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Below is our selection of Remington 270 ammo for sale. To see our entire selection of 270 Winchester ammo, check out our 270 Win ammo page. As one of the world’s top-selling ammo companies, Remington 270 ammo is well known for reliability, stopping power, and accuracy. Learn More
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  1. Remington 270 Win Ammo - 20 Rounds of 100 Grain PSP Ammunition


    95 In stock now

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    Bullet type PSP
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 2710 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 1875 ft lbs
  2. Remington Hypersonic Bonded 270 Win Ammo - 20 Rounds of 140 Grain PSP Ammunition


    104 In stock now

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    Bullet type CLP-SP
    Primer Type Boxer
    Casing Type Brass
    Condition New
    Muzzle Velocity 2975 FPS
    Muzzle Energy 2751 ft lbs
    • 20 Rounds
    • $1.80 per round
    • Made by Remington

History of Remington 270 Ammo

Why Buy Remington .270 Ammunition?

Since 1871, Remington Arms has been an industry leader when it comes to ammunition and firearms technology. The 270 Winchester has established itself as a top tier deer hunting cartridge as well as a big game caliber that has seen use on African game up to Kudu. Although many hunters might not consider Remington 270 ammo as their first choice, there’s no reason to disregard the classic green box when it comes to your next hunt.

For whitetail deer, you simply cannot beat the many varieties of Remington 270 ammo 130 grain bullet options. From their classic Core-Lokt to Premier Scoroco, there’s no deer that can stand up to Remington 270 130 grain factory loads. The 130 grain option is great for medium to small sized game animals. Most frequently used on deer, the 130 grain bullet combines impressive muzzle velocities with deep penetration to ensure a clean kill on that trophy buck that wandered in front of your deer stand.

But if you want to take down something a bit bigger, you should give the Remington 270 ammo 150 grain options a look. Typically offered in their classic Core-Lokt soft point bullets, these rounds work well for larger game like elk, Kudu, and even black bears.

Although it may not be the best at long range shooting, the 270 Remington bullets used for Core-Lokt ammo have impressive terminal ballistics and expansion to make sure you put down whatever you’re aiming at.

For varmints like coyotes or woodchucks, the Remington 270 ammo loaded with lighter 100 grain bullets are the way to go. These lightweight projectiles make for an incredibly flat shooting cartridge that is devastating against small game, predators, and varmints alike.

How to Save Money Buying Remington 270 Ammo?

If you’re looking for the lowest Remington 270 Win price, then you’ve come to the right place as we always do everything we can to keep our prices low. One option to consider is buying bulk ammo to keep your overall cost per round as low as possible.

If buying in bulk is not the best option for you, then it’s a good thing that Remington .270 ammunition is some of the least expensive ammo on the market. Remington does an excellent job of marrying a low-cost round with an incredibly effective projectile. The result is a hunting cartridge that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Here at, we do everything we can to ensure you are always loaded with the best premium ammo you can afford each hunting season. Make sure to take a look at all the different varieties of 270 ammo Remington has to offer so that you pick the right bullet for the right game animal.

Listen, we understand that in these uncertain times it is hard to know who is pro-2A and who isn’t. Therefore, no matter which Remington 270 ammo you choose, we will make sure that your order is shipped quickly and discreetly to your door in an unmarked package. This means you’ll get your ammo and none of your nosey neighbors will be aware of your massive stockpile of 270 Remington ammo that was just delivered to your door.

Make sure you stock up on all the different Remington .270 ammunition we have in stock here at and you’ll be ready for many hunting seasons yet to come.