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You could technically keep ammo in most any container, but the guys at the range are going to raise their eyebrows if you show up carrying a Hello Kitty lunchbox full of 9mm cartridges. Store your ammo in style, keep it safe against the elements, and tote it around more conveniently with’s selection of quality ammo cans! Learn More

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  1. Mil Spec Ammo Can - 1 Brand New 50 Cal M2A1 Green Ammo Can

    79 In stock now
    Image For 1 Rounds Of #1 Shot Military Surplus Ammunition
    $19.99 Price


    • 1 Rounds
    • Made by Military Surplus

    • Made by Military Surplus
    • Material: Steel
    • New Condition
    • Length: 11"
    • Width: 5.5"
    • Height: 7"
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We would imagine that it’s feasible to store and tote around your ammunition in any number of types of containers. Wouldn’t you feel just the slightest bit silly, however, if you went to the range with a load of pistol cartridges tucked away in a cooler, or if you took to the forest in search of big bucks with your hunting rounds stored in the canvas bag your wife got in the mail for making a $25 or higher donation to public radio? We don’t have to guess at your answer.

No, where your ammo really wants to be is in an ammo can. And, which, as you might imagine, sells quite a fair bit of ammo, has got the ammo can market cornered as well. Our cans are made of rugged steel, seal tightly via rubber gaskets to keep their contents fresh and potent, and possess sturdy folding handles so that their owners may traipse into the wilderness without fear that something will break and send several pounds of ammunition hurtling downward toward their soft, sensitive toes. If you’ve any reasonable amount of ammo in your stockpile then you’ll certainly want to invest in a few quality ammo cans like ours, if only to make it look a little more professional. And if you get a brand new ammo can, you can even use it to store edible things such as your lunch! Won’t everyone at the office be impressed when you open your ammo can only to reveal its sandwich and fruit contents. Your boss will ask you to come and see him in no time, presumably to offer you a big raise.

So please, have a look around and find the perfect storage and transportation solution for your valuable ammunition. We’ve thoroughly tested each and every can that we offer on our site, so you can be certain that no reasonable amount of use, abuse, and boneheaded mistakes can break them.