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480 Ruger Ammo

The .480 Ruger was introduced in 2003 by Ruger Firearms and Hornady. The .480 Ruger is one of the most controllable large bore handgun calibers in production. It outperforms the .44 Magnum, but not the .454 Casull in power. However, it is still a great hunting cartridge.

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History of .480 Ruger Ammuniton

The .480 Ruger is a unique big bore revolver. It has less muzzle blast and recoil than smaller and lighter cartridges, but still launches a 325 grain bullet in excess of 1300 feet per second. This gives the bullet over 1300 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. One of the great features of this round is that at 100 yards it is moving at 1075 feet per second and still has 835 foot pounds of energy. This puts the performance of the cartridge just under the .454 Casull but above the .44 Magnum. This is achieved in a lighter recoiling package that can be had in a six shot pistol.

Introduced in 2003 by Ruger and Hornady, the .480 Ruger is actually a .475 inch diameter bullet that was named the .480 Ruger to distinguish it from the much higher pressured .475 Linebaugh. It must be noted that even though it does not quite achieve the impressive energy and velocity levels of the .475 Linebaugh, the .480 Ruger is considered to be much more manageable in the areas of recoil control and muzzle blast. This makes the .480 a more accessible caliber for those wanting more power than a .44 Magnum without the abuse that can be given by other cartridges.

The .480 Ruger is well suited to hunting medium to large sized game in North America. Hornady offers 325 and 400 grain XTP ammunition that will serve any hunter well. CCI offers 275 grain Gold Dot Hollow point ammo. Federal has Barnes Expander bullets in their Vital-Shok cartridges with a 275 grain bullet weight as well.

.480 Ruger may never be as popular as the .44 Magnum, .454 Casull or other big bore revolver calibers. But for those who are looking for a controllable but still effective handgun hunting caliber, the .480 Ruger is worth considering.

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