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Oscar Wilde once said, “I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” That’s why we’re certain the Victorian playwright would have loved walking around London in an official Ammo.com t-shirt. If you’re only satisfied with the best, then you’ll love our hard-wearing and awesomely designed t-shirts! Learn More
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  1. Ammo.com "Come and Take It" Black T-Shirt


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    Design "Come and Take It"
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    Molon labe.” These are the famous words spoken by King Leonidas when Xerxes ordered the Spartans to lay down their weapons. Infuriated that a band of hicks basically told him to go and stuff it, Xerxes sent an army over two million men strong to stomp Hellas into the dirt.

    Here’s the funny thing. It turns out that free men, who have everything in the world to lose, will always fight tooth and nail. King Leonidas and his soldiers were outnumbered 500 to one but they still held off the barbarous onslaught for three days – just long enough to give the rest of the Greek city-states time to prepare for the invasion. King Leonidas may have gotten turned into a pincushion in the process, but his sacrifice saved the Western world.

    Come and take it.” These are the words spoken by any American who will not relinquish their God-given right to bear arms. For they know that once that right is gone, their words will cease to carry any power at all.

    Wear your Ammo.com Come and Take It T-shirt to support the Second Amendment. The high quality and hardwearing heather black shirt is made of comfortable, breathable fabric, and it includes our own handsome logo on the chest.

History of T-Shirts

The clothes make the man. If you're a firefighter, you want something that’s both fashionably reflective and lined with a thoroughly noncombustible material. If you're a clown, you want an oversized garish suit combining polka dot, rainbow stripe, and plaid patterns, with a boutonnière that sprays water to pin on its lapel. If you're a plumber, you want pants that flex easily at the knees and a shirt that’s maybe half an inch too short so as to not let people’s expectations of those in your line of work fall short. And if you love guns, freedom, and everything else that makes this country better than any other that has ever graced a world map, you want the fine apparel available exclusively on Ammo.com.

Our customers are men (and women, of course) of action – those who may find themselves hard at work at one point in the day, stalking game through inhospitable environments during another, and looking good and composed throughout all of it. Our 2nd Amendment shirts are made to soak up abuse without tearing, can be machined washed to your heart’s content without losing their colors, and sport quotes and original graphics which will indicate that you are a gunner, a patriot, and a true American.

When you clothe yourself with Ammo.com apparel, you come out the better for it in more ways than one. You’ll look great, to be sure, but because we also donate a portion of our proceeds to great philanthropic organizations such as Soldiers' Angels, the Second Amendment Foundation, Homes For Our Troops, and the Armed Citizens' Educational Foundation, your 2nd Amendment apparel purchase is going to make America even greater as well. So have a look at the libertarian clothing and other apparel that we have to offer, and take pride when you wear the Ammo.com colors!

Brian Miller
Written by
Brian Miller

Customer Reviews

  • Mark said:

    Very comfortable shirt to wear and true to size. Plus you can stand for one of our founding fathers as the world continues to fall apart.

  • Coble said:

    I can’t speak to how the shirt holds up after being laundered 100 times, but I’ll know before the year is out because I love this damn thing.