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Below is all of our Federal 5.56 ammo in stock. To see more 5.56×45mm NATO options, check out our 5.56x45mm ammo page. Federal 5.56 ammo is produced with the finest components for a clean and consistent powder burn with minimal residue for you to clean after a long session at the range. Learn More

History of Federal 5.56 Ammo

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Federal 5.56 ammo is where you should look when you demand quality, consistency, and high levels of accuracy. Having been in business for over 100 years and consistently ranked as the #1 ammo producing company in the United States, Federal 5.56 is a step above the rest when it comes to putting rounds on target.

When you need to make sure your AR-15 is properly fed, there are two ammo brands that consistently rank highly among shooters: American Eagle 5.56 and Federal XM193.

Federal XM193 is a clone of the US Military M193 round was a mainstay in the Vietnam War.

If budgetary constraints are keeping you down, then Federal American Eagle 5.56 is a great alternative at an overall lower price point.

American Eagle 5.56 lets you shoot the high-pressure ammo that your AR-15 craves while giving you the performance you expect from Federal 5.56.

Federal 5.56 ammo comes in full metal jacket (FMJ) just like the military uses. Federal 5.56 bulk ammo is also available to make sure that you keep your shooting costs as low as possible.

Some shooters worry about ordering Federal 55 grain 5.56 bulk ammo, thinking that someone might notice their package. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as we ensure your Federal 5.56 is shipped in a discrete, unmarked package as to not arise suspicion.

No longer will your nosy neighbors have any idea that you are stocked to the gills with Federal 5.56 ammo. Furthermore, you’ll always be ready for any situation with your 1000-round bulk pack of American Eagle 5.56 or Federal XM193.

As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and shooting sports, Federal American Eagle 5.56 makes an awesome gift for any AR-15 lover or 2A supporter in your immediate or extended family. Give the gift of plinking this spring season and make sure your family shooter is locked and loaded with American Eagle 5.56 of Federal XM193.

Federal 5.56 ammo is produced with the finest components for a clean and consistent powder burn with minimal residue for you to clean after a long session at the range. Make sure you stock up on our wide variety of Federal 5.56 and flex your 2A rights every chance you get!

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Chris Dwulet

Customer Reviews

  • Joe said:

    I am very pleased with their service, quick delivery and product. I have not experienced any issue with their product at the range. I highly recommend this website for all the above mentioned reasons.

  • A65impalla said:

    I was glad to find that Ammo.com had plenty of stock of this ammo. I searched the net of a lot of places, their prices are very competitive.

  • twolazy said:

    I have not shot any of this batch or the batch prior, I haven’t even opened the boxes. I’m in high hopes I never have to open these boxes. I’ve used Federal 5.56 before and it is good stuff. Price is stiff, not as stiff as some I’ve seen. But then everything gun related is more expensive, isn’t it. Get it while the getting is good.

  • Doc said:

    I guess a shortage in the ammo supply has driven the price up, as I found your ammo to be a bit more expensive than I had anticipated.. Regardless, the delivery time was exceptional & the ammo itself came in good condition and preformed well.

  • Tommy said:

    I have already recommended it, that being said, it is a bit pricey. But considering that there is such a shortage, I was happy to have it. I get a small disability check once a month, so, I'll have to save more money.

  • CJ said:

    The order was handled quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Ammo.com to anyone who has stood in line trying to find ammo.

  • Adam said:

    Good, Clean, ammo....pricey but what can ya do....fast delivery too I cant even find a die set to reload let alone the bullets or primers so this ammo will do untill times are better....if ever

  • deaves1 said:

    5 stars

  • Don said:

    Nice to know where to locate ammo after this BS of low production and high demand.

  • Joe-we-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy said:

    Ammo was well packed, but the tins came in a bit banged up. Ammo was clean in good shape but stripper clips showed moisture damage with minor rust making it hard to load with the speed loader. The cost was deffently high and go figure right after I ordered I found 1000rnds of loose pack 62gr lake city for the same price as one tin of 420rnds, but finding 556 ammo these days is deffently a gamble of finding it and its price! Hopefully all this Bull will be over soon!

  • mrob6868 said:

    Good and clean, but a little pricey.

  • nikpac said:

    good clean ammo and a great overall value

  • trooper said:

    This ammo package is over twice as expensive as it should be. If you don't reload your own .223 just go with Wolf...

  • jj said:

    a good qalityt shell cida

  • Gilbert said:


  • Gilbert said:

    good clean ammo sum what pricey but good over all

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  • gokart04 said:

    Finally got to shoot some of this the other day. Worked well and shot consistant/accurate. No feeding or fire failures out of about 100 rounds in my BCM AR-15. I feel the price is a bit too high at this time.

  • J.W. said:

    These were the first rounds shot through my ar. I have no complaints, it cycles fine even through rapid firing. I would definitely buy these again.

  • H.D. said:

    Works great, cycles fine, glad I found your sight.

  • Pat said:

    This is excellent ammo. Velocity is up there, at least in my 20" barrel DTI ar 15. Kinda lucky to buy this cheap ammo and get it to shoot the way this stuff did. I love being able to buy metal cases as well as brass cases. The metal are non-reloadable and it's nice to just shoot these and not worry about looking after shooting. I worry about the future of buying ammo over the 'net in the future. Here in Illinois our great governor Quinn moves on every front to close the avenues to get ammo. Good Shooting to All

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  • murdock said:

    62 grain shoots just fine. no jams. but that old vietnam ak will fire, even when dropped in mud, and water. thanks Im just glad you had the ammo, and the price was right.

  • Mikey A said:

    As usual very prompt customer service and worry free shipping, love these guys & gals @ ammo.com. Well I am no expert about ammo, but I will say that this ammo was performing better than some more expensive products. fresh and snappy, good penetration and groupings 2"-3" @ 200-300 yds, mini-14 1-9 twist , similar to SS109 m855 but heavier Gr.

  • Russell B said:

    I ordered 2000 rounds and two ammo boxes the 50 caliber larger ones. The ammo boxes were brand new as promised and no signs of rust, sand etc. simply new. The 1000 rounds of 556 filled it almost to the rim. We pleased and will be back.

  • Shooter McGee said:

    I searched many places for this product. You had the best price around, and the product arrived on schedule. Thanks for your great product and service.

  • Chris said:

    Not only is the price fantastic, but my shipment arrived in pristine condition. I was a new customer, and didn't know what to expect. I had a very bad experience buying ammunition on line from another place that claims to be 'cheaper than...ahem.. anything'. My experience with Ammo.com could not have been better. The trusted brand and quality of my order goes without saying. But the handling, packaging, and service from the people at Ammo.com was phenomenal, even surprising given the world we live in where poor service is pretty much expected. I will not shop anywhere else. Ammo.com is my go to supplier.

  • Tim said:

    Good price for ammo, not shinny but who cares its ment to shoot not to look at

  • Bobber1123 said:

    Love the stripper clips. I think it took just 2 days to arrive. The price was excellent.

  • Ron said:

    First time I used you guys and I'm impressed. Great prices,fast service. Keep up the good work.

  • Bear Patrol said:

    Ammo comes in 5 plastic mini ammo boxes that look really neat! I wish the carry handles were real but they’re still worth holding onto for future use. So far I’ve put about 360 of these through my Windham HBC with no issues. As for accuracy I’ve only fired at targets from 100 yards or less from a standing position, so I’m not sure how they do at longer ranges but they always hit where I aim at those distances. The only downside for me so far is that I have to use paper targets or improvised targets (milk jugs, cans, etc.) Because these were leaving some SERIOUS dents in my 1/2 inch thick ar500 steel target. Overall I’d definitely recommend these to someone looking for decent 5.56 ammo at a good price.