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Military Ballistic Industries – known as MBI – specializes in high-quality, reloaded ammo made from the best components available. And despite being fairly new to the firearms industry, MBI has a reputation for producing premium, American-made ammo in the most popular calibers on the market. Learn More
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  1. MBI 45 Long Colt Ammo - 500 Rounds of 250 Grain RNFP Total Polymer Jacket Ammunition



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    Bullet type Round Nose
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 840 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 391 ft lbs
    • 500 Rounds
    • 60¢ per round
    • Made by MBI
  2. MBI 44 Magnum Ammo - 500 Rounds of 240 Grain FP Total Polymer Jacket Ammunition


    54 In stock now

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 +10
    Bullet type Flat Point Round Nose (FPRN)
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 1100 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 645 ft lbs
    • 500 Rounds
    • 66¢ per round
    • Made by MBI

History of MBI Ammo

Military Ballistics Industries, also known as MBI, has made a relatively recent entry into the world of ammunition manufacturing. Launched in 2009, the founder of MBI was an active machine gun shooter and sought a way to produce high-quality, affordable ammo to help subsidize his hobby. Fast-forward to today, and the brand has a good reputation for their high-quality new and remanufactured ammunition, and their product line includes ammunition for the most popular calibers on the market – including 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 Auto and 38 Special.

MBI is known for the value they provide, cutting out costly processes for a more low-cost approach that allows the brand to offer competitive savings to high-volume range shooters. An example of this is the packaging of their products – don't be fooled by the plastic bags. Packaging ammo in poly bags shaves a significant amount off of their production cost, passing savings right on to their customers.

MBI Ammo Review: Military Ballistics Industries Provides Superior Remanufactured Goods

Some shooters feel that remanufactured ammunition is a product of lesser quality. This can be the case when poorly remanufactured, but Military Ballistic Industries ammunition is assembled with care and quality parts. The brass case is the only reused component in re-manufactured ammo, as the case is usually the component of ammunition that is the most expensive and it doubles as easy to recycle. Keep in mind that remanufacturing is essentially industrial scale reloading, so it is relevant to consider the claim of some reloaders that they can reuse a case three, four or even 10 times, if the amount of pressure generated by the cartridge is low enough.

MBI casings are filled, capped, and plugged with a variety of ammunition components from well-known brands, but their quality control doesn't end there. They have several processes to ensure quality in their final output – including QC inspections on the automated loading machinery, function testing performed at regular intervals (ensures effectiveness in a variety of firearms), and visual inspections before packaging.

Reloader hobbyists know how simple reloading brass can be once you get the hang of it. All remanufactured brass does is take that principle and apply it to an industrial scale, with the quality control you would expect from your favorite ammunition manufacturer.

What is Reloaded Ammunition?

When you fire a weapon, in most cases, the brass casing is not quite good as new, but it’s ready to be fired at least one more time. Reloaded ammunition takes advantage of this. The brass is used as many times as it can be for quality, safe ammunition. This allows manufacturers to charge you less, as well as offering a lower environmental impact.

Why Would I Want to Use Reloaded Ammunition?

Like a lot of sportsmen and competitive shooters, you might be very attached to a specific, high-quality brand of ammunition. However, these levels of quality – and the expense that comes with it – aren’t required every time to go shooting. What’s more, reloading can be the perfect ammunition for more recreational shooting like plinking in your backyard with friends.

There are other reasons beyond price many shooters choose to use reloaded and remanufactured ammunition. It’s generally easy to purchase in bulk because of the low cost. If you’re an aficionado of difficult or unusual calibers, this can be a great way for you to find what you’re looking for at a lower cost.

How Good is Reloaded Ammunition?

You likely won’t notice much, if any, difference in your day-to-day shooting. Most rounds will perform just as well as your match-grade ammunition. While you may experience minor issues with a few rounds in a bag of a thousand, such as stovepiping or the very rare misfire, many users find they can prevent minor issues like this if they use reloaded ammunition with a clean firearm. Reloaded ammunition manufacturers have high-quality assurance teams working at all times to make sure their ammunition is the best on the market.

Are Reloaded Rounds Good for Self Defense?

Not really. There’s not any way around the fact that reloaded rounds are slightly less reliable than the original. While that difference might not matter when you’re shooting paper, clay or cans in the backyard, it can mean the difference between life and death when relying upon a firearm to protect yourself and your family.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Reload My Own Ammunition?

You can absolutely reload your own ammunition. However, the thing to consider when reloading is – is the money you save worth the time you put in? It might be, particularly if you enjoy the reloading process. But the savings can also vary greatly from one round to another.

Reloading 9mm rounds save considerably less than, for example, reloading match-grade .308. What’s more, you must subtract the cost of your start-up materials (which can be hundreds of dollars) from your savings for a true account of your savings. Reloading one’s own ammunition is a very popular hobby among firearms enthusiasts. But if you find the process tedious and not worth the trouble, as many people do, you can enjoy the benefits of reloaded ammunition and pass the hard work off to a trusted company like MBI.

Will Remanufactured Ammunition Harm My Firearms?

Many firearms come with a disclaimer that their weapons are not designed to use reloaded or remanufactured ammunition. Some go so far as to say the warranty is voided if you do so. On the one hand, this is a sound business practice: A company simply can’t guarantee a weapon fired with badly reloaded ammunition. However, it’s also a bit paranoid. When purchasing from a remanufacturing company with online reviews, quality assurance and SAAMI certification, you can rest assured that your rounds are as safe as any made from virgin brass.

With regard to the warranty, it’s not uncommon for those who do use remanufactured ammunition to send their firearms off to the factory for servicing and repairs. Just keep in mind that informing the manufacturer that you use remanufactured ammunition could result in them refusing to service your firearm.

Is There a Difference Between Reloaded and Remanufactured Ammunition?

Not really. The main difference between the two is that reloaded ammunition is generally the term given to ammo reloaded by a hobbyist. On the other hand, remanufactured ammunition is the same finished product, just manufactured at an industrial scale. One is artisanal, one is industrial. That’s the primary difference.

Another difference significant for some shooters is that remanufactured ammunition can be manufactured to meet Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) standards. This is important for competitive shooters who are looking for an inexpensive alternative to match-grade ammo. Most remanufactured ammunition uses once-fired brass, whereas hand-reloaders sometimes use brass time and again.

Is Remanufactured Ammo Safe?

Simply put, yes. However, buying second-hand reloaded ammunition is never advisable – because you can’t speak to the quality of another person’s craftsmanship. If something goes wrong, you will have little recourse. Remanufactured ammunition has a much higher assurance of safety because of quality assurance processes, as well as the liability associated with manufacturing a bad product.

Attention to detail and product consistency are what really set apart a good remanufacturer of ammunition. Military Ballistic Industries ammo is remanufactured to exacting standards, delivering a high-quality product for training and practice.


What does “MBI” stand for?

MBI stands for Military Ballistics Industries and represents an American ammo company. While it does manufacture new ammo, MBI specializes in remanufactured and specially loaded ammos.

Where is Military Ballistics Industries ammo made?

Military Ballistics Industries ammo, better known as MBI, is made in the United States. Focusing on remanufactured cartridges, MBI makes most of the popular handgun cartridges on the market, including the 9mm, .38 Special, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The company has also started manufacturing .223 Rem.

Why is MBI ammo cheap?

While manufactured from quality materials, MBI ammo is cheaper than much of the competition. There are various reasons for this, but two stand out. First, MBI provides a high-quality remanufactured cartridge that is reliable and consistent. Reman ammo reuses brass casings, which are the most expensive aspect of the round. Second, MBI doesn’t box its ammo, instead packaging the cartridges in bags to create less waste and keep the cost low.

Sam Jacobs
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Sam Jacobs

Customer Reviews

  • Gary said:

    Some time ago I picked up 1000 rounds of MBI ammo, probably through Lucky Gunner. I finally got around to using it, and my M9A3 had a ton of failure to feed issues. I picked up a 9mm Sherridan case guage, and out of the 1000 rnds, about 100 of them are bad. They literally get stuck in the gauge to the point you can't easily get them out... which is why the don't work. Pretty horrible QC and very unimpressive.

  • Whiskey Bravo said:

    Great ammo for the price had ZERO issues. Delivery was very quick and efficient

  • Steve said:

    Have put it through a couple different guns and had zero problems so far.

  • Gerald said:

    I have been thru 100 rounds of this MBI ammunition in my H&K P30 with no jams or misfires. Excellent value!

  • JoeyK said:

    Fired about 150 rounds each through Walter PPS and S&W Shield. No FTFs and both guns showed very little residue.

  • Wildman said:

    I've fired about 200 rounds using my Glock 17 thus far and had no problems whatsoever. For the price, I have recommended your product to others. Thanks.

  • Tomaz said:

    The only reason I don't give a 5 stars on quality is because it leaves a LOT of powder behind to clean up after shooting. Other than that, I enjoyed your products.

  • Bramson Muges said:

    Fired about fifty rounds through my XDs. Had two failures to extract with the spent casing stuck halfway in the chamber. Both times same exact stoppage. I think the shell may have been weak and expanded to much. I think they need to find better brass. Although it functioned in my Glock just fine. So it can't be too bad.

  • Charles said:

    I went through about 500 today. In the first 100 I had a fired shell jam so the action couldn't even open. This was my S&W M&P 9 which cycles ANYTHING. Had to hammer a screwdriver down the barrel. Everything fired fine again until a little over 300 rounds and had the same type of jam, except it was live! I whacked the gun against a table about 10 times facing down range until it finally fired off, still couldn't open the action, so applied the hammer/screwdriver technique. Pretty great ammo, but I'm assuming a few were loaded a bit too hot and the brass expanded to the point of jamming up in the barrel.

  • Big Jim said:

    Purchased this MBI ammo last year and did bot get to shoot it until recently and was quite surprised at the accuracy I was able to achieve with this ammo. Mine came in two small boxes and they fit right in a 50cal ammo can. Great ammo for the money and will purchase again from these fine sellers.

  • Ray said:

    Price was great, but I do not like the bags, when you open all the ammo goes all over. I prefer boxes. I shot over 250 rounds no misfires.

  • Zaza said:

    We have had no problems with the ammo and will buy again.

  • watermn said:

    bought this ammo to run during a 2 day Uzi course. shot as well if not better than some of the factory orginal stuff. 25 rounds in 2 1/2 seconds in a 4 inch group.

  • PistolPete said:

    Fine product I will order again. A win-win. Good range time & support NRA. What's not to like?

  • bigbukt said:

    haven't had time to shoot yet but with today's prices this was a great deal definitely will shop here again

  • Little D said:

    Feeds Great The Only problem is the small plastic bags that they place 100 rounds per bag alot of them had busted open so they might as well just sell

  • Ryanxd9 said:

    Great ammo. Best service and turn around. Thank you keep up the best service.

  • Tim said:

    So far it has worked well, as requested, No issues.

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  • Mando said:

    Es exelente lo recomiendo

  • Keith said:

    Good Ammo

  • Rick M said:

    Performed flawlessly on my Kahr CM40, Glock 23, and Berreta Cx4. The Kahr is finicky but no problems, plus it burns as clean as the higher end name brand ammo. This is my range ammo from now on. I'm not that accurate myself, so I couldn't tell you about the accuracy.

  • Steve said:

    Went to the range and shot over 250 rounds from my Walther PPQ40. Not a single jam or misfire. Will definitely buy more!

  • Maple junkie said:

    See above.

  • knox86 said:

    I got 500 rounds about 6 months ago and so far haven't had a single jam or malfunction at the range out of my XDm. could be a little cleaner but i've worse out of new non reman ammo so not much to complain about there. I would shoot this over any blazer/tula any day.

  • emt59 said:

    You came through with ammo on hand when I was having trouble finding it. The ammo was competitively priced along all others.

  • SteveGun357 said:

    Only one had a damged jacket. I didnt even load it in the magazine. The other 999 have fired perfectly. That is a 99.9% excellence record with me. Good deal. Could not believe how quickly you shipped.

  • MP 272 said:

    Ordered the 1000 rounds - haven't shot any yet. It is clean and well made - great service! I have confidence enough to use it as personal carry! Thanks AmmoNet Dave - Sarasota

  • gasman said:

    A little concerned about reloads, however my concerns soon vanished as the ammo performed flawlessly.

  • Vorbdad said:

    Even though this ammo was reloads, we experienced maybe only two jams out of 500 or so rounds shot so far. My brother and I are very happy with our results. Will definitely buy some more.

  • Steve said:

    I was impressed with the service from Ammo.com as well as the timeframe of delivery. The 40 cal MBI FMJ 180 gr. ammo looked good, fired flawlessly, and appears to be fairly clean doing it. I've only fired approximately 30 rds. through my Glock 23 gen 4 so far, but am satisfied with no jamming or ejection problems...would definitely consider in the future.

  • kwaddell said:

    I needed decent target range rounds for my Glock 22. Even though these are reloads not a single round jammed. All of the rounds fired cleanly. We must have gone through 100 - 200 rounds at the range. Good price. Good rounds. Will definitely purchase again.

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  • dp said:

    Will be ordering again soon as ammo is good for target practice and arrives quick\ly

  • Daniel said:

    No jams, fail to fires and great fun

  • Chibob said:

    I purchased a Sig 2022 and called Sig for break-in information. They said they liked people to shoot 124 gr. rounds for the first 100 rounds to properly break-in the weapon. I purchased the MBI ammo for that purpose. I"ve since ordered 500 more rounds of 9 mm and 200 res of .40 cal . No FTE's, No FTF's with a new gun. Think that says it all

  • Flametamer said:

    Bought 400 rounds, shot 230 so far. No problems. Every round fed and shot just like it should. Going to buy more of this.

  • Matt said:

    Ordered 1,000 when supplies were tighter a few months back. First few hundred worked fine (not one problem), but then in the last 100-bag alone, I had 2 FTEs and one misfire that was so bad, I had to drill the bullet out of the bore. Hope it's just a coincidence they all came at the same time. Will fire the last 400 rounds with curiosity before ordering more.

  • freddy said:

    I used one gen2 glock 19 one gen4 19 one gen 3glock 17 the only problem was the new only 20 rounds through it will fix it self after a couple hundred rounds.nice for the price when you cant find the time to load your own.

  • KD said:

    Received my order quickly. No problems in my P-95, 92FS, CW9. Packaged well for shipping. I'll be back!

  • rip01 said:

    Works great, will buy again, target practice load, my 92F

  • Mustangrob said:

    Value was great, quality was ok, a lot of rounds seemed to have small dings/dents in the casings as well as the bullet itself. Performance is still a little in doubt, shot numerous rounds thru my Beretta 92FS and did well, thru my new Nano didnt perform as good and had one FTE, maybe because the gun is new, I dont know.

  • dennis said:

    Shot about 300the rds thru a new ruger sr9. Had a couple of failed ejections,it maybe because of the new gun.im sure this will correct as the gun gets broken in.satisfied with everything else.just a little distressed that the ammo here has doubled in price.if it corrects I will be buying more.

  • maur800 said:

    ordered 2 9's and 2 40's had no problems with either of them, quick service and curtious, will definitly order again. thank you

  • Orion1958 said:

    I can say the value is great , and quality also is great, and performance is great for target practice and general plinking. No problem with the ammo and glad to recommend it for others to use.

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  • Flyman said:

    I have only fired about 35 rounds of this ammo so far, but it has performed just as well as some reloads I have. I fired it through a Browning HP, no misfires and accuracy was good.

  • Scott said:

    Bought 500 rounds and have gone through approx. 200 and haven't had any issues. The one thing that bothered me slightly was 1 out of every 20 or so rounds was steel cased. It's not enough for me to knock it down a point in the review but it was advertised as "Brass" and it wasn't all brass.

  • Jas said:

    Fired all 100 the first time out with 100% success. I didn't notice any difference from shot to shot like in some reloads. Every ejection was smooth and never had a hangup which is most important.

  • Top Shot said:

    I went to the range and pumped 100 rounds out and no problems at all. Great value...

  • The Man said:

    pumped 400 rounds through my hand gun with no problems. It was a good deal.

  • The Patriot said:

    Used 200 rounds at the range without any problems, Great value.

  • The Big Man said:

    Great value for everyday range shooting. No problems what so ever with every single round.

View 4 more
  • DC36FORD said:

    I ordered a few thousand rounds of 40cal for several guys in training. The ONLY misfires were due to unclean weapons. Once the weapons were cleaned all worked well. Thanks

  • GaryM1954 said:

    Have been using this ammo in my Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec for quite a while now and haven't had a single malfunction. Will always buy this ammo for range work.

  • rruybal1 said:

    People keep telling me that the Hi-Point handguns are junk! I used this ammo in my 45ACP, I never had any problems and the ammo performed better than I expected.

  • MasterGunny said:

    See above.

  • rehdeer said:

    Shot this through brand new Hi Point Carbine. Functioned flawlessly. Will definetly buy again. Do wish it was available in +P

View 2 more
  • Gene said:

    They come in a convenient bag. They all fire when the trigger is pull. I see no variation in the ballistics,

  • td said:

    good for the price

  • Bill said:

    Purchased rounds for girlfriend, though she hasnt fired any yet they seem like quality target rounds. And all ''100'' where accounted for.

  • rothbaby said:

    I plink'd about 100 rds so far and I am very pleased. This stuff shoots great.

  • Tim said:

    This is my first online ammo purchase. The service was great, and I think it is a good value. My revolver is a little fussy with dirty ammo and this is my only complaint. It shoots fine, and for the price, I'll get over it.

  • Dan said:

    I have fired 175 rounds and I have had 3 misloads due to cracks in the bullet case. On one round I had to disassemble the lever gun to dislodge the bullet. I will be looking very closely at the remaining rounds and not buying from your group in the futu

  • The Greek said:

    ammo performed well no miss feeds or failures to go boom. would hope in the future that the packing would include a box with a tray just a thought. not the hottest load ive ever shot but all in all a good target load.

  • Carlos said:

    Well shooting ammo, no FTE or FTF. Solid plastic bag, some brass casing mixed in with nickel case, but did not affect quality. As soon as back in stock, I will be buying more. Thanks