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NovX Ammo Review: Is it For Real or Just a Fad?

NovX Ammo Review

I primarily carry a 9mm handgun for self-defense, so I was pretty excited when I found out I'd be writing about NovX ammunition because of their non-traditional approach with the 9mm Luger NovX Engagement: Extreme self-dense ammo.

But one thing I've learned after decades of hunting and shooting is that every shiny new bullet isn't worth buying.

So in this NovX ammo review, we're looking broadly at the ammo brand, what they offer, and if their ammo lives up to the hype.

Grab a cup of Black Rifle Coffee, and let's get started!

Is NovX a Good Brand For Ammo?

Yes, NovX is a good brand for ammo, but it will cost you. Because they are a small ammo company compared to Hornady, Remington, or Federal. They can only sometimes compete on pricing. However, they do compete with innovation.

NovX claims to have reinvented ammunition with its line of high-performance rifle and handgun ammunition. The new Pentagon line of monolithic copper, lead-free, hollow point ammunition, polymer/copper Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense ammunition, and the Cross Trainer/Competition ammo.

The NovX poly/copper projectiles are self-defense bullets that utilize the gain in velocity (fps) to increase terminal energy levels (foot-pounds of energy). These projectiles penetrate some steel and glass; they are engineered-frangible. This means they're designed to break apart when they impact concrete, hardened steel, and other barriers no expanding bullet can penetrate to reduce ricochets.

The NovX Monolithic Copper Pentagon projectiles are the new standard in premium lead-free pistol and rifle ammo. Each Pentagon bullet is solid copper precision-turned to perfection. This means it's crazy accurate, has ultra-high velocities, and produces damaging terminal performance for defense ammo.

The SST stainless steel casing provides increased strength, greater power, more effective alignment, and lower weight. This means you get higher velocity, greater efficiency, faster cycling, and less recoil combined with reduced fouling while being up to 50% lighter than a brass casing. Making it an ideal defense round for law enforcement, the military, and survivalists.

Now that you understand how Novx ammo drives projectile and casing innovations, it's time to learn the pros and cons of their ammo.

NovX Ammo logo

Pros and Cons of NovX Ammo

As will all ammo brands, there are pros and cons to purchasing NovX. We pride ourselves on being honest at Ammo.com, so we will give you the good and bad regarding this ammo.


  • The fluted ARX and round-nose bullets are lead-free, so you can use them at lead-free gun ranges
  • Corrosion resistance
  • The bullet is designed to prevent ricochets
  • A lightweight bullet design means it has a much higher velocity than traditional bullets
  • 8%-12% more powder capacity than brass cases of the same caliber
  • Self-lubricating, which lowers the possibility of jams
  • You can reload the cases
  • Magnetic casings make for easy picking up after shooting
  • Better for the environment since the bullets are lead-free


  • Expensive
  • Only a few calibers to choose from
  • Lightweight bullets don't fair well when a bad guy is wearing thick clothes

Which Calibers Are Available?

Because NovX is still a small company, they only offer a few calibers. However, they plan to continue expanding their offerings soon for handgun, carbine, and rifle ammunition.

NovX Ammo

Rounds they plan to offer in the future:

You can check out NovXammo.com to stay up-to-date with everything the company does.

NovX Ammo History and Important Information

Inceptor bullets similar to the ARX bullets and Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator bullets have been around since 2014. Still, NovX has made this technology lighter and paired it with high-quality cases to make this a deadly combination for bad guys.

NovX is still a relatively new ammo company, especially by the standards of traditional ammunition manufacturers. However, despite being a new kid on the block, they've made a name for themselves by taking an old concept and putting a new spin on it.

Lightweight, fast bullets have been known to benefit shooters since the 1960s, but they always fell flat when they encountered a little resistance from thick clothing or other barriers. So they didn't gain a substantial loyal following.

Yet, the dedicated lightweight bullet posse trudged on and eventually broke through to gain many more supporters, including myself, when technology advanced enough for NovX to burst onto the scene with their Engagement: Extreme and Pentagon lines of ammo.

NovX is an ammunition manufacturer that Timberghost Tactical owns. Timberghost Tactical is a "group of hardened experts in the shooting sports and hunting industries, (who) started (with) a mission to create the lightest, fastest, and hardest-hitting ammunition in the world."

This is why they started NovX and continue to drive the industry forward with more bullet innovations.

Where Is NovX Ammo Made?

NovX ammo is made in America. Their parent company, Tiberghost Tactical, is based in Calhoun, Georgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

NovX Ammo

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive about NovX ammo.

What is NovX ammo made of?

NovX ammo is made of lead-free poly/copper bullets that are harder and weigh 40% less than lead. They are designed to penetrate glass and create massive soft tissue wound channels, yet fragment when they hit hardened steel or concrete to prevent ricochets.

The case is stainless steel (NAS3) with an aluminum primer base.

Is NovX ammo accurate?

Yes, NovX ammo is accurate. The lightweight bullet's high speed makes it more accurate because gravity has less time to pull it down to earth. However, wind affects lightweight bullets more when long-distance shooting.

Parting Shots

After reading this NovX ammo review, you know that NovX ammo isn't for everyone.

Shooters who prefer heavier hard-hitting bullets should avoid NovX ammo because it might convert you to the Dark Side of lightweight bullets!

In all seriousness, NovX ammunition is worth testing in your Glock or Taurus. I look forward to picking up a box or two for my Smith & Wesson Shield.

Wes Littlefield
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Wes Littlefield