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Designed as an improvement to the .270 Winchester, the .270 Winchester Short Magnum far outshines its muse. Known for its consistency and performance, this cartridge is great for hunting medium-sized North American game such as deer and elk. Learn More

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History of 270 Win Short Magnum Ammo

In 2002, Winchester developed their .270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) to improve the performance of the iconic .270 Winchester. They created the cartridge by necking down the case of a .300 Winchester Short Magnum to accept a 0.277-inch bullet. The performance increases that resulted far outshine the .270 Winchester, and in certain configurations, will even match the performance of the .270 Weatherby Magnum.

A few major manufacturers sell a variety of excellent factory loads for the .270 WSM. Winchester sells the cartridge with bullets weighing between 130 and 150 grains that have proven effective for harvesting animals like deer and elk. Several specialty bullets come loaded from the factory including Nosler Partition, Accubond, and Barnes TSX – just to mention a few of the choices. Muzzle velocities for the .270 WSM peak at nearly 3,300 feet per second for the 130 grain bullet, and maintain a respectable 3,100 feet per second for the 150 grain bullet.

The .270 WSM delivers the accuracy required to be a reputable hunting cartridge. Three-shot groups commonly spread less than one inch at 100 yards. This is largely due to the shorter, fatter case design that allows for a more even powder burn, which makes for greater consistency from shot to shot. An additional benefit of uniform powder burn is the requirement for less powder to achieve desired velocities. This cartridge, with less powder burning more efficiently, generates less recoil than similar cartridges.

One more great benefit of the .270 WSM is that rifles chambered for this cartridge use a short action, like the Winchester Model 70 and the Browning BAR. The rifle, as a result, is lighter and quicker to operate – a nice plus for hunters of smaller stature. Hunters also like that the cartridge works well in barrels of 23- and 24-inch lengths. Combining a short action with a short barrel and lighter stock, made possible due to reduced recoil, the .270 Winchester Short Magnum is a very appealing cartridge.

270 Win Short Magnum Ballistics: Chart of Average 270 Win Short Magnum Ballistics

Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only. The actual ballistics obtained with your firearm can vary considerably from the advertised ballistics. Also, ballistics can vary from lot to lot with the same brand and type load.

270 Win Short Magnum Bullet WEIGHT Muzzle VELOCITY (fps) Muzzle ENERGY (ft. lbs.) TRAJECTORY (in.)
  Muzzle 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds. Muzzle 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds. 100 yds. 200 yds. 300 yds. 400 yds.
130 Grain 3275 3041 2820 2609 2408 3096 2669 2295 1564 1673 1.1 0 -5.5 -16.1
140 Grain 3125 2865 2619 2386 2165 3035 2559 2132 1769 1457 1.4 0 -6.5 -19
150 Grain 3000 2795 2599 2412 2232 2997 2601 2250 1937 1659 1.5 0 -6.6 -19.2
150 Grain 3120 2923 2734 2554 2380 3242 2845 2490 2172 1886 1.3 0 -5.9 -17.2
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