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NobelSport Italia produces and assembles all components to create quality cartridges. And their specialized loading system guarantees reliability. They have manufactured more than 3.5 billion cartridges – with shotgun and trap ammo among the most popular. Learn More

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History of NobelSport Ammo

What makes NobelSport Italia unique is that they produce and assemble all components to create quality cartridges for a variety of shooting needs. Their production of powders, cases, primers, and lead – along with a specialized loading system – allow them to guarantee reliability. With over 3.5 billion cartridges manufactured to date, it’s clear that NobelSport is no rookie when it comes to producing quality ammunition.

NobelSport is serious about quality. So serious, in fact, that they developed the NSI Research and Development Center – bringing together the consumer experience with the industrial research. Here, NobelSport conducts continuous ballistic research, giving them total knowledge on components and how to use them for optimum performance. From physical and chemical analysis to field testing and security evaluations, studies performed at this centre are why NobelSport keeps its finger on the pulse of quality, performance, regulation, and market demands.

While NobelSport offers a variety of products, many shooters say their shotgun ammo and trap ammo are some of the best you can get for your money.

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Molly Carter

Customer Reviews

  • KG said:

    Great ammo. Never had a cycle problem even with the Mini buck. Cycled well in my Benelli M$

  • csurge said:

    Good stuff love shooting my 12gauge

  • Shedon said:

    Tajnk you for the product and value. It has been such a challenge to find ammo let alone good ammo and a fair price.

  • Whistle-Pig said:

    Ran flawless im my VR60

  • Sm1ty said:

    Got my ammo in less than 24 hours both times ive ordered .. im 100% pleased with and will definetly be using again and would recommend to use

  • William said:

    Good price and great ammo what else can you ask for. Oh and fast shipping!

  • Gunslinger said:

    These shells are longer than 2 3/4" but shorter than 3", which means you'll one less in your tube magazine than expected. So just treat them like 3" shells.

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  • GEORGE said:

    I was not disappointed with this ammo. Shoots and ejects just fine---Thank You for this great product.

  • joker said:

    Very happy with my new ammo.

  • Kenneth said:

    How did you do that? I think you bypassed standard delivery (FedEx, UPS) & used your Circus Cannon. These shells hit my front porch before I heard the report. All kidding aside, thanks for providing a good product with such excellent customer service, especially during this trying time. You are greatly appreciated!

  • ShotgunMike said:

    Ammo is what you would expect, its good. If you ever need ammo, Honestly the best. Ammo is good, is great.

  • Hey Now said:

    These shipped quickly, delivered quickly, and they work!! Pew pew boom!! Options are limited at the moment, and this was just right.

  • J-Green said:

    These are hot shells that kick more than a slug, i love them. But most people aren't gonna be looking for this kinda kick. I definitely would order more if they were in stock though.