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NobelSport Ammo Review: Italian Craftsmanship in a Shotshell

NobelSport Ammo Review

The 2023 turkey hunting season will be my son’s first opportunity to bring home one of the tastiest creatures in Appalachia. I’m really looking forward to getting him out in the woods at 4 am to call one of those delicious creatures into his sights. But it got me wondering, “Is NobelSport shotshell good?”

If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, the company produces several types of gunpowder and shotgun shell components. But they also produce shotgun ammunition in various gauges for hunting and target shooting. I decided to put together this review of NobelSport ammunition for those with the same questions as mine.

As someone who’s always been a Remington fan, it will take a lot of convincing to pull me away from the old faithful green boxes I grew up with. However, I'm coming into this review with an open mind and I hope you will too, because NobelSport really surprised me!

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Is NobelSport Ammo Any Good?

NobelSport is an Italian shotgun ammunition company that provides a wide range of options for every shooter. Upon initial inspection, NobelSport ammo has excellent customer reviews and meets all my son’s needs from low-cost target shotshell to low-recoil cartridges, and adequate shot sizes for our hunting needs.

What’s impressive about the Italian ammo company is how serious it is about producing innovative and high-quality shotshells. The R&D (research and development) that goes into each design got me really excited about NobelSport ammunition. The company is well known for its excellent ballistic research, quality target loads, and hunting rounds.

Upon my research, I was dismayed to learn that while NobelSport does use NSI GT® plastic wads for waterfowl hunting, we can’t use them here in the U.S. Rather than using copper shot or another legal composite, the company fills its shells with lead shot. So, waterfowl hunting is a no-go with NobelSport ammo depending on where you live. Always make sure to check your state and local laws regarding the legality of any cartridge before you place an order.

20 Gauge Shotgun Shells

However, we can still use the 12 gauge ammunition for deer hunting, the .410 gauge ammo for turkey, and the target loads for skeet shooting and trap shooting. Moreover, the shotshells come in at a fairly low price. So, a day on the range won’t break the bank.

The company also offers a decent selection of ammunition for law enforcement and home protection shotshells. The 12 gauge multi-defense buckshot, for example, has a muzzle velocity over 1200fps and a 2 ¾ “ shell length. The company also offers a 12 gauge MiniBuck shotshell with a 00 buckshot size and a 1,250 fps muzzle velocity. Both of these options would be great for personal defense and stopping two-legged threats.

Pros and Cons

For Americans, Nobelsport ammo has a few more cons than pros. For example, the Lead shot makes it unusable for hunting certain types of game, and impossible to use for our readers in states like California.

Secondly, it’s nearly impossible to find in stock. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be heading to the checkout with a box of NobelSport ammunition, it does have some upsides if you manage to find a few boxes. For example, the company produces excellent target loads, shotgun shells specifically developed for trap shooting, and even clay shooting. It performs well, and it’s perfect for reloading (the company even manufactures primers and gunpowder).

Overall, it wouldn’t be my top pick (over Remington or Winchester) for hunting, but it does make excellent shells for target practice and hobby shooting.

Which Gauges Are Available?

NobelSport shotgun ammunition comes in a few gauges. Here they are:

Whether you prefer a 12 gauge for hunting big game and home defense, or you’re like me, in the market for something with low recoil, there are plenty of NobleSport ammunition options. Aside from the gauges, there are also different shot sizes, composites, and shell lengths to meet most shooters’ needs.

410 Shotgun Shells

NobelSport Ammo History and Important Information

NobelSport is an Italian shotgun ammunition manufacturer that began crafting shotshell components and gunpowder before upgrading to produce loaded ammunition. As a matter of fact, the company has only produced shotshell ammunition for the past thirty years, but produced components and various types of gunpowder for ninety years!

To say that the company has experience is an understatement. It doesn’t simply throw some shot in a shell with a standard wad and box it up for shipping. The company places a lot of its time and attention on developing new and innovative shotshell components. They regularly tests new ammunition for ballistics and performance. It’s for this reason, and the excellent customer reviews, that NobelSport is widely regarded for its reliable and high-quality shotgun shells.

Where is NobelSport Ammo Made?

NobelSport has manufacturing plants in both Italy and France. The company is actually revered as one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of shotshells and components. Having produced millions of shotgun shells over the past few decades, I’d have to agree with that assessment.


Branching into a new ammo brand is a bit…overwhelming. If I didn’t answer all of your questions above, I’ve included some of the answers to questions I’ve been asked in this section.

Is NobelSport ammo worth the price?

It depends. NobelSport has a decently low price tag considering the effort the company puts into making it. However, I wouldn’t buy a box at any price for waterfowl hunting due to the lead shot.

On the other hand, it’s definitely worth the price for big game hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

For those interested in buying NobelSport for these purposes, check out our bulk 12 gauge ammo page for great deals.

Is the .45 ACP or 00 buck shotshell best for personal defense?

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells

Both the 45 ACP and 00 Buckshot are excellent choices for home defense. However, they both still have risks of overpenetration. But if I had to pick one for home defense, the additional projectiles fired by 00 Buckshot gives it an edge over the 45 ACP.

What does NSI mean?

NSI stands for NobelSport Italia. There are other NobelSport branches such as NobelSport Espana, which is the company’s Spanish sector.

Is NobelSport as good as Winchester or Remington?

Winchester and Remington really do a great job of understanding what the American consumer wants from their shotshells. Unfortunately, while NobelSport ammo is affordable and quality shotshells, it doesn’t quite meet the same expectations we have for other brands.

We’re a little spoiled when it comes to our shotshell, getting a variety of compositions and alloys that perform well in any situation. So, ultimately, I’d have to say no, in that respect.

Parting Shots

NobelSport ammo is challenging to find in stock, but it’s relatively affordable and performs well in a variety of gauges and payloads. While I’m not chomping at the bit to get some for hunting this year, I would absolutely seek it out for skeet shooting or target practice.

Cassandra McBride
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Cassandra McBride