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XPB Hollow Point Ammo: XPB Hollow Point Bullets Explained

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XPB Hollow Point Ammo The XPB series is a line of ammo created and distributed by Barnes Bullets (well known among reloaders), an ammunition manufacturer based in Utah. These bullets are only used in large caliber handgun ammo, from the .357 up to .500 S&W and everything in between. The Barnes XPB features various nose shapes, but one thing is standard across every bullet type – the hollow point. This allows for maximum expansion on impact and phenomenal stopping power, no matter what you’re shooting. This particular style of ammunition is great for home defense, and is also fairly popular among handgun hunters who go after game like hogs and other handgun-friendly targets.

XPB Hollow Point Features

  • Lead-Free: It can actually be a rather difficult task finding completely lead-free ammo. More than a few areas have banned lead bullets completely, and not just on the range or in public areas. You can get in trouble for using them on your own property, and for home defense in rare cases. Some people really dislike lead-free bullets because they can be pricey and don’t perform the same way.
  • Solid Copper: The solid copper bullet is formed in such a way by Barnes Bullets, that you get a tremendous amount of expansion comparable to how lead bullets perform. Copper is very resistant to corrosion, also making it extremely stable when put into your personal stockpile.
  • Hollow Point: The hollow point bullet is famous for stopping power and expansion on impact. XPB uses that power to create a very devastating, large-caliber handgun bullet – while still maintaining its shape and weight. The bullet itself does not fragment like solid lead bullets tend to do, and this makes for a wider wound channel as opposed to several smaller ones.

XPB Hollow Point Uses

As with any hollow point, the XPB line is primarily for self-defense and home-defense use. When your life is on the line, that first shot really needs to count and you can’t go wrong with the XPB. The expansion is nice and the calibers covered are second to none if you love large handguns. Some shooters have found this bullet to be a great choice for hog hunting, as the reliable expansion and weight retention of the copper bullet provide excellent results when hunting this tough-skinned game. 

You will need to make sure hollow point bullets are allowed wherever you plan to shoot, as lead could be banned.

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Molly Carter