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Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, Magtech has been known for their large variety of quality ammo since 1926. For almost a century, they have grown to offer hunting ammunition, cowboy competition loads, CleanRange indoor range ammo and solid-copper Guardian personal defense ammunition. Learn More

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Produced since 1926, Magtech is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with plants in Minnesota and Germany. But where is Magtech ammo made? The ammunition – which has a reputation for being high quality, consistent and affordable – is shipped from the manufacturing plant in Brazil to all parts of the globe. Magtech sells ammo in more than 50 countries and to more than 20 law enforcement agencies across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. They specialize in ammunition for smaller arms, and are the commercial brand of Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC).

Who Makes Magtech Ammo?

The history of CBC, and thus the pre-history of Magtech, begins in 1825. The CBC brand of ammunition started as a marque of Sellier & Bellot. Louis Sellier was a French merchant who, at the request of Habsburg Emperor Franz I, began manufacturing infantry percussion caps in Prague, then a part of the Austrian Empire. His partner was fellow Frenchman Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot. By 1830, the company was selling 60 million caps a year on both sides of the Atlantic. And by 1855, the company sold a whopping 300 million primers. Nowadays, CBC sells over one billion cartridges annually.

The CBC as we know it (now the parent company of Sellier & Bellot) was founded in 1926 by two Italians living in Brazil. The company was initially called Fábrica Nacional de Cartuchos e Munições (National Ammunition and Cartridge Factory), before being renamed Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (Brazilian Cartridge Company) after its 1936 acquisition by Imperial Chemical Industries and Remington Arms. CBC has been privately owned since 1979. Magtech itself was established in 1990 as a commercial brand underneath the CBC parent company.

Magtech Ammo Reviews

Magtech is a major provider of ammunition to NATO nations, as well as many police agencies and sport shooting organizations. The company attributes the high quality of its ammunition to a superior supply chain and a fully integrated production method. Everything in a Magtech round – cases, powders, primers and projectiles – is manufactured under the close supervision of CBC. This not only allows for superior quality at an affordable price, but also that CBC is able to fulfill Magtech orders in a timely fashion. Anyone who has spent months waiting for their favorite ammunition to come back in stock knows just how important that is.

Another reason for the high quality of Magtech ammo is their commitment to experimentation. Never content to rest on their laurels, Magtech is always looking for ways to improve. They’re also into torture testing their wares, putting them through stresses you probably never will – which means they’ll be all the more reliable when you go to use them. That’s probably why more than 20 national law enforcement agencies are proud to use Magtech.

Magtech Ammo

As stated above, Magtech manufactures each individual component of their ammunition in house for production of their ammo. Some other companies purchase the components that Magtech makes to assemble their own cartridges, and other Magtech components are sold to individual reloaders for their own use. They produce calibers for civilian shooters that range in size and power, from the diminutive .25 ACP to the hand cannon .500 S&W Magnum. They produce shotgun shells from the entire spectrum, as well as ammunition for the military of Brazil – including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .50 BMG and even larger calibers. Producing more than just ammunition, Magtech is also known for their gun parts and complete firearms for other brands. They also forge barrels and perform CNC machining.

All Magtech ammunition is manufactured with cutting-edge smokeless powder, with brass and boxer primers. This means you can reuse your brass, an attractive feature for those who like to do a bit of work on ammunition themselves.

Magtech is available for nearly every application and produces ammunition for a variety of shooters, from those who shoot for sport and hunting to those who need self protection. The popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting has rapidly grown, and Magtech has met the demand with ammo precisely tailored to the specifications determined by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). They’re also one of the only ammunition manufacturers in the world to produce shotshell brass without a primer, for shooters who prefer to complete every step of their own assembly.

Leading the way in terms of ammunition cleanliness at the range, Magtech's CleanRange line features Fully Encapsulated Bullets and primers free of lead, which eliminates lead in the air. The shooter also enjoys a cleaner gun after a session of shooting, and a cleaner environment at the shooting range.

Magtech's solid copper hollow point (SCHP) bullet is an outstanding innovation, which can be found in the popular Magtech 380 ammo among others. The previous standard was a copper jacketed lead core bullet, but the copper jacket can tear off the lead core – causing the projectile to lose weight and expand less, which reduces energy transfer into the target. This is impossible with a solid copper bullet. Magtech makes this bullet both for their hunting and personal protection lines.

Magtech 9mm Ammo

The Magtech 9mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket is one of the best rounds available in its class. It’s excellent for target or match use, or just plinking in the backyard with your buddies, though it’s primarily designed for sport shooting. Magtech is very proud of its 9mm, because it doesn’t suffer from expansion or barrel leading. What’s more, it’s some of the most accurate 9mm Luger rounds you’re going to find on the market today. This is perhaps why it’s one of the highest rated 9mm Luger rounds available.

Magtech Rifles

Often misspelled as “Magtek” or “Magtec” ammo, Magtech isn’t just in the ammunition game. They also make a top-notch Magtech rifle. It’s the Magtech Model 7022, a fully licensed Marlin 957 copy. If you’re a die-hard for the military-looking, tactical-style semi-automatic rifles, you won’t be a fan. However, if you’re a fan of classic, clean and even a little retro looking firearms, this is right up your alley. The rifle boasts a blacked aluminum alloy receiver and an integral dovetail for easy mounting of your favorite scope. Purchasers enjoy their choice of a gorgeous unchequered hardwood or black with moulded-in textured plastic panels. An 18-inch barrel and some top-quality iron sights will keep you shooting straight for years, even if you decide not to scope it. The 10-round magazine is detachable, so if you’re really committed to having 25 rounds on hand at all times, you can make that happen. The rifling is a right-hand twist 1:16, which delivers superior accuracy.

For those who want to go full-on old school, there’s the Magtech Model 8122. Much like the Magtech Model 7022, it has an 18-inch barrel. But unlike the 8122, it’s bolt action, not semi-automatic. That might not be modern or particularly fast, but it sure is reliable. And there’s something to be said for the feel of sliding a cartridge into place with your own hands.

Shooters around the globe will continue to choose Magtech for their reliable, high-quality, and affordable ammunition. Many start buying it for the price, which is completely affordable. But they keep buying it because it’s some of the best quality ammunition to be found. That’s why it’s one of America’s favorite ways to exercise its Second Amendment rights.


Where is Magtech ammunition made?

Magtech ammo is manufactured in Brazil then sent to its distribution center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it is then dispersed to the rest of the United States.

Who makes Magtech ammo?

Magtech ammo is made by CBC Global Ammunition, which includes other ammo brands like MEN Germany and Sellier & Bellot. CBC Global is one of the world’s largest ammo corporations and one of the largest suppliers of NATO ammo.

Who owns Magtech ammo?

Magtech ammo is a part of CBC Global Ammunition, one of the world’s largest ammunition corporations. CBC also owns Sellier & Bellot and MEN Germany.

Is Magtech ammo good?

Magtech is considered a high quality commercial ammunition. It’s consistent, reliable, and affordable, making it a favorite among avid shooters. Beyond the recreational shooter, Magtech sells to more than 20 law enforcement agencies around the world. The ammo brand specializes in smaller bore rounds and makes at least one variation in all popular pistol calibers from .25 ACP through .500 S&W. Magtech also makes rimfire .22 LR and a few rifle cartridges, including .223 Rem, .30 Carbine, and .308 Win.

What does Magtech sealed ammo mean?

Magtech sealed ammo refers to cartridges that have a moisture sealant applied. Sealed ammo is often found in surplus military rounds to ensure the ammo stays dry regardless of the conditions.

What is LRN ammo by Magtech?

LRN ammo by Magtech stands for lead round nose. A traditional looking cartridge, these are unjacketed, circular bullets in brass casing. They’re often used for target practice and plinking in the backyard. Magtech LRN rounds come in a variety of calibers, including .32 ACP, .32 S&W, and .38 Special.

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    "Good round and a value at the price point. Rounds ramp well in all makes of gun we use."

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    "I have used countless ammo types, ranging from old Union Metallic Company ammo, to Remington, to Blazer, and many others, and I can honestly and truthfully say that I have never, ever had a problem with Magtech ammunition. I use Magtech both in my Colt Mustang Mark IV .380 and in my .38 Special revolver, and I love it tremendously. This ammo has been most recommended to me by shop owners, gunsmiths, CWP trainers, and even law enforcement officers, due to its value and reliability. Out of the grand total of 3000 rounds of Magtech ammunition I have used between two of my handguns, I have had a grand total of 1 bad bullet (it was a dud). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Magtech ammunition and would gladly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good ammo without paying an arm, a leg, and a kidney for it."

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    "This was my first order from and I was not disappointed. The 1000 rounds came packaged securely, was reasonably priced and arrived on time. I use these as range ammo in my 3 revolvers; S & W 686-6 357 mag, S & W Airweight 38 snub nose and my Ruger LCR 38 snub nose.They work and that's all I can ask. They perform well, and are fine for an indoor range with good ventilation. I will use these again. I also use Hornady Critical Defense 110 gr JHP in the 38s at home and Winchester in my 686 at home for self defense if needed. "