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Below is our selection of Hornady 20 gauge slugs for sale. To see our entire selection of 20 gauge shotgun shells, check out our 20 gauge ammo page. As one of the world’s top selling ammo companies, Hornady 20 gauge slugs are well known for accuracy, stopping power, and dependability. Learn More
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  1. Hornady 20 ga Ammo - 5 Rounds of 250 Grain Sabot Slug Ammunition


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    Bullet type Sabot Slug
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 1800 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 1798 ft lbs
    • 5 Rounds
    • $4.00 per round
    • Made by Hornady

History of Hornady 20 Gauge Ammo

Why Buy Hornady 20 Gauge Slugs?

Since 1949, Hornady Ammunition has been at the forefront of cartridge and bullet technology. Even today, Hornady Ammo holds true to J.W. Hornady’s standards on accuracy: 10 bullets in the same hole.

The 20 gauge shotgun shell is an often overlooked alternative to the venerable 12 gauge. With lower recoil, a 20 gauge shotgun will allow for faster follow up shots and is a great option for acclimatizing youth or recoil sensitive shooters to shotguns.

Hornady 20 gauge ammo is limited to two varieties, but both are amazing options for your favorite 20 gauge shotgun.

The Hornady SST 20 gauge combines the company’s iconic SST rifle bullet with the power of a 20 gauge sabot shotgun round. Firing a massive 250 grain SST slug, the Hornady SST 20 gauge slug really does a number on whitetail and any other medium sized game you take aim at. With the patented Super Shock Tip, the Hornady SST 20 gauge slug initiates expansion immediately upon impacting soft tissue. This creates a wicked wound channel that will put down a whitetail with a single well placed shot. As these are sabot slugs, they are for rifled barrels only.

The second Hornady 20 gauge offering is the 250 grain FTX slug. Similar to the SST, the FTX line of ammunition uses a flex-tip design that was initially designed for lever action rifles. The FTX Custom Lite brand of Hornady 20 gauge slugs offers a low recoil option for young or recoil sensitive shooters, but it still packs more than enough power to put down a deer. As these are sabot shotgun slugs, they are for use in rifled barrels only.

How Can You Save Money Buying Hornady 20 Gauge Ammo?

Here at Ammo.com we do everything we can to ensure that your cost per round is as low as possible to keep you out in the woods hunting instead of listening to all your buddies’ stories about the bucks the bagged. Hornady 20 gauge slugs are a great option for bulk 20 gauge shells, as the company does everything they can to keep costs as low as possible.

If you’re looking to save money, then bulk Hornady 20 gauge slugs are definitely the way to go. When you buy in bulk, the upfront cost might be higher but the cost per round is lower. This ensures that you always have enough ammo for hunting season as well as sighting in your favorite 20 gauge before you hit the tree stand.

Although there are only two varieties of Hornady 20 gauge ammo currently available, the Hornady SST 20 gauge slug is truly the only slug you’ll ever need as it gives you all the downrange accuracy and stopping power you need for hunting or self-defense.

Order your Hornady 20 gauge slugs right here at Ammo.com and get the lowest prices on the web on our vast selection of ammunition in stock and ready to ship discreetly to your door. Get your ammo stockpiles in order for hunting season, your next weekend range session, or any SHTF situation so that your 20 gauge shotgun will never run dry.