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Pointed Soft-Point Ammo: PSP Bullets Explained

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Pointed Soft-Point Ammo The pointed soft-point bullet is a popular bullet type used in dozens of lines of hunting ammo. Manufacturers range from cheap factories you might not be familiar with, to premium lines like the Remington CoreLokt. The pointed tip gives shooters a flatter trajectory at long ranges compared to the basic soft tip, and experienced long range hunters can appreciate any advantage they can get.

The pointed soft-point fills that niche between your basic soft point hunting ammo and something fancier like a polymer tip. You will typically get a higher ballistic coefficient with the pointed tip, as it is a bit more aerodynamic than a round tip.

Pointed Soft-Point Features

  • Pointed Tip: The pointed bullet tip allows better accuracy at longer ranges when compared to its round nose counterpart. Will everyone notice this accuracy? Maybe not, but experienced pros and seasoned hunters should be able to tell the difference right away.
  • Expansion: The soft tip expands rapidly when it impacts a target, both soft or hard. The goal is to strike a deer or other game animal in the vitals, and this bullet type will mushroom out reliably when it hits, ensuring a kill.
  • Jacket: These bullets are usually jacketed with a copper-alloy, and this helps keep the bullet from deforming when fired or in flight, as well as helps create the perfect environment for uniform expansion with each shot.
  • Brand Specific: Each brand will use their own special technique when making their PSP bullets, so you end up with quite a nice selection. You can choose this type of bullet designed for different game, skin thickness and range.

Pointed Soft-Point Advantages

One of the main advantages of this particular bullet type is the huge array of styles you can get it in – including boat tail, with different jacket styles, with various materials incorporated into the tip or core, and much more. These can be used for hunting game of all sizes, with a centerfire caliber range from .22 to .338 Lapua. If shooting targets on the range or in your backyard is your choice, the PSP offers excellent accuracy. Versatility is the name of the game, and these bullets perform very well for any application. Hunting is the primary use, of course, but they can be used for much more.

Pointed Soft-Point Disadvantages

Like any old-school bullet types, the main disadvantage is that there are premium bullets out there that can do a better job in a lot of cases. Old technology can perform great, but when you put them up against the peak of bullet technology, they won't be in the same league. This very much depends on the shooter, and a professional can get better results than a beginner. But once the skill levels even out, the better bullet can (and often will) make a significant difference.

The pointed soft-point has been very popular for a long time, and odds are this bullet isn’t going to be replaced any time soon. It’s accurate, has great stopping power and is the perfect style bullet for taking down game at medium to long range.

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Molly Carter