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Below is our selection of Remington 357 Magnum ammo for sale. To see our entire selection of 357 Magnum ammo, check out our 357 Mag ammo page. As one of the world’s top selling ammo companies, Remington 357 ammo is well known for reliability, stopping power, and accuracy. Learn More
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  1. Remington HTP 357 Magnum Ammo - 20 Rounds of 125 Grain SJHP Ammunition


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    Bullet type 125 Grain
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 1450 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 584 ft lbs
    • 20 Rounds
    • $1.89 per round
    • Made by Remington

History of Remington 357 Magnum Ammo

Why Buy Remington 357 Magnum Ammo?

Since 1871, Remington Arms has been an industry leader when it comes to ammunition and firearms technology. The 357 Magnum is the gold-standard when it comes to revolver defensive carry ammo. Developed by Elmer Keith, Remington 357 Magnum ammo is loaded just the way he would like it: powerful, reliable, and with oodles of stopping power.

When it comes to the classic, you simply cannot beat 125 grain 357 Magnum ammo. This is considered by many as the ideal self-defense and hunting load when combined with a jacketed hollow point bullet. Without question, the best self-defense round available for Remington.357 mag is their High Terminal Performance (HTP) line of ammo. Loaded with a 125 grain semi-jacketed hollow point, the Remington 357 HTP ammo delivers the power you need when your life is on the line.

One thing that some people forget about revolvers is how accurate they can be. This was not forgotten by Remington when they introduced their Performance WheelGun ammo available with a 158 gr semi-wadcutter bullet. This line of Remington 357 Magnum ammo is awesome for plinking around at the range or your next USPSA match as it is extremely accurate, has low recoil for a 357 Mag, and available at a price point everyone can afford.

Another aspect of Remington 357 ammo that some people overlook is how effective it is against deer. A lever action rifle chambered in 357 Magnum will be a low recoiling, venison-slaying machine. You’re your favorite hunting revolver or lever action rifle and load it with Remington 357 125 grain soft point ammo from UMC to ensure you have the terminal ballistics and expansion needed to take down a whitetail deer in a single shot.

How to Save Money Buying Remington 357 Ammo?

Here at we do everything we can to ensure that your cost per round is as low as possible to keep you shooting live ammo at the range instead of playing Battlefield 2042 on your PlayStation. One option to consider is buying bulk 357 Magnum ammo to keep your overall cost per round as low as possible. Remington 357 Magnum ammo makes a great choice for this as it is the perfect marriage of terminal performance and affordability.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the supply chain is extremely fragile. While most people were sitting at home cleaning their cylinders and dryfiring, those shooters who bought bulk 357 Mag ammo were at the range keeping their marksmanship skills sharp and on point. We have tons of Remington 357 ammo in stock and ready to ship directly to your door in an unmarked, discreet package.

You see, we believe that your anti-2A neighbors have no business knowing you’re locked and loaded with the best Remington.357 ammo on the market. This is why we always ensure your ammo is shipped as inconspicuously as possible, to keep your business private and your Remington 357 ammo stockpiles full.

While your buddies are busying trying to level up on their favorite FPS, you’ll be out at the range leveling up your marksmanship skills so that you can tackle any self-defense situation with calm, accurate, and deadly follow up shots from your favorite CCW revolver.