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Winchester introduced the .22 Winchester Auto cartridge for its Model 1903 rifle. Similar in performance to the .22 Long Rifle (except that it fires a heavier bullet), the .22 Auto never achieved the same acceptance among shooters as the iconic .22 LR. Learn More

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In 1903, Winchester introduced their .22 Winchester Automatic cartridge for their Model 1903 semi-automatic rifle. There were no other firearms built to fire this cartridge during that time or since. The case itself is slightly thicker and longer than similar rimfire cartridges, which was done intentionally so that rifles in this caliber could not accept other .22 rimfire cartridges. This is because most .22 caliber cartridges of the time were charged with black powder, and residue from black powder cartridges would quickly render the action of the Model 1903 inoperable.

The .22 Winchester Auto performs much like a .22 Long, except that the bullet is heavier – this added weight, however, does not give the .22 Win Auto overall performance gain. The muzzle velocity of the .22 Win Auto 45 grain LRN bullet is about 1,000 feet per second, and the muzzle energy barely exceeds 100 foot pounds.

Winchester reworked their Model 1903 to accept the .22 Long Rifle cartridge in 1932. This effectively displaced the .22 Winchester Automatic from the shooting sports industry and it was soon obsolete. Since that time, the ammunition has been produced a few times in small batches, the latest run coming from Aguila.

The .22 Winchester Automatic is not really a great round for hunting, and its limited availability reduces the chances that it will be used for plinking. However, the cartridge is interesting for collectors of both ammunition and Winchester products.