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Power Point Ammo: PP Bullets Explained

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Power Point Ammo Winchester Power Points are one of the brand’s premium hunting products. This bullet features a soft lead tip and a notched jacket to create a very uniform level of expansion, while maintaining a very high degree of accuracy. This type of bullet is often referred to as a “standard” hunting bullet, because they use tried-and-true technology without any fancy (and expensive) features that some shooters may deem unnecessary.

Some similar ammo lines are the Sierra GameKing, Hornady Interlock, and Federal Soft Point. These all look and perform similarly and have been used for hunting successfully for decades. There is a huge following of hunters who simply prefer these older-style bullets because they get the job done nicely.

Power Point Features

  • Soft Tip: The soft tip on the Power Point allows the bullet to maintain its integrity during flight. But when it impacts a target, it expands very rapidly, creating a large wound cavity. With proper shot placement, this is almost a guaranteed takedown of mid- to large-sized game.
  • Copper Jacket: Copper jackets help the bullet maintain its shape and feed smoothly, but also encourage very uniform expansion when impact occurs. As the tip hits, it’s forced toward the rear of the bullet, creating that spectacular mushroom effect hunters love to see.
  • Availability: One of the perks of the Power Point is that it’s available almost everywhere bullets are sold. Why is this considered a feature? If you have ever tried to get a specific line of ammo in a region you aren’t familiar with, you know it can be difficult. You’re almost guaranteed to find this ammo line everywhere in the U.S.

Power Point Advantages

As with any older-style bullet type, you have the advantage of years of use, testing, and improvements to how Winchester makes these bullets. Not long ago, they changed the profile slightly to improve accuracy and expansion, and while subtle, it was a very noticeable improvement on the older style they’d manufactured for decades. People who shoot the PP know exactly what to expect with each shot.

Power Point Disadvantages

The only true disadvantages to this ammo line are very slight – with the most noticeable being that you can probably find a better bullet for specific uses if you really want it. Technology has improved so much over the past 20 years, ammo like the Fusion and Ballistic Tip have gained popularity, and old-style bullets like the Power Point can sometimes be left behind as people try out this new technology.

The Winchester Power Point is a great bullet that has been consistent for years. It can take down game animals of all sizes quickly and easily, and many hunters feel there’s no need to try anything else. On the other hand, some people keep this as their tried-and-true hunting ammo, but simply enjoy dabbling with different brands and ammo lines for fun. The choice is yours, but this is a quality ammo that does its job nicely.

Molly Carter
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Molly Carter