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Below is our selection of Hornady 22-250 ammo in stock. To see our entire selection of 22-250 ammo, check out our 22-250 ammo page. As one of the world’s top sporting and self-defense ammo companies, Hornady 22 250 has the accuracy and stopping power for all your hunting and target shooting needs Learn More
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  1. Hornady Superformance 22-250 Rem Ammo - 20 Rounds of 50 Grain V-MAX Ammunition


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    Bullet type V-MAX
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 4000 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 1776 ft lbs
    • 20 Rounds
    • $1.75 per round
    • Made by Hornady

History of Hornady 22-250 Rem Ammo

Hornady 22 250: Their Story

Discerning varmint hunters reach for the highest quality ammo, and that is Hornady 22 250. With their Hornady Superformance 22 250 line, small game hunters enjoy the utmost levels of accuracy, precision, and consistency in their Hornady 22-250 ammo.

Founded in 1949 after World War II, Joyce Hornady had a vision to create consistent, precise bullets for the highest levels of accuracy that handloaders demanded. And Hornady Ammunition has followed through on that vision when they created their Hornady 22 250 Varmint Express and Hornady Superformance 22 250 ammo offerings.

Varmint Express Hornady 22-250 ammo is built to be a hard-hitting varmint round that cuts zero corners in terms of quality. Topped with their ubiquitous V-MAX bullet, Hornady 22 250 Varmint Express is loaded with factory new brass and the finest, hand selected primers and propellant for the given bullet weight.

Each Hornady V MAX 22 250 Varmint Express cartridge is loaded to ensure optimal velocity, accuracy, and pressure, to ensure the absolute lot-to-lot consistency you come to expect from Hornady 22-250 ammo. Hornady 22 250 Varmint Express is available in 50 and 55 grain V-MAX bullets for varmints under 50 lbs. No groundhog is safe from Hornady 22 50 Varmint express!

But if you need the pinnacle of accuracy and precision, then Hornady Superformance 22 250 ammo is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Hornady Superformance 22 250 ammo will increase your muzzle velocity from 100 to 200 fps from every rifle. This not only increases the range of the 22-250 Hornady round, but it also makes your trajectory flatter and increases your accuracy.

Hornady Superformance 22 250 ammo is loaded with the company’s groundbreaking polymer tipped V-MAX bullets that provide explosive fragmentation upon contact with unsuspecting varmints. Developed for match grade accuracy, Superformance Hornady V MAX 22 250 ammo delivers the long range accuracy you need to take on prairie dogs and coyotes and distances well over 200 yards.

The polymer tipped V-MAX bullets that ride atop all Hornady 22-250 ammo is specifically designed with varmint control in mind. With their thin jacket and polymer tip, Hornady 22 250 Superformance ammo will make short work of any varmint in your sights. All Hornady V MAX 22 250 ammo is designed to have explosive fragmentation upon impact. The tip of the bullet is pushed back into the jacked causing rapid expansion on all Hornady 22 250 ammo. This in turn, makes the V-MAX bullet the cornerstone of all Hornady 22 250 loads as it provides extremely consistent results even at low velocities.

Here at Ammo.com, we strive to bring you all the Hornady 22-250 ammo your varmint hunting needs require. We ship fast and discretely to your door in an unmarked package, so your neighbors will have no idea that you’re prepare to slay an entire prairie dog colony with your bulk Hornady 22-250 ammo.

And when you buy your Hornady 22 250 from us, you support not only your right to bear arms, but those of future generations. With every purchase of Hornady 22-250 ammo, we donate 1% of your order to a pro-2A charity of your choice at zero cost to you. Support your 2A rights and keep your ammo storage full of Hornady 22 250 when you shop at Ammo.com!