000 Buck Explained

000 buck shot has one of the largest diameter pellet sizes found on the market today.  It has applications in both hunting and personal defense.  You’ll typically have 8 pellets with a diameter of .36 inches in a 000 buck round depending on the shell size and manufacturer.  The size difference between the 00 Buck and the 000 Buck is about 0.03 inches but the weight of an individual pellet can be as much as 30% more with the 000 Buck.this results in more energy per pellet and deeper penetration.

Home Defense Use

The 000 buck excels in this area. You almost can’t compare it to anything but the largest buck shots because it’s just devastating to anything you hit with it with an effective range of about 35 yards. The key advantage to the large buckshot is increased pellet size and weight when compared to the000 Buckshot in .410 Shell more popular #4 Buck. The penetration you get with 000 buck is difficult to visualize without testing it out so it’s very advisable to set up some targets at a range with similar materials to those in your home.  If this is not feasible there are websites that can give you a basic idea of the potential of this shot.

With the recent increase in the popularity of the .410 bore as a defensive cartridge, several manufacturers are promoting their ammunition loaded with 000 buck.  This is becoming a popular choice among owners of pistols like the Taurus Judge and other .410 bore handguns.

As with any home defense firearm or ammunition, it is vital that you are aware of the capabilities and limitations of the particular equipment you have chosen.  New shooters may have the impression that firing a shotgun fills an entire room with a deadly spray of pellets but experienced shooters know that’s not the case at all. Shotguns must be aimed at the target, and at home defense distances, the "spray" effect of a shotgun really doesn't come into play.  It is important to know how your shotgun patterns.

Hunting Use

Most hunters will tell you that 000 buck is a bit of overkill but there are some great exceptions. If you live in Idaho or Montana for instance, the deer, moose, bears and mountain lions are humongous compared to the small game deer in the South. 000 buck will be harder to hit something with over 40 yards but if you’ve patterned your shotgun and know exactly how it performs at the distances you will hunt, it should do just fine.  You have less pellets overall but the power more than makes up for that when hunting single, large prey.