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Below is our selection of Fiocchi 38 Special for sale. To see our entire selection of 38 Special ammo, check out our 38 Special ammo page. As one of the world’s top selling ammo companies, Fiocchi 38 Special ammo is well known for accuracy, stopping power, and dependability. Learn More
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  1. Fiocchi 38 Special Ammo - 1000 Rounds of 130 Grain FMJ Ammunition


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    Bullet type 130 Grain
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 950 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 260 ft lbs
    • 1000 Rounds
    • 56.0¢ per round
    • Made by Fiocchi

History of Fiocchi 38 Special Ammo

Why Buy Fiocchi 38 Special?

Established in 1876, Fiocchi Munizioni is one of Italy’s oldest ammunition manufacturers. For nearly 150 years, Fiocchi Ammunition has provided shooters with incredibly accurate and affordable ammo to Europe and North America.

Developed in 1898, the 38 Smith & Wesson Special was originally a black powder cartridge that has survived the transition to smokeless powder. Still extremely popular today, the 38 Special remains one of the top selling calibers across the USA since it can be fired from revolvers and rifles chambered for 357 Magnum.

One thing that some people forget about revolvers is how accurate they can be. This was not forgotten by Fiocchi when they introduced their new Hyperformance ammo. Designed for shooters who think that the first shot is the most important when it comes to self-defense, Hyperformance Fiocchi 38 Special ammo is loaded to match-grade specifications. If you can do your part, there’s no reason why you can’t expect to be stacking rounds on top of one another and carving out the x-ring.

Hyperformance Fiocchi 38 Special also provides the terminal ballistics you need to ensure that you only need one shot if that’s all you are afforded. Although this ammo has amazing accuracy and is great for self-defense, it isn’t cheap and might not be the best choice for general target practice and plinking.

Traditional revolver and pistol Fiocchi 38 Special can be found with full metal jacket bullets that are perfect for target practice. These rounds are low recoil and easy to handle, making them an exceptional choice for training new or recoil sensitive shooters.

How Can You Save Money Buying Fiocchi 38 Special ammo?

Here at we do everything we can to ensure that your cost per round is as low as possible to keep your favorite 38 Special wheel-gun cylinders full of premium Fiocchi 38 Special ammo. With ammo shortages looming on the horizon, the best thing you can do is ensure that you’ve got a ton of Fiocchi 38 Special stocked up in your home. We here at can help you with that!

The best way to save money on Fiocchi 38 Special ammo is to buy in bulk. Although the upfront costs are higher, the cost per round is lower. This way, you’re actually saving money every time you hit the range with your bulk Fiocchi 38 Special ammo.

We’ve got tons of Fiocchi 38 Special in stock at the lowest prices on the web. Our vast selection of Fiocchi 38 Special ammo is ready to ship discreetly to your door. Get your ammo stockpiles stacked to the rafters for target practice, plinking, self-defense, or any SHTF situation so that your beloved 38 Special revolver never runs dry of Fiocchi 38 Special ammo when you need them the most.