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Based in the Philippines with production facilities in Nevada and Montana, Armscor's belief that self-defense tools should be attainable for everyone is why they have developed a reputation for reliable and affordable ammo. Learn More

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With its roots dating all the way back to 1905, Armscor is a firearms manufacturing company based out of the Philippines. They started as Squires Bingham & Co., and are now a global firearms producer, exporting to more than 50 countries on six continents. They’re known for their inexpensive 1911-pattern pistols, revolvers, shotguns, sporting rifles, parts, and ammunition.

Visionary entrepreneur Don Celso Tuason bought then-named Sportsmen’s Headquarters at the start of WWII and later renamed it Squires Bingham Manufacturing, Inc., as it helped rebuild the post-war Philippines by obtaining the first firearms manufacturing license from the government. It soon opened plants across the country, and by the 60s, Tuason was ready to hand the business down to his sons – who would build it into the brand we know today.

After Armscor Precision International opened plants in Nevada and Montana and acquired Rock Island Armory, the brand’s third-generation leader Martin Tuason continues to build Armscor’s presence and provide stellar firearms products to the United States and beyond, since becoming president of the company in 2012.

Armscor has stayed faithful to the 1911’s original designs and prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what this pistol can do – providing quality firearms at affordable prices. They believe self-defense tools should be reliable and attainable for everyone, including ammunition. Their most innovative ammo includes the .22 TCM (Tuason Craig Micromag) with a shortened 5.56 NATO cartridge and a jacketed hollow point bullet, known for its high velocity, low recoil, and repeated accuracy. No wonder Armscor hails itself as “Right on Target. Right on the Price.”

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    based on the 7 reviews below
  • David said:

    "Others that I have used tend to get hung up when ejecting. Every time I use these rounds they all eject perfectly."

  • Thomas L said:

    "First off, I cannot say enough nice things about the service given to me by and I intend on buying as much ammo as I need from this seller. As far as the ammo itself goes, I fired all 500 rounds divided between 4 auto-loaders, 3 lever action and 3 bolt action rifles, all scoped and all from 105 measured yards at a range. I am very impressed with how clean this ammo shoots. I am a clean freak where firearms are concerned and it takes some doing to impress me where cleanliness is concerned on .22 ammo. As far as accuracy goes, for measured groups, I fired 4, 5 shot groups with each rifle. The average measurement of the bolt action rifles was 5/16 of an inch. The lever actions averaged 7/16 of an inch and the auto-loaders averaged 3/4 of an inch. I never had a single misfire out of the 500. I fired the ammo in 2 Henry and 1 Marlin lever action rifles. I fired the ammo in a 1937 Mossberg model 46A, a 1946 model Remington 510 Target Master and a 2013 Ruger model 77/22 - all 3 bolt guns. I fired the ammo in 2 Ruger 10/22 auto-loaders, 1 Marlin model 60 auto-loader and 1 Remington Nylon 66. Here is where my only complaint with this ammo lies. The ammo does not produce enough chamber pressure to cycle the bolts on these semi-auto rifles. They either stovepipe or fail to force the bolt back far enough to cycle the next round into the chamber. Again, I am a clean freak with my firearms and I remove the bolts and clean the entire receiver after each range/hunting session. I cannot say what the ammo will do in a semi-auto pistol as it has been nearly 20 years since I owned one and it was not worth my time to drive 50 miles to borrow a Buckmark from a friend. "

  • Jason said:

    "Target Shooting Perfect"

  • Lee said:

    "I have shot 100 out of the 500 rounds bought with not one failure! I will be buying again."

  • KEN said:


  • EP said:

    "Very happy with the ammo. My son ran probably 100 rounds through his Ruger 10/22 with out any jams. Had a problem in the past with the (big box store) ammo jamming up when using the large after market mags. Fast delivery as well. We'll be repeat customers for sure. "

  • geno said:

    "great ammo, super service, I'll be back"

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  • Frank said:

    "I have owned my M-1 Carbine since the early 90's, fired it many, many times & I have NEVER had any feeding issues, reloading issues or jams. I bought this ARMSCOR 30 Carbine.The quality seemed good, the price was great but, shooting a Ten round magazine I would have upwards of Three to Four jams, almost every time. The final solution was to lube the heck out of the bore & a little on the tips of the rounds themselves; then the amount of jams decreased to One or Two jams per TWO Ten round clips. All in all I am very pleased with the quality & the price. I recommend this product for its value alone."