didn't have a bolt-action long gun with me so I didn't get to try them at 50 or 100 yds. For basic close-in pistol plinking they're okay, but I'll stick with a louder (and faster) cartridge."

  • Gobber said:

    "Ammo performed well. No misfires or jams. I have had target rounds from other companies that have both misfired and jammed, but this is not the case with the CCI rounds. Initial cost was a little high as I have found other ammo less expensive, but service and delivery was prompt."

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  • Fritz said:

    "This form sucks. I bought a box of CCI BLAZER for $9.25 I bought a box of CCI PISTOL for $14.00 . This form list them both as CCI 22 LR Ammo, I don't know which one I am reviewing here. . The cheap Blazer worked great in all guns I tried including a 60 year old Montgomery Wards auto which jams on most brands. . I did not see any benefit to paying the extra $5 for the Pistol Match. Both could consistently hit a quarter at 25 yards. "

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  • UpDownRange said:

    "I purchased a Savage A17 several years ago. 1st and only weapon of this calibre. Before buying what to me was a novelty rifle I did a lot of reading about the ammo. Savage, in their literature, says to use this ammo to feed this rifle. It has been engineered and tested to run in this gun. So I have exclusively. Never had a problem with weapon or ammo, other than the plastic "drum" magazine. If a manufacturer were to develop a metal mag it would sell out I imagine. I have no idea of other .17s, don't have any and never fired any. This ammo is so fast and flat that at 200y where you'd be expecting some drop it doesn't happen. So either zero at that distance or aim a little high. The reticles in your scope don't compensate for this round. As to pricing, CCI knows they have the market for this rifle, albeit there was a lot of testing to get a round that works consistently, I still think they're charging a bit more than they should/round."

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    based on the 1 review below
  • Skipper said:

    "The ammo is very good; the faster velocity makes the 40 gr. bullet a more accurate round over the 1235 fps. ammo. It is also a lot louder than your average round fired. All and all, this ammo works very well in my Browning Buck Mark Carbine."