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Known for low-cost, steel-cased ammo, Wolf offers a variety of calibers for rifles and pistols – all produced in factories throughout the former Soviet Union. Other than their brass-cased Gold line of ammo, other Wolf ammunition is non-corrosive with polymer-coated steel cases. Learn More
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  1. Wolf 9mm Ammo - 1000 Rounds of 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition


    73 In stock now

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 +10
    Bullet type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Primer Type Berdan
    Casing Type Steel
    Condition New
    • 1000 Rounds
    • 22.5¢ per round
    • Made by Wolf
  2. Wolf 9mm Ammo - 50 Rounds of 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition


    136 In stock now

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 +10
    Bullet type FMJ
    Primer Type Berdan
    Casing Type Steel
    Condition New
    • 50 Rounds
    • 30¢ per round
    • Made by Wolf
  3. Wolf Gold 5.56x45 Ammo - 20 Rounds of 55 Grain FMJ Ammunition (Nonmagnetic)


    109 In stock now

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 +10
    Bullet type FMJ
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 3250 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 1290 ft lbs
    • 20 Rounds
    • 82.5¢ per round
    • Made by Wolf

History of Wolf Ammo

Known for its low-cost ammo formerly manufactured in Russia, Wolf's best-selling calibers are steel-cased 7.62x39mm and .223 Wolf. Wolf is an importer of ammunition that is manufacturer agnostic, as well as brass and steel agnostic. When you see “Wolf Gold,” all that means is that these are brass cartridges.

Where Is Wolf Ammo Made?

Contrary to popular belief, Wolf Ammunition is not a Russian company. They sell ammunition once manufactured in the famous and historic Tula Cartridge Plant in Russia’s Tula District. This plant is owned by High Precision Systems, which is a part of the Rostec Group of companies, with a majority ownership in the hands of a holding company owned by the Russian Federation. TulAmmo is likewise manufactured at this facility. The plant is not to be confused with the Tula Arms Plant, which is a separate entity owned by the same holding company in the same region of the Russian Federation.

Another place Wolf manufactured ammunition was at Lugansk. However, this factory was destroyed in the fighting between Russia and Ukraine. Some of the steel-cased ammunition is made in Russia these days, but none of it is made in Tula. Wolf also imports brass-cased ammo from Taiwan, such as their Wolf Gold .223, as well as importing ammo from the same factory manufacturing Prvi Partizan.

Rostec, High Precision Systems and the role of Tula in manufacturing ammunition for the United States market and the Soviet war effort has quite a detailed history. Like all ammunition manufactured by Rostec, the emphasis is on the high-performance, tactical ammo capable of reliable use in combat situations.

The American company is affiliated with Sporting Supplies International. Wolf Performance Ammunition was founded in 2005, making it a baby in the world of American ammunition manufacturers. They also partner with SK Jagd und Sportmunitions Gmbh (also known as SK Hunting- and Sporting-Ammunition) to manufacture some of their .22-calibre rimfire ammunition.

Tula vs. Wolf

Wolf is no longer manufactured in Tula, and hasn’t been for some time. In 2009, Wolf brand ammo ended their relationship with Ulyanovsk Machinery Plant and Tula Cartridge Plant due to legal disputes between the parties. Wolf now uses suppliers from the European Union to meet their needs. The Wolf ammo website and TulAmmo both issued emails in 2009 that did little to clarify the situation beyond the fact that TulAmmo is not Wolf and Wolf is not TulAmmo.

Part of the confusion stems from what precisely Wolf and TulAmmo are. Both were manufactured at the same plant and made to the same specifications. Upon importation, they were put into different boxes with different logos and different brands. However, on the inside, they were more or less the same ammunition. While in some cases they might have been exactly the same ammunition, they ceased to be functionally identical when Wolf ended their relationship with the Russian manufacturer. Hence the statements from both organizations as to their difference.

Wolf Ammunition vs. The Taliban

The history of Wolf Performance Ammunition (also known as WPA) is tied very closely to the ammunition shortages of the 2000s. This is particularly true of the 7.62x39mm ammo, which sometimes doubled in price and in other cases, vanished from American shelves entirely. The shortage was a result of the Venezuelan military adopting the AK-103 as its standard issue rifle. They placed a massive order, as did the United States military in an attempt to supply the newly formed Afghan Army with the ammunition it needed to secure the countryside.

Make sure your favorite 7.62x39 rifle never runs dry and get some bulk 7.62x39 to keep stored up for a rainy day!

Between 2003 and 2005, the Taliban experienced a resurgence in Afghanistan, requiring a response from both United States troops and the Afghan Army they support. The insurgency was easily crushed, however, the large ammunition order stood. What’s more, the United States and Afghan forces were constantly engaged in mop-up operations against the failed Taliban insurgency.

In January 2006, the United States military began sharing its role in Afghanistan with a multinational NATO force. This prompted another Taliban insurgency requiring, once again, more ammunition supplied by Wolf and other ammunition manufacturers. The fight against this insurgency was far less clear cut and one sided, but the NATO forces obtained many tactical victories and was able to deny the Taliban territory.

Later in 2007 and 2008, Wolf’s steel-cased .308 rounds disappeared from shelves across America. 7.62x51mm NATO rounds were likewise disappearing, pushing .308 Winchester rounds to the highest prices they’d ever seen. The Afghan Army order once again played a key role in driving up prices.

2007 was indeed a rough slog for coalition forces in Afghanistan, largely the British Royal Marines. It was estimated that the Taliban was 10,000 fighters strong at this point, with between 2,000 and 3,000 of these being dedicated, full-time insurgents. Again, tactical victories were the order of the day, but the Taliban always seemed to bounce back. 2007 was also the high water mark for foreign insurgents in Afghanistan. The next year was likewise described as “precarious and urgent” by Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown increased the number of troops in the country.

While many stateside have forgotten about the War in Afghanistan, it is directly responsible for a shortage of ammunition and the attendant rise in prices.

Wolf Brand Ammo

Wolf sells centerfire ammunition for rifles in more than a dozen different calibers and in three different lines of product. Popular lines Wolf Polyformance and Military Classic Rifle Ammunition are for sale in the calibers most commonly associated with the military – including Wolf 5.56x45 ammo, .223 ammo, .308 Winchester, 7.62x39mm, 6.5mm Grendel and others. They sell bullets that are bimetal or copper jacketed and configured as full metal jacket, hollow point or soft point. The cases are steel with a polymer coating, and can be found with both Berdan and Boxer primers.

Ammo for the Wolf Gold Centerfire Rifle line is distinct from other lines they sell, as the cartridges have brass casings and Boxer primers. The same style of bullets are sold in this line, but they also include options for match hollow points and multi-purpose tactical bullets.

Wolf also sells centerfire pistol ammo in all of the most common calibers – including Wolf 9mm ammo, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and the increasingly favored .380 Auto. These cartridges come in the steel-case lines of Military Classic and Polyformance, and the calibers can also be found in the Wolf Gold line, .32 Auto, .357 Mag., .44 Mag., and 7.62 Tokarev.

Wolf Ammunition also carries .22 Rimfire ammo. You can find .22 Long Rifle Wolf Ammo with 40 grain bullets, offering three types of bullets for the .22 LR: round nose bullets, flat nose bullets, and hollow point bullets. The ammunition itself is available in many different types including Standard Plus, Match, Rifle Match, Pistol Match, High Velocity and Subsonic.

Wolf Brand Ammunition and Lacquer Coating

It is a misconception that Wolf Ammunition uses or has used lacquer coating on its rounds, in particular on the cartridge casing. This is not true. Wolf instead uses an acrylic-polymer coating, transitioning from a clear coating to a frosted style coating several years ago. Some people thought this was lacquer and that it melted while firing, despite the fact that it was neither lacquer nor even a substance that would melt when a blowtorch was taken to it. All Wolf Ammunition is in complete compliance with SAAMI standards, meaning that it is completely safe for all purposes – from plinking in the backyard to competition shooting to hunting.

With Wolf's extensive variety of ammunition, they will likely remain a popular choice among shooters looking for low-cost, quality ammo. This is particularly true of people looking for Wolf bulk ammo – a common choice for preppers, plinkers and competition shooters alike.


Where is Wolf ammo made?

Although Wolf ammo is an American company, its ammo is manufactured all around the world. For a period it was made in Tula, Russia at the Tula Cartridge Plant, the same place that makes TulAmmo. Wolf gets some brass from Taiwan and imports cartridges from the same Serbian factory that makes Prvi Partizan. Currently, most of the supplies for Wolf ammo comes from the European Union.

Who makes Wolf ammunition?

Wolf ammo is owned by Sporting Supplies International, an American company located in Anaheim, California.

Is Wolf and TulAmmo the same?

Wolf and TulAmmo are not the same. But from 2005 through 2009, Wolf was manufactured at the Tula Cartridge Plant in Tula, Russia, the same plant where TulAmmo is made. Wolf ammo and TulAmmo ammo shared the same configurations and were made the same way. Since Wolf has left the Tula plant, these ammunitions are no longer comparable.

Is Wolf ammo corrosive?

Like other modern commercial ammo, Wolf ammo is non-corrosive. That being said, it is “dirtier” than traditional brass-cased ammos and if your firearm is not properly cleaned after use, it can cause a buildup inside the barrel that may lead to corrosion.

Can Wolf ammo damage guns?

Wolf ammo features steel casings and steel is much harder than brass. This means, over time, it may cause more wear on your barrel than brass casings. In modern firearms, this is most likely minimal. Another reported problem with Wolf ammo, and steel casings in general, is that they tend to be “dirtier” than brass-cased rounds. When this crud is left in the gun, it can lead to corrosion. If you clean your firearm after shooting, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Why do shooting ranges ban Wolf ammo?

Wolf ammo comes in a steel case. Like most steel-cased rounds, it also features a steel jacketed bullet. This makes the bullets extremely hard, much more so than lead and copper, and can damage the backstop in many ranges. If you want to stick with steel casings, opt for Winchester’s Forged ammo, which feature steel casings with brass jacketed bullets.

Sam Jacobs
Written by
Sam Jacobs

Customer Reviews

  • Sike said:

    For relatively cheap ammo Works fairly well only had 1 misfire out of about 200 just had a little too much lacquer on it

  • donald said:

    good ammo good price fast shipping will buy more and tell my friends..i do recommend

  • Dr. O. said:

    This ammo was a great value. And performed well. Not a single jam. Very consistent

  • TedG said:

    Fired about 100 rounds. No misfeeds, no duds, no significant accuracy loss over green-tips at 100yrds. I did notice that the spent casings actually eject a little differently (more to the rear and in a tighter grouping). This is actually nice for me because, when I fire federals, about 1/2 of the brass flies out the window of my shooting hut while the Wolf "brass" piles up in a neat little spot next to me on the inside of the hut. The price is right - highly recommended for plinking!

  • myob said:

    good ammo

  • Rick said:

    Price was right, delivery was quick, Fed and ejected with no problems.

  • Jimbillyjoebob said:

    You have to keep your AR clean no matter what ammo you feed it. I would not use this ammo for hunting if I had better available, but if you're going to be humming through 300+ rounds on an afternoon, it's hard to beat. Very rare misfeeds.

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  • Art BW said:

    The rounds shoot reliably and consistently. Great for practice at the range and a good value for the price.

  • Michael said:

    Ammo.com is best supplier ive tried in awhile they have great ammo great prices and i got my order fast by end of week they are my new go to

  • Glenn said:

    Out of 2,500 bullets, 3 did not fire. Primers were definitely struck by the firing pin.

  • Andre said:

    We had a couple of ejection issues at the range but I am sure that this was more to do with insufficient grip stiffness with my wife's small hands and nothing to do with the ammo. I had no issues.

  • Rick said:

    Initial clip 15rds 1st 5 no problem then 7 did not eject completely. Cleaned gun next two clips no problems.

View 2 more
  • Zum said:

    Shoots very well

  • huntman77 said:

    very good ammo

  • Dogman said:

    First round stiff coming off the enblock clip but to be expected.Also shot well in the HK & Mauser.Decent value for target shooting.

  • r4nd0m said:

    Shoots well - cleans up well - haven't had any issues in 500 rounds The only caveat is that there's some steel in the bullet - I don't think the entire bullet is steel but we were turned away when we went to shoot at a local indoor rifle range - the fella used a magnet to test the bullets One area where I was surprised was how clean the propellant burns - having listened to some folks talk, I expected to find a mess on the bolt face and in the receiver but that just has not been my experience

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  • TM said:

    Just use it on the range, fun to shoot, we waste it on rapid fire and its great, no problems. It can be somewhat dirty but hey, thats what gun scrub spray is for and spray on oils,,,,great ammo for the price..

  • larrytbull said:

    Worked great in my mak90> only wish prices were like back 6 months ago

  • markitalynn said:

    Never jammed, was not as dirty as I have been told, and was just alot of fun to shoot. (Also pretty darn accurate for being in an old SKS!)

  • Jeff said:

    I had no problems shooting 75 rounds in my AMD-65.

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  • Steve said:

    Good Ammo very happy with it never had a problem. The price is also not to bad I just wish that shipping was cheaper

  • Rhonda7764 said:

    The best value, fastest shipping and great ammo.

  • WWIIIHundred said:

    I normally don’t purchase steel or aluminum rounds, but it’s hard to say no when I literally can’t find or purchase any other types of ammo for my Windham Weaponry 300 BLK. I was worried that I would get a double feed or lots of jams. I honestly can say after shooting 100 rounds at the range at 100 yards; I didn’t get a single one with this ammo. My shot groups were decent too for what I consider sub par ammunition. I was honestly surprised at the results. I am definitely buying this ammo again. The best part is the ammo came to me instead of having to fight long lines hoping that there will still be ammo left on the shelf when it is my turn to grab some.

  • Savage300 said:

    I normally don't buy steel or aluminum case ammunition but due to availability at this time I decided to give it a try. I was pleased to not have a single issue during target practice. I didn't spend time worrying about grouping but all 200 rounds I used worked flawlessly. Will definitely order more.

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  • Michael said:

    I'm with Dave. I've had a cz-82 for going on 15 years now and the only time the gun hasn't fired was when the trigger guard broke. It was a prior Check police issue firearm that was beat up and had seen who knows how many rounds through it. Replaced the guard with one for cz-83. I've fired every kind of cheap, crap ammo I can find and it has never not fired, excluding the time above. I guess gone are the days where you could get a 10 dollar box of silver bear ammo.

  • Dave75169 said:

    Gotta tell you, the people that have had problems must not be using the same gun I am. In the CZ-82 I have fired over 5000 rounds of every single cheap (Tul, Silver Bear, Brown Bear) as well as Fiocchi, and Privi ammo that I have been able to get my hands on and have never once had a stovepipe, mis-fire, jam, or any other failure. The gun is so reliable it has become my bedside table companion (where if someone gets in it MUST work). It has sufficient stopping power without too much risk of a bullet going through the entire house with enough energy to kill someone that is supposed to be there. I'm thinking many of the negative reviews have to do with the gun more than the ammo. Guns using this ammo other than the CZ are notoriously unreliable. As I said though, I've fed it all of these ammo sources plus a few others with never so much as a flinch.

  • Bob said:

    9x18 only works in Makarov Have not had chance to shoot yet

  • jerome said:

    jams in all my guns.---- there no good

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  • Happy pewpewer said:

    The product came delivered as promised on time fast no waiting around would recommend anytime!

  • DeaconMark said:

    Great performance running through my Spikes ST-15 & Springfield Saint. No jams at all. I would recommend this product for practice and range use.

  • Ron said:

    Ammo performs well. No problems, arrived quickly at an outstanding price. Will definitely be ordering again.

  • Big John said:

    This is not the first 1000 rounds I've bought of this ammo. Never had a misfire, fairly clean burn and accurate. I'll be back for more when this is gone.

  • Scott2333 said:


  • Jimbillyjoebob said:

    I feed this ammo to my AK on a regular basis and it never has choked on it yet. It is not the cleanest burning, but for the money you can't beat it.

  • Chris said:

    Great value! Good ammo, no misfires at all.

  • TB said:

    So far so good. I've shot at least three hundred rounds so far, and through my Windham Weaponry AR, no jams or misfires.

  • beth said:

    I have shot about 100 rounds of this lot but have shot 1000s of this ammo with not one bad round they all went bang. as for the customer service at ammo.com and the fast shipping i will be using them again highly recommend.

  • Al said:

    Very nice ammo to target practice and cheap to shoot a lot of.

  • luckey one said:

    They arrived promptly. They fired very well and for the price i will buy more. I am very satisfied

  • J. T. said:

    This is steel cartridge cases, steel core bullets and they have been banned from all indoor ranges I have been to as the round fouls up the range backstop. The cases are also Berdan primed and cannot be used for reloading, same garbage as TulAmmo. If you want to recycle you'll have to shoot several tons to recycle the steel. NOT RE-LOADABLE. They shoot, had some failure to feeds, I will never buy Russian made garbage again.

  • Alexix said:

    Works great had only one round not fire out of 500, down to my last 200. I ordered 1000. I waited 15 seconds then ejected the round checked it out, the pin did strike the primer put the round in another old AK and it shot. Was able to get under 2" groupings with scope but 4" groupings with iron sights at 100 meters out.

  • Muzzle Energy said:

    Great stuff. Wolf always works great in AK/SKS platforms and have never had a problem. The only draw-back is that its not reloadable. The only reason I put two stars on "value" is because of the skyrocketing price of ammo lately. That's not Ammo.com's fault, just supply and demand. Hopefully the prices come back down soon.

  • Maelstrom3of2 said:

    I only had a couple issues with this ammo, but the problems are most likely to do with an experiment I'm undertaking. I HAVE NOT cleaned my AK in a long time to test different ammo performance under absurd conditions. I've found that the polymer coated ammo does not run as good as the zinc coated ammo, when NO LUBRICATION IS USED, and carbon build up has been allowed in the receiver. Bear in mind if your AK or SKS is cleaned an oiled I'm sure you wont have any issue.

  • Drift Wood said:

    This ammunition is well worth the price and would recommend it to anyone that likes this caliber. Only wish I had purchased more. I will need to reorder since what I bought only lasted one time at the range. Had to keep shooting for the accuracy was great. Clean up was fast as that this is definitely not corrosive.

  • badass67 said:

    I have two Nagant 7.62x54s they are long range rifles and the ammo performed very well. Right on the money!!!!!! Great price, excellent service. I've been shooting firearms for many years. I recomend this ammo to anyone. I also got some 7.62x38 for the Nagant Revolver no prob. Very happy with the products, and the service I recevied fron the whole team at Ammo Net. Thank you very much!!!

  • FC said:

    This fires very well and is worth the extra money. If you use 22 cal for self defense buy this one. Never had a misfire with it. This is with the product made in Germany. I haven't tried if from England yet.

  • Schneider said:

    Am very satified with the performance in our rifles: Hope you get some more in before long~~~

  • Rocksalt said:

    First rounds put down range with a Larue 6.5 kit put together with a Spike lower. On paper with Magpul iron sights and satisfied with grouping for backup with 6 shots at 50 yards. Zeroed with Burris XTR II 3-15 50 with 5 shots. Dialed out to 208 yard steel silhouette and easily hit head shots on the 6x6 head. Ran 50 more rounds without a failure down range and multiple targets. Will need to go to longer range for more information, however very satisfied with this ammo for this purpose, the great customer service, and speedy delivery.

  • 771 said:


  • ratso said:

    I have used this ammo for about ten years now hunting whitetails. I have dropped 220lb bucks with one shot kills. This year dropped a nice 8 point at 225 yrds. with 123grn sp wolf steel case out of a 16" POF Ar.p. so much for those who think 762x39 isnt a very good deer round and so much for people who think wolf steel case ammo is not very good!

  • Bubba said:

    You can not go wrong getting product from this company. Had got my order in 2 days. Would recommend to everyone.

  • kadfly said:

    Bought the Wolf in 95gr FMJ. Missfires, jams, and stovepipes in my Ruger LCP. 1st 25 rds were ok , but at the end of 50 wold jam every time. May be dirty powder. I took it home and gave a good cleaning .......will try again.

  • Rog said:

    Used ammo in CCL license participation. Easy to load and shot 94% with field reviewer!

  • Robert-23 said:

    The base of this ammo is just a hair bigger than other .45 ACP ammo. This makes it hard to load in some Sig mags (particularly newer 8-10- round mags). There is a notch just below the top bullet on these mags that catch Wolf rounds and make it hard to load the magazine and then cause the next round up to fail to rise to the top. Have not had this problem on older or 1911 Mags.

  • Sarge said:

    I have shot this out of my government 1911 and my Glock 21 both function great no problems and hit where I was aiming great value

  • Peter M. said:

    I shot a box of Wolf 145 grain FMJ 308's in my new Springfield M1A SOCIM-16 and they helped me break in the new rifle just fine. All rounds fired clean, no misfires, no jams. All rounds landed on my down-range target as expected. Will continue to use this ammo. All good. Happy shooter. Peter M.

  • DE said:

    This ammo is garbage. Steel casing has hard time ejecting and ammo is flipping end-over-end until the target. Literally have lengthwise silhouette holes in the target with about an 18” spread at 100 yards. It’s like firing a curveball, you don’t know where it will hit unless you can predict the flipping rotation. Absolute garbage!

  • Jay said:

    I have been using Wolf ammo for decades: It has been 100% reliable and has very good accuracy in my firearms. I am very happy with this product, especially on sale, and I am able to shoot more frequently and with more rounds fired per range time. This is very advantageous to keep ones skills honed. Hopefully, the importation of this ammo will continue at these favorable prices.

  • Assocks said:

    Cycled 200 straight in a chinese sks did not jam nor misfire once

  • marine vet said:

    The whole experience from buying to using the ammo was excellent

  • Jeremy said:

    I shot all 50 rounds through my M57 at the range, and had no stoppages, misfires or any other issues. The ammo was clean and fired consistently. Can't speak to its accuracy, as I'm still getting used to the gun and i was firing at a 25 meter target. No complaints.

  • bob said:

    there the most awsome bullets ever . its incredible get it because you will love it

  • Tristan Tate said:

    I love it please give me more!!!!!

  • jarhead, gimpy said:

    very good deals and so far good ammo

  • Country said:

    Don't get for AR in 7.62 HP`s do not cycle unless you give the feed channel where the lower meets the barrels chamber a little attention a file and sand paper did the trick after about 10 freaking hrs =( I gave 4 stars on quality cause I hate steel but oh well just shtf backup ammo I planned on storing Ty Ammo Dot net for speedy service o7

  • Big Paul said:

    Would of given it a perfect 5, but as you very well know, there ain't nothing perfect in this world. 1) chambered well 2) kept a good tight pattern ( within a inch at 100 yards) 3) ejected fine , without any problems 4) went through 137 rounds ( playing around) and there were no mishaps or any type of problems with the steel casing's IN SUMMARY : FIXING TO ORDER MY SECOND BATCH OF 500 ROUNDS, TODAY !!!

  • Blake said:

    Excellent ammo. Very accurate from the AR and bolt gun. Will be buying more.

  • Rysio said:

    Very good ammo although it is Russian. Performs as expected no problems.

  • James Bond Bennett said:

    Great value for money ! Same quality you find in a more expensive round.

  • Tim said:

    Military grade green tip ammo it has a steel core and is magnetic. perfectly annealed brass boxer primed reloadable cases. It is a bit pricey at $1.19 per round after shipping . So it's not for people with short pockets or shooting at worthless paper. These get stored with my zombie apocalypse or S.H.T.F ammo supply Would buy again just because you can never have too much ammo ????

  • newby said:

    Shot these at 100 yards and was impressed by the roughly 1 moa group i got from my grendel AR. not bad for cheap steel "plinking" ammo.

  • Stilly said:

    Not the highest quality, but for the price the purchase can't be beat!

  • John said:

    Cost of steel cased ammo - cons of steel cased ammo - but well made AFAICT

  • XXX said:

    I use this ammo for my AK. Overall I am very happy with it. Good ammo at a good price.

  • jerry said:

    works fine in my 2 ak47s. never any jams

  • James said:

    Good ammo.. I've shot thousands of rounds of wolf ammo through my Ak no issues

  • Old Gray said:

    I purchased this ammunition during the ammunition shortage. I fired it through my Taurus G2C. It fed, fired, and ejected every time! No problems at all.

  • Donmic said:

    2 % miss fires, shoots well