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  1. Thomas Jefferson "Eternal Vigilance" Black T-Shirt

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    • Article type: T-Shirt
    • Color: Black

    Thomas Jefferson was far more than the Founding Father who penned the Declaration of Independence. As POTUS he doubled the size of our country, and it only cost a cool $15 million because the guy who let it go really needed the cash. (In retrospect Napoleon would have been much better off had he simply relocated France to west of the Mississippi.) Jefferson sent the Navy to fight the Ottoman corsairs, a notorious band of slavers who terrorized European seaside villages. He was a connoisseur of wine before being so was trendy, grew his own opium poppies, had a pet mockingbird named Dick, and helped to make ice cream popular in America. He was a renaissance man, and one we’re all dearly indebted to. If you’re ever near Monticello please pop by and pay President Jefferson his due respect.

    Want to pay tribute to an American hero without making the pilgrimage to Virginia? Then you’ll like this black T-shirt that we had made. On its front, the fellow himself; on its back, one of his most inspiring quotes: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Now, whatever you believe constitutes vigilance falls solely within the purview of what you consider the virtue to entail. That may include education, self-reliance, readiness, and stocking up on the fine ammunition we offer for sale on Ammo.com. But even the nambiest of the pamby would have to agree that a man only deserves to be free if he would fight to stay that way.

    Sizes Available: M - XXL

    Design: "Eternal Vigilance"

    Manufacturer: Ammo.com

    Article type: T-Shirt

    Color: Black

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