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Grizzly Ammo Review: No Reason to Be Bearish About This Ammo

Grizzly Ammo Review

In the ammunition industry, Grizzly Cartridge Company has garnered attention and piqued the interest of firearms enthusiasts. If you find yourself wondering whether Grizzly Ammo is right for you, you’re in the right place.

This all-encompassing Grizzly ammo review explores the pros and cons of Grizzly ammunition, discusses the available calibers, and explains the history and important information of the company.

By the final words, you'll have a better understanding of whether Grizzly Ammo is the right choice for your ammunition needs.

So grab your favorite Black Rifle Coffee Company beverage, and let's get started.

Is Grizzly a Good Brand For Ammo?

Yes, Grizzly is a good brand for ammo, but you're going to pay for the quality.

Grizzly ammunition has earned a reputation for its superior quality and reliability. Each round is meticulously crafted using premium components, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy.

The brand's commitment to precision and innovation has led to the development of ammunition that meets the demanding standards of both casual shooters and professionals alike.

Though it's not a major ammo manufacturer like Federal, Remington, or Winchester, one notable advantage of Grizzly ammunition is the wide range of calibers it offers, including both rifle and handgun ammunition. From popular choices like 9mm and .223 Remington to lesser-known calibers, Grizzly caters to the diverse needs of serious firearm owners.

This variety ensures that you will find the right ammunition for your specific firearm, whether it's a Glock for self-defense, an AR-15 for target shooting, or a bolt-action hunting rifle.

Grizzly ammunition incorporates innovative features aimed at optimizing accuracy, penetration, and terminal performance. By leveraging advanced design elements, Grizzly seeks to provide shooters with rifle and handgun ammo that delivers consistent results, regardless of the shooting scenario.

Pros and Cons

Let's take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of Grizzly's new production and remanufactured ammo to decide if their products match your shooting needs.


Grizzly Ammo logo
  • Grizzly ammunition is renowned for its consistent performance, shot after shot.
  • Grizzly uses high-quality components in its ammunition manufacturing process.
  • A diverse selection of calibers to cater to the needs of many shooters.
  • Grizzly is committed to innovation and constantly strives to improve its products.


  • Not as widely available as some other brands, often harder to find
  • Higher quality tends to mean higher price
  • Grizzly doesn't produce shotgun or rimfire ammunition

Built on a foundation of precision and quality, Grizzly Ammo consistently delivers impressive results in terms of accuracy, reliability, and terminal performance.

When it comes to accuracy, Grizzly ammunition excels. Each round is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring consistent bullet flight paths and tight groupings. Shooters can have confidence in knowing where their shots are going to hit, whether they’re shooting a handgun, carbine, or long-range precision rifle.

Grizzly ammunition has gained a positive reputation for how reliable their ammo is among shooters. The brand's commitment to using premium components and rigorous quality control processes results in rounds that function flawlessly in a wide range of firearms. This reliability translates into consistent cycling, feeding, and ejection, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions and ensuring a smooth shooting experience.

A discussion starter for Grizzly ammo is its terminal performance. Whether it's for self-defense or hunting applications, Grizzly bullets are designed to deliver the desired stopping power and penetration required for various shooting scenarios. The brand's innovative design elements, such as bullet construction, engineered jacketed hollow points (JHP), and flat-nose gas-checked rounds, contribute to the controlled expansion and reliable energy transfer upon impact.

Additionally, Grizzly ammunition is known for its consistency in muzzle velocity (fps) and muzzle energy (ft/lbs). This consistency allows shooters to make accurate adjustments when it comes to ballistics, making it easier to calculate bullet drop and engage targets at varying distances without the need to consult a gunsmithing expert.

The predictability of Grizzly Ammo's performance gives shooters the confidence to make precise shots, whether they are competing in shooting competitions or relying on their ammunition for personal protection in a life-or-death situation.

However, Grizzly ammo isn't for everyone. Since it's not cheap ammo, and it's often hard to find at your local sportsman's warehouse, new shooters, those looking to buy large amounts of plinking ammo, and rimfire and shotgun shooters won't find what they're looking for in Grizzly Ammunition.

Which Calibers Are Available?

Grizzly Ammo produces a variety of centerfire calibers, according to Grizzlycartridge.com. However, you won't find rimfire or shotshells on the list below.

Grizzly Ammo History and Important Information

Started in 2003 by Mike Rintoul, Grizzly Cartridge has a rich history and a commitment to producing high-quality ammunition for discerning shooters. The company was founded on the idea that the entire ammo production process would take place under Rintoul’s watchful eye, personally inspecting each step of the way.

Grizzly casts their own bullets via the Cast Performance Bullet Company. And for those interested in reloading, you can buy those bullets yourself to use in your own ammo construction.

Grizzly is also dedicated to continuously improving its products and has gained a reputation for crafting ammunition that performs consistently in a range of shooting scenarios.

With a focus on meeting the demands of both casual shooters and professionals, Grizzly offers a diverse lineup of ammunition. Their range spans from self-defense rounds and hunting cartridges to target shooting ammo, providing options for different applications, preferences, and calibers.

Where Is Grizzly Ammo Made?

US flag

Grizzly ammo is made in the United States, but more specifically, Rainier, Oregon.

By producing their ammunition in the USA, Grizzly ensures that each round meets its specifications and delivers the performance and reliability shooters have come to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I've taken the liberty to round up common questions regarding Grizzly Ammo.

What is the difference between Grizzly ammo and other ammo?

The difference between Grizzly Ammo and other ammo is Grizzly's dedication to quality control, innovative design, and commitment to performance. Grizzly ammunition offers consistent accuracy, penetration, and terminal performance, setting it apart from other brands.

Parting Shots: Grizzly Ammo Review

Now that you've finished our Grizzly Ammo Review, you know how much Grizzly handgun and rifle ammunition has to offer to firearms enthusiasts like yourself.

With its focus on quality, a wide range of centerfire calibers, and commitment to innovation, Grizzly is a brand that should be considered for your ammunition needs.

While availability and pricing may be factors to consider, the overall performance and reliability of Grizzly ammo make it an excellent choice for serious shooters who are looking for consistent and accurate performance.

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