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Best Ammo for Taurus G3c: The Ammo That Feeds Your Needs

Best Ammo for Taurus G3c

It’s no secret that some guns are picky when it comes to ammo. Although it’s an effective carry gun, the Taurus G3c tends to be a bit pickier about ammo than other firearms. This is mostly attributed to narrow feed ramps that can potentially cause a jam. And some ammunition makes the issue worse.

To help you sort through what ammo works and what doesn’t in regards to the Taurus G3c, I’ve compiled a list of the best ammo tailored specifically to that piece.

When choosing the ammunition in our list below, I considered price, versatility, and grain weights (since it’s a sub-compact) and landed on the Fiocchi Dynamic Defense 124-Grain JHP as the best overall ammo for this Taurus handgun. You can order that HERE. Or, keep reading below to discover all our favorite cartridges for the Taurus G3c.

Top Best Ammo for Taurus G3c

Best Overall - Fiocchi Defense Dynamics 124-Grain JHP


  • Casing: Brass
  • Bullet Type: JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
  • Bullet Weight: 124 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,100 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 333 ft. lbs.


  • Accessible
  • High-quality
  • Great for personal defense
  • Affordable enough to use at the range
  • Feeds well


  • May still require thorough cleanings after leaving the range.

Why We Chose It

Fiocchi Dynamic Defense 124-Grain JHP is the best overall cartridge for the Taurus G3c. Fiocchi manufactures high-quality ammunition, and the jacketed hollow points are versatile enough for the range and personal defense, which adds a little more value to every box.

Fiocchi is one of my go-to manufacturers because it checks all the boxes. This is an inexpensive option that performs well in sub-compact firearms. The company uses clean-burning powders, and the ammo feeds well despite the G3c’s notorious feed ramp issues. Of course, if you do run into feed issues, a good cleaning should resolve it.

Although Fiocchi Dynamic Defense is a hollow-point bullet, it does have a bi-metal alloy jacket and brass case, which also helps to overcome the G3c’s feed issues. The jacketed projectile expands quickly on impact, creating deep wound channels, and it still gives you enough penetration to knock down threats.

Accuracy isn’t an issue, either. Fiocchi’s Dynamic Defense is pretty accurate within 25 yards, and the 124-grain JHP isn’t nearly as snappy as 115-grain variations. I trust Fiocchi to cycle and perform, the fact that it’s inexpensive is a bonus. Of course, like any ammunition, it can leave residue, so regularly cleaning your firearm is still essential to its performance.

Best Self-Defense Ammo for Taurus G3C - Federal Law Enforcement HST 9mm +P


  • Casing: Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Bullet Type: JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
  • Bullet Weight: 124 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,200 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 396 ft. lbs.


  • Excellent terminal performance
  • High-quality
  • Trusted personal defense ammunition
  • Has more case pressure than standard 9mm rounds


  • It’s pricier than other self-defense ammunition.
  • Higher felt recoil

Why We Chose It

Federal Law Enforcement HST 9mm +P is my top pick for self-defense ammo in the Taurus G3c. It’s hard-hitting, reliable, and feeds well. I’ve never experienced any jams or malfunctions with the Federal HST, and it’s some of the best defense ammo on the market right now.

Federal HST +Ps have more pressure than standard 9mm defense ammunition. For those unfamiliar, this gives us more energy at the barrel, and more energy (knock-down power) at the target. Unlike regular HSTs with 364 ft-lbs muzzle energy, these have 396 ft-lbs. Also, they’re faster at 1,200 fps.

Whereas Fiocchi is an inexpensive range and defense cartridge, Federal HSTs are engineered as personal-defense ammunition. They’re a bit pricier than my overall pick, but they also pack a lot more punch and are affordable enough to keep in your concealed carry mags.

Federal designed these cartridges with skives (grooves cut into the jacket) to force expansion, even in less than optimal situations with barriers like clothing.

The HSTs are accurate and reliable. These bullets do have nickel-plated brass cases, which further help with feeding, and the weight retention is phenomenal. Overall, if you’re going to trust one bullet with your life, this is it.

Honorable Mention

Hornady Critical Defense Lite FTX is another great self-defense round for your sub-compact Taurus. Similar to the HST above, these cartridges are designed to force expansion, and they feed really well.

These bullets have an FTX tip that forces expansion, but it isn’t a +P load like the HST. For some, this may be a benefit because less case pressure also means less felt recoil. If you’re a novice shooter, or you don’t get a lot of range time, Hornady Critical Defense Lite is a great option.

Honorable Mention

Speer Gold Dot 124-grain JHP is a bit cheaper than the first two self-defense options I’ve mentioned, but it still performs really well. Although it doesn’t have the bells and whistles like skives and polymer tips, it feeds well and shoots straight.

Speer Gold Dot is a fan-favorite self-defense cartridge for a reason. It has reliable expansion and feeds well in compact firearms like the Taurus G3c.

Best Range Ammo - Speer Lawman 147-Grain TMJ


  • Casing: Brass
  • Bullet Type: TMJ
  • Bullet Weight: 147 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 985 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 317 ft. lbs.


  • Perfect for indoor ranges
  • Reduces lead exposure
  • Reputable Speer ammo
  • High-quality
  • Reloadable


  • A little pricier than FMJ rounds

Why We Chose It

Speer Lawman 147-Grain TMJ is some of the best range ammo you’ll find, and it performs well in more compact handguns like Taurus. These bullets are easily some of the best there are for target practice and qualifications. Speer Lawman doesn’t jam, malfunction, or fail to fire. It ejects well, and it’s clean.

In fact, the entire point of the TMJ is target practice and qualifications. The total metal jacket fully encases the lead core and reduces lead exposure risk. This cartridge is especially important when you’re shooting indoors. While there are other grain weights, I prefer the 147-grain for long range days because they’re subsonic and, therefore, don’t have the loud crack of faster options, but if you want something snappier, you can get Speer Lawman 124-grain TMJs.

Speer uses clean-burning powders and non-corrosive Boxer primers, so that helps reduce jams in the G3c. They’re also reloadable, and if you have the know-how, they’re an excellent long-term investment.

These bullets aren’t great for self defense because they don’t expand. However, they’re affordable and reliable cartridges that are great for target practice, plinking, and law enforcement qualifications.

Honorable Mention 

Federal American Eagle 147-Grain FMJ is another target ammo I use often, and it’s equally reliable to the Lawman. This cartridge is an FMJ; it feeds well, and it’s reliable. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Lawman.

However, it doesn’t have the one-piece metal jacket and has exposed lead on the bottom of the projectile. Lead exposure isn’t too much of a concern for me, but it’s worth mentioning because some indoor ranges require TMJs for practice. Outside of that, the American Eagle is a timeless classic that’s never let me down, even in subcompact pistols with notorious feeding issues.

Honorable Mention

Winchester Target & Practice 115-Grain FMJ is a great training option if you’re looking for something snappier with a higher muzzle velocity. I like the faster options for training because they get people more comfortable with realigning their sights to the target. Of course, you’ll also get a little more range out of faster bullets.

Winchester uses high-quality components so there’s less barrel fouling, which is great for the Taurus G3c’s narrow feed ramp because it won’t get as dirty. However, it’s still a good idea to clean your G3c, regardless.

Best Subsonic - Hornady Subsonic 147-Grain JHP XTP


  • Casing: Brass
  • Bullet Type: JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point)
  • Bullet Weight: 147 grains
  • Muzzle Velocity: 975 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 310 ft. lbs.


  • Designed to expand at subsonic speeds
  • Excellent self-defense ammunition
  • Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Exquisitely designed for performance


  • Some other subsonic rounds are cheaper

Why We Chose It

Hornady Subsonic 147-Grain JHP XTP are great subsonic rounds for self-defense and the range. Of course, they also feed well and shoot straight in the Taurus G3c. Whether you have a suppressor or you just want something a bit quieter, this is great ammo.

XTPs have an excellent ballistic coefficient (G1 0.212) and have an effective range out to about 50 yards in the sub-compact Taurus G3c. I like these because they’re designed to expand reliably at lower velocities, and they’re quieter than other self-defense and target ammunition.

Hornady really gave us everything we wanted at a price point that’s affordable with these subsonic rounds. You can effectively use them at the range, for varmints, and in your everyday carry gun (for defense).

Parting Shots

The Taurus G3c has its problems, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a great concealed carry firearm. Choosing handgun ammunition that feeds well and isn’t dirty is the difference between whether you love or hate this sub-compact 9mm.

The G3c also doesn’t like some hollow-points. Fortunately, Federal and Hornady’s personal-defense ammo seems to feed well in every Taurus G3c I’ve seen, so if yours is struggling to cycle your EDC ammo, try these cartridges.

If you want to view our full selection and try a few variations of 9mm ammo in your Taurus, click HERE.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Ammo for Taurus G3C

Taurus G3c

The Taurus G3c is an affordable, semi-automatic handgun that’s a decent EDC (every day carry). I like that it looks and feels like the law enforcement-only Smith & Wesson M&P Compact 2.0 9mm.

Whether you’re new to the Taurus G series or you’re just new to firearms in general, you’re looking for the best ammo for the gun. The Taurus G3c is a sub-compact, polymer, tenifer black, and low-cost striker gun, so it’s perfect for beginners and novice shooters, as well as those who want to carry something a bit more affordable.

If you aren’t sure how to choose the best ammo for the Taurus G3c, keep reading the following sections while I teach you what to look for in your next box of ammo.


A 9mm handgun is excellent for self-defense. It has more range than the .45 ACP and more energy than the .380 Auto. Overall, the G3c isn’t bad either (it’s notorious for feeding issues due to the narrow feed ramp, but the list above took that design into consideration).

The best self-defense ammunition has rapid expansion and cycles well. Unfortunately, the G3c has some issues with hollow-point bullets. So, we need cartridges with clean burning powders and quality metal jackets. Nickel-plated brass and brass cases chamber better, so you’re less likely to experience jams.

Fiocchi, Federal, and Hornady JHPs all feed well in the Taurus G3c. However, you may find that one works better for you than the others. I recommend buying a box of each to see which ones work better for you.


Training and target ammo is pretty basic. You don’t need all the bells and whistles of JHPs and +Ps. We don’t need them to expand, we just need them to feed and fire, so you can get away with purchasing cheaper ammo.

However, not all FMJs are created equally and, therefore, can cause issues. For example, I was at the range last week and traded a guy my box of Winchester Target & Practice for his 124-grain Blazers because his Sig P320 wouldn’t cycle them.

While Blazer performs well in Glocks, Sig Sauer, Rugers, etc., they simply did not like that particular gun on that day. So, your best bet is to buy a box of high-quality FMJs and try them out before investing in bulk. Of course, you will also see a higher ROI if you’re reloading your training ammunition. Look for brass or nickel-plated cases and Boxer primers, if that’s something you’d like to do.

Suppressed Shooting

Taurus G3c

Suppressed shooting is appealing because it’s quieter and, in the cases of home defense and hunting, you won’t spook wildlife or your neighbors (as much). However, choosing the best low-velocity ammunition for your firearms isn’t always straightforward.

Subsonic ammo is specifically designed to travel below the speed of sound (1,128 fps). But it’s important to choose ammunition that performs well at lower velocities. For example, if you want to shoot lower-velocity rounds at the range, most FMJs will serve you well. On the other hand, if you want suppressed hunting or self-defense ammunition, the design is important.

Some projectiles will have expansion issues at low velocity speeds. Hornady, Federal, and a few other companies engineer bullets specifically to overcome expansion failure. If you want suppressed handgun ammo for self-defense or hunting, read the reviews and investigate the designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Taurus G3 and the Taurus G3c?

Both of these are semi-auto 9mm pistols. However, the G3c has a shorter barrel (3.2”) than the full size G3 (4”).

What does TORO stand for?

The Taurus G3c T.O.R.O. means Taurus Optics Ready Option, which just means it can natively accept red dot sights. It’s also easier to upgrade from standard front and rear sights.

Is the Taurus G3c a good carry gun?

Yes. If you have a CCW license (or live in a state that doesn’t require one), the G3c is a great personal defense handgun. Even first-time carriers can easily conceal and operate the G3c.

What’s the difference between the G3c and the Taurus G2c?

Both semi-auto 9mm pistols have a fair price point, but the G3c has serrated drift adjustable sights (the Taurus Gx4 has these as well), which some users believe the serrations make it easier to see the rear sights. The G3c also has reduced trigger pull weight, better ergonomics, and more comfortable grips.

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Now that you know how to choose the right ammo for this handgun, it’s time to go back to the top of our list and order a few boxes. Click HERE to go back to our list.

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