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Tipped Triple-Shock X Ammo: TTSX Bullets Explained

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Tipped Triple-Shock X Ammo The Tipped Triple-Shock X is an updated variation on Barnes Bullets' popular Triple-Shock X (TSX) that debuted in 2003, as a premium hunting bullet. TSX was – and still is – extremely popular with a relatively large following, but this tipped version aims to improve upon it with the polymer tip and redesigned nose cavity.

These features offer better rapid expansion and a mushroom effect that splits uniformly into four “petals.” These petals spread away from the center of the bullet on impact, creating a massive wound channel and extreme damage if the shot is in or near any vitals on the target. This effect is similar to a hollow point, but more predictable and consistent due to the features explained below.

Tipped Triple-Shock X Features

  • Lead-Free: Like the standard Triple-Shock line, the tipped version is 100% lead-free. The entire bullet is made of copper, which is very corrosion resistant. And though lighter than lead, it has some benefits that lead and hybrid bullets simply don’t have. One of these is almost complete weight retention, leading to more uniform performance in flight and upon impact.
  • Grooved: Like other bullets from Barnes, these feature grooved rings that help performance at lower pressures. The grooves expand as the bullet passes through the barrel, creating a better connection to the rifling in the barrel. Because of this, accuracy is greatly improved. This is especially appreciated by reloaders, as they have specific uses in mind when creating their perfect ammo for hunting, defense, and target shooting.
  • Polymer Tip: Anyone familiar with aerodynamics knows that a tipped bullet will fly faster and flatter than one with a hollow tip, round nose or other “non-tipped” style. Most shooters describe this as a ballistic coefficient. While this is true, another vital role of the the polymer tip is that it actually acts as a “trigger” of sorts to initiate expansion on impact. When the bullet hits its target, the tip is driven back into the bullet, forcing the bullet to expand. The tipped TSX bullets have a wider and deeper hollow cavity that the tip rests in, so you get an even larger wound cavity with the tipped version. This is great for hunters who want to take down the largest game.

Tipped Triple-Shock X Uses

While this particular bullet is used almost exclusively in big-game hunting ammo, you can also use it for smaller critters – as it has the accuracy to devastate most critters at extreme range, which is good for skittish varmints that won’t let you get anywhere near them.

This bullet shines in the wolf, boar, deer, goat, moose and bear area – and with calibers like .300 Win Mag and .30-06, you will have plenty of knockdown power. If you live in an area with limited tags each season, you want every shot to count and this bullet in most calibers is going to get the job done beautifully.

Whether you’re a reloader, buying various ammo from Barnes directly, or know someone who uses these bullets in their own stock, this is going to be a favorite hunting ammo for you and people you hunt with. There’s quite a following for the TSX and most have jumped over to the tipped style, simply because it outperforms the standard in many ways. 

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Molly Carter