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Dick Speer's experience as a Boeing machinist is what started this brand's long history of quality ammunition and law enforcement use. Speer's iconic Gold Dot® line is touted as the #1 load among law enforcement, with the same performance available for personal protection. Learn More

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  1. Speer Gold Dot 9mm +P Ammo - 50 Rounds of 124 Grain HP Ammunition

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    Image For 50 Rounds Of 124 Grain JHP Boxer Nickel-Plated Brass 9mm Speer Ammunition
    $79.00 Price


    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Speer

    • Made by Speer
    • 50 Rounds
    • $1.58 Cost Per Round
    • 124 Grain
    • JHP Bullet
    • American-made Self-Defense
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With a talent for all things mechanical, Richard “Dick” Speer started CCI (Cascade Cartridge, Inc.) in 1951, after realizing his brother Vernon’s success with Speer Bullets. Dick’s experience as a machinist at Boeing Aircraft’s Seattle plant gave him the ability to produce quality cases, which began in a small room at his brother’s Speer Bullets plant.

Speer and his partner Arvid Nelson eventually discovered a demand for component primers, which were in short supply after WWII. With the intention of building primers for hobby reloaders, their first shipment was actually to fulfill a military contract. Speer went on to create non-corrosive and non-mercuric sporting cartridges for reloaders.

Rising popularity led Speer to purchase a large chicken ranch just a mile from his brother’s plant. With a farmhouse for an office and a renovated chicken coop for a production facility, Speer added manufacturing buildings and expanded the product line. This farm-turned-plant continues to produce ammunition to this day.

Today, Speer Ammunition is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor and is known for its effectiveness in personal defense and training. The iconic Gold Dot® line is touted as the number-one load for law enforcement, and the same performance can be found in Gold Dot Personal Protection and Short Barrel®. In 2009, it was reported that a $14 million contract provided Speer Gold Dot 9mm ammo to all 250,000 police officers in France – along with French Gendarmerie, French Customs, and French Corrections.

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Molly Carter
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    based on the 7 reviews below
  • DaJon said:

    "They ammo was amazing as expected. But this is a real review for ammo.com this company deserves a damn medal for there services to us Americans here in this fuuzy time we are currently in. I placed a order after searching for weeks on end just to get my hands on some quality ammo. Ammo.com processed my order on a Friday and i had my ammo packed great and delivered on Sunday. True story! Ive never had such great service for a hot commodity item like ammunition through a pandemic shortage at that! Ammo.com!! Your the best! And keep on supplying I will most certainly keep on buying! #ProudCustomer #HappyCustomer "

  • David said:

    "Reliable, about 500 rounds into the 1000 round case and no issues so far."

  • Tom said:

    "Delivered faster than expected "

  • Jr. said:

    "Great for the price and delivered to my doorstep when local stores seem to have trouble keeping it in stock. "

  • Rob said:

    "As stated the ammo worked flawlessly no issues or concerns. Purchase with comfort knowing it works great. "

  • dannyk said:

    "it was great, bulls eye every time"

  • redeyerich said:

    "Shot approx. 100 rds each thru the following: Sig 226, Marlin Camp 9 and Hi-point 995. Not a single problem. Liked it so much I purchased another 1000 rds."

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    based on the 5 reviews below
  • Noah said:

    "Great quality, consistent round. "

  • WLM said:

    "Fast Delivery great Product I will order again"

  • Joe said:

    "My order arrived sooner than expected. Great products ,and customer support. I will look no more for an ammo dealer. Ammo .com has my business. I really like what they stand for. Our Military and the men in blue! Thanks Ammo.com "

  • Lance said:

    " I looked at reviews on this 9mm Speer Gold Dot ammo and most reviews were good so I decided to give it a try it is not +P but it is good shooting ammo burns clean and never a misfire and the price isn't bad will purchase again. THANKS Ammo.com"

  • Ron77581 said:

    "I purchased two boxes of Speer 9mm 124 gr JHP Gold Dot ammunition from Ammo.com. The ammunition arrived as promised and was high quality ammunition at a very fair price. I will be buying again from Ammo.com."

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    based on the 4 reviews below
  • Wmec623 said:

    "These rounds are almost perfect, have fired over 2k rounds of this particular round and not one misfire or bad round. The downside is that the round is silver colored instead of gold colored, and if that is all I have to complain about, well enough said."

  • Bob said:

    "Outstanding value and quick shipping. No failure to eject or failure to fire. Provides for a great session at the range."

  • steven said:

    "Used it for target practice. Low smoke and the pistol cleaned up well."

  • Dick said:

    "Good quality, Good company. I miss the 124 grain, but I am happy to get ammo. Loved living in Idaho.Rexburg rocks!. Good people."

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    based on the 4 reviews below
  • Critter said:

    "Ordered this along with some blazer & gold dot, shipment came fast & packaged in a plain box very discreet. UPS did a good job on shipping updates, knew where it was at the entire trip. Will order again. "

  • RDF said:

    "My XDM performed flawlessly with this ammo. I will buy it again"

  • JBJ said:

    "Great ammo at a competitive price"

  • Sid V said:


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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • BC said:

    "Happy with the ammo, shipping and communication was top notch! I wish the prices would come down, i realize this is not the retailers fault. Will continue to buy here!"

  • mike said:

    "I have only shot about 150 rnds through the gun, and the only hiccup was a few jammings that I believe were caused by an off brand 25 rnd. capacity clip."

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Directus ledo said:

    "The service was very prompt and the communication was very good too. Shipping and processing times were executed in a timely manner. I would recommend Ammo.com to my friends and associates. "

  • Uncle Bub said:

    "Gold Dots are some of the bet you can get. Got it here for a fair price and good fast shipping. Thanks!!! "

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Brizzo said:

    "Good quality ammo. It worked well with my SD9VE. Smooth cycle. I don’t recommend this as you’re primary ammo at the range because it has a lot of recoil/snap. After a couple magazines I could feel my hand and wrist getting tired. Overall, I would buy it again. "

  • WESMAK said:

    "Speer is the best ammo I have used. A lot of it is made in the Great Northwest, so with the ammo shortage and everyone hard up for ANY ammo, I'm happy to be using ammo made in America as well. I also like this ammo's total metal jacket (TMJ) which limits lead exposure. Never had a FTF with Speer. Great Stuff!"

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    based on the 2 reviews below
  • tight fists said:

    "Couldn't find any ammo locally, but like everything in Washington and crude oil, there seems to be a shortage in brains and pipelines. I found AMMO. NET to be fast and a reliable source."

  • Murcus said:

    "With the shortages in Ammo I was very happy to receive what I was able to get. The ammo cycled and shot great. It was to bad there wasn't more of it."

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    based on the 1 review below
  • Harry said:

    " I'm in no way an expert but I've fired 100 rounds of this ammo so far and am pleased with my purchase 4 inch grouping at 10 yards with my glock 37 which isn't bad for a 45. The ammo does smoke a little but there were no misfires, jams or duds. "

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Speer Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Lyle said:

    "I ended up placing an order during the pandemic and couldn’t have had a better ammo buying experience. Not only were they the only company with Gold Dot in stock, they also had it to me within just a few days! The order was exactly what I wanted, packaged well in the box, and all the ammo was in good condition. I will definitely be buying from ammo.com again!"

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    based on the 1 review below
  • Pocket Carry Guy said:

    "I used this ammo to break-in a new 380 semi auto, and it did the job. I put the first 50 rounds through the weapon and had 2 FTF's. The receiver failed to seat fully causing a miss fire. I tapped it forward and it fired. By the time I fired all 100 rounds, the weapon worked perfect. Worked great for me."