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Founded in 1916, Federal provided ammunition to the U.S. military for World War II and the Vietnam Conflict. Today, Federal's 1,000+ employees produce high-quality self defense and hunting ammunition entirely from their plant in Anoka, Minnesota. Learn More

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  1. Federal 9mm Ammo - 50 Rounds of 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition

    77 In stock now
    Image For 50 Rounds Of 115 Grain FMJ Boxer Brass 9mm Federal Ammunition
    $48.00 Price


    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Federal

    • Made by Federal
    • 50 Rounds
    • 96¢ Cost Per Round
    • 115 Grain
    • FMJ Bullet
    • American-made Discount Range
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Boxer
    • 1180 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 356 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • Federal SKU AE9DP
    • UPC 029465088224
  2. Federal Law Enforcement HST 9mm Ammo - 50 Rounds of 147 Grain JHP Ammunition

    57 In stock now
    Image For 50 Rounds Of 147 Grain JHP Boxer Nickel-Plated Brass 9mm Federal Ammunition
    $78.00 Price


    • 50 Rounds
    • Made by Federal

    • Made by Federal
    • 50 Rounds
    • $1.56 Cost Per Round
    • 147 Grain
    • JHP Bullet
    • American-made Self-Defense
  3. Federal Power-Shok 375 H&H Magnum Ammo - 20 Rounds of 270 Grain SP Ammunition

    1 In stock now
    Image For 20 Rounds Of 270 Grain SP Boxer Brass 375 H&H Magnum Federal Ammunition
    $59.99 Price


    • 20 Rounds
    • Made by Federal

    • Made by Federal
    • 20 Rounds
    • $3.00 Cost Per Round
    • 270 Grain
    • SP Bullet
    • American-made Hunting
    • New Condition
    • Brass Casing
    • Boxer
    • 2690 FPS Muzzle Velocity
    • 4338 ft lbs Muzzle Energy
    • Federal SKU 375A
    • UPC 029465085711
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Perhaps best known for its Premium brand launched in 1977, Federal Ammunition has its humble beginnings in an ammo and bicycle company founded in 1916 in Anoka, Minnesota. While Federal no longer sells bicycles, they still make ammo in their Anoka headquarters, where a single plant manufactures dozens of calibers. Federal was eventually purchased by Charles L. Horn in 1922, two years after the company shut its doors. Horn is considered the founder of the company, as he built the brand into what it is today.

Horn’s hustle is what made him the father of Federal, aggressively marketing his ammunition across America – in gas stations, grocery stores and barber shops. This approach eventually paid off. In 1941, the U.S. government awarded him an $87 million contract to manufacture ammunition for the war effort. Federal continued fulfilling America’s military needs for decades, supplying ammunition for the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The Diverse (and Innovative) Federal Ammunition Catalog

Today, the company manufactures thousands of different options. This includes a complete line of centerfire, rimfire and shotshell ammo – a tradition of innovation that has allowed them to maintain a competitive advantage for nearly a century.

Among Horn’s many achievements was being a prime mover behind the 4-H Conservation program in 1934, making Federal the first company to sponsor camps. Since 1979, the company has sponsored the 4-H Shooting Sports Program and partners with 4-H to offer safe shooting and hunting classes, as well as wildlife management.

The Federal Ammunition founder’s contributions to conservation did not end there. Federal Cartridge, the predecessor of Federal Ammunition, was a key player in lobbying the United States Congress to adopt the Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. Among other provisions, the Act created a self-imposed tax on ammunition manufacturers, which has raised – and continues to raise – billions of dollars to help protect America’s wildlife and countryside.

The Dramatic Expansion of Federal Ammo

Expanding dramatically in the 50s and 60s, Federal began producing centerfire ammunition for rifles and pistols in 1963. They continued to manufacture their high-quality shotgun shells and brought wins for competitive shooters, creating lifelong customers. Charles Horn retired in 1977, and turned management of the company over to his son William – who continued to grow the company with unrelenting marketing efforts, introducing the Premium line of ammunition for rifles and shotguns, and eventually selling in 1985 to a collection of private investors who sold to Alliant Techsystems.

Federal Ammunition still operates a plant in Anoka, Minnesota, where they employ nearly 1,000 people and produce the entire Federal line of ammunition for rifles, pistols, shotguns and rimfire weapons. They continue to make the popular Hydra-Shok pistol ammo here, as well as rifle ammunition topped with Sierra bullets. The Federal brand is an ongoing innovator, introducing its new Guard Dog ammo for handguns, V-shock ammo for rifles, and Black Cloud shells for shotgun. The American Eagle Syntech, a revolutionary, polymer-coated round introduced in 2015, extends barrel life by significantly reducing metal-on-metal contact. Federal will undoubtedly continue to produce their high-quality ammunition for many years to come.

Federal Ammunition Stock Developments

Color-coded shells are an industry standard, even though some ammunition manufacturers have deviated from this practice. Everyone who has taken a hunter’s education course has learned this by rote, over and over again. What many don’t know is that Federal began this practice in 1960, another example of how this company has been a pioneer in the world of ammo manufacturing.

Likewise, many turkey hunters take turkey-driven shotshells for granted. Federal was the first ammunition company to offer a shell specifically for this kind of hunting. Until 1992, there was no shotgun shell specifically designed for turkey shoots. Their current turkey-specific shotshell is the 3rd Degree Shotshell.

Federal Ammunition Stock Continues to Expand

One might think that not much has changed in ammunition manufacturing in the 100 years since Federal began, but nothing could be further from the truth. Federal is never content to rest upon past achievements, always innovating its various brands and lines. A great example of this is their primary use of recycled lead, making them one of the greenest ammunition manufacturing enterprises in existence. In late 2017, Federal announced that they would be releasing a new, high-performance .22-caliber cartridge for AR-15s.

This spirit of innovation and commitment to quality have made Federal an award-winning manufacturer of ammunition.

  • Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Tip ammunition won the Game & Fish Readers’ Choice award in both 2013 and 2015.
  • The Personal Defense HST rounds earned the coveted Golden Bullseye Award for 2015 Ammunition Product of the Year from the National Rifle Association's (NRA) Shooting Illustrated.
  • Vital-Shok Buckshot received the 2016 Reader's Choice Award from Predator Xtreme.

While Federal has always manufactured within their single Minnesota plant, they’ve expanded the size of this facility by orders of magnitude. What originally took up a relatively scant 9,600 square feet (manufacturing only shotgun shells) is now over 500,000 square feet, sitting on 175 acres, and making ammunition for every variety of firearm: shotgun, rimfire, muzzle loaders and handguns. In fact, the plant is so large that it straddles Anoka and its neighboring town Coon Rapids.

Federal’s ties with the Anoka community are deep. The city hall of Anoka is even shaped a little like a pistol, which is no accident – Federal bankrolled the construction of the building in 1954. The building is still the political center of this small Minneapolis suburb.

Federal Law Enforcement Ammo

In March 2018, Federal received a Department of Homeland Security contract, allowing Federal to produce 180 million rounds of .40 caliber Tactical HST duty ammunition for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other DHS and federal agencies over the next five years. This continues a partnership Federal has enjoyed with military and federal law enforcement ammo dating back several decades.

Federal Ammunition is a brand with roots as deep as those of other iconic American manufacturers like General Motors, Harley-Davidson or Levi’s. Whatever your ammunition needs might be – whether it’s target shooting, hunting or self defense – Federal is always there with an innovative answer.


Where is Federal ammo made?

Federal ammo is manufactured at a plant located in Anoka, Minnesota, where the ammo brand was started in 1916. This plant makes the entire line of Federal ammunition, including ammo for rifles, pistols, shotguns, and rimfire firearms.

Who owns Federal Ammunition?

Federal Ammunition is currently owned by Vista Outdoor, a leading global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of products for the outdoor recreation markets. Along with Federal, Vista Outdoors also represents other ammo brands including CCI and Speer.

What is Federal Green Tip ammo?

If the green tip on Federal ammo is painted on a .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO cartridge, then it signifies that the ammo is a “penetrator” round and often considered armour piercing due to a solid piece of steel inside the projectile. These rounds are military surplus ammo and are often bought in bulk.

What is Federal Hydra Shok ammo?

Federal Hydra-Shok ammo is the ammunition brand’s self-defense jacketed hollow point cartridge. The Hydra-Shok line uses rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and consistency and is marketed on its low recoil, reduced muzzle rise, and increased target acquisition. The Hydra-Shok line comes in .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm, .38 Special, .327 Federal, .357 Mag, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .45 GAP, .44 Mag, and 10mm. It’s also available in 12 gauge slugs.

What is Federal Power Shok ammo?

Power-Shok is Federal’s line of hunting ammunition and includes various rifle and hunting handgun calibers. Power-Shok rounds are jacketed hollow points that offer accuracy and power strong enough to handle medium to large game. In rifle calibers, the line includes popular configurations in .223, .243, .30-30, and .30-06, among others. It’s also available in shotgun shells, including 10 gauge, 12 gauge,16 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 bore. In handgun calibers, you can find Power-Shok in .357 Mag, .41 Rem and .44 Mag.

What does the “HST” stand for in Federal Ammo?

The HST line of Federal Premium ammunition was released in 2002. These specialty tactical cartridges were designed specifically for law enforcement. Although there was some speculation that the “HST” stood for “Hi-Shok Two,” Federal denied the claims and stated that HST is simply the name of the ammo and didn’t stand for anything.

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Sam Jacobs
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  • A65impalla said:

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    "I have not shot any of this batch or the batch prior, I haven’t even opened the boxes. I’m in high hopes I never have to open these boxes. I’ve used Federal 5.56 before and it is good stuff. Price is stiff, not as stiff as some I’ve seen. But then everything gun related is more expensive, isn’t it. Get it while the getting is good."

  • Doc said:

    "I guess a shortage in the ammo supply has driven the price up, as I found your ammo to be a bit more expensive than I had anticipated.. Regardless, the delivery time was exceptional & the ammo itself came in good condition and preformed well."

  • Tommy said:

    "I have already recommended it, that being said, it is a bit pricey. But considering that there is such a shortage, I was happy to have it. I get a small disability check once a month, so, I'll have to save more money."

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    "The order was handled quickly and efficiently. I would recommend Ammo.com to anyone who has stood in line trying to find ammo."

  • Adam said:

    "Good, Clean, ammo....pricey but what can ya do....fast delivery too I cant even find a die set to reload let alone the bullets or primers so this ammo will do untill times are better....if ever "

  • deaves1 said:

    "5 stars"

  • Don said:

    "Nice to know where to locate ammo after this BS of low production and high demand."

  • Joe-we-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy said:

    "Ammo was well packed, but the tins came in a bit banged up. Ammo was clean in good shape but stripper clips showed moisture damage with minor rust making it hard to load with the speed loader. The cost was deffently high and go figure right after I ordered I found 1000rnds of loose pack 62gr lake city for the same price as one tin of 420rnds, but finding 556 ammo these days is deffently a gamble of finding it and its price! Hopefully all this Bull will be over soon!"

  • mrob6868 said:

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  • Gilbert said:


  • Gilbert said:

    "good clean ammo sum what pricey but good over all"

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  • Scooby6 said:

    "Federal manufactured XM193BL is pretty much a GOLD STANDARD round and it’s quality is well known. But my review is related to AMMO.COM and I just cannot say thank you enough! Virtually unbeatable price coupled with a commitment to helping veterans and gun advocates... and I got my order in less than 72 hours. Great Job! AMMO.COM is. Ow my first stop for all Caliber needs."

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  • Retired Sarge said:

    "My first time using the rifle I used this ammo. On a 10 inch dirty bird target I was able to land consistent groupings .I was able to land 59 out of 60 rounds in the 9 ring or better. The order was shipped and I received it on the third day. Service is excellent."

  • stan said:

    "very happy ,with the ammo, no jam ups,carb build up is minor -compare to wolf. price is affordable for the weekend shooter. Quality of the ammo is very very good for the price. also very happy with .ammo.com- getting the order out to me so i can blow up the targets.. i don t like waiting for my ammo- the last place had to wait three weeks,was not happy"

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    "Purchased 50 rounds, but have only shot 18 so far. I've had no problems at all. Shoots nice and clean, and no duds. I love the federal ammo so far. My only knock was on the value....which I dropped down 1 notch. The price for the 50 round box is awesome, but the shipping and handling hurt the value...still when you can't find the ammo you are looking for locally, the shipping and handling isn't much of an issue. Thank You Ammo.com!!!!"

  • Rollinrock said:

    "pleasure doing business with the site."

  • Walt said:

    "Put about 80 of these through a Tac XD over the weekend. No jams, no misfires. All things considered, a pretty good round for the money."

  • Tahitiantreat said:

    "shot clean no jams"

  • Rocky said:

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  • bud said:

    "bought for carry ammo so only shot afew."

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  • AR 15 Novice said:

    "I just bought a Windham AR 15 .223. Never shot an AR before this one. The Federal .223`s I bought from Ammo.com cycled and fired flawlessly. I will buy these rounds again."

  • Earl the Pearl said:

    "Never had a problem, fed and fired always."

  • Darryl said:

    "Wasn't expecting the shipment so fast, fired from my rifles without problem dead on target."

  • Medic505 said:

    "Shot well from a Bushmaster m-4 and even better from a Savage Mod.10 heavy barrel. Pounding a spray paint can with every shot at 300 yards. Best price I've found for factory loaded rounds. Service was great. Arrived 3 days after order."

  • Willy said:

    "I have a Colt AR15, SP-1, which was the closest thing I could find to the M-16 I had in Vietnam. I also have a Ruger Mini-14 with a Bushnell red-dot. Both held their groups at 100 yards with this ammo. I shoot 5 shot 3" groups with both guns at that range on a bench without any support but my forearm. I shoot the SP-1 on a sandbag at 200 yards with the same group. The Ruger fall off badly at that range; gun's fault. Your ammo is fine. I can do better on the price but your service is good."

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    "Purchased 200 rounds from ammo.com, smooth transaction. I used it on my Beretta PX4 for target shooting at the range, no hiccups, no malfunction. American Eagle is an excellent ammo. I'm a satisfied customer, will buy again. I just wish the price comes down a little bit in the future."

  • Richard said:

    "With the millions of rounds of ammo currently in demand......Ammo.com is one place you can count on for your quality ammo, fast delivery, great service and there when you need them!"

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  • Zippo said:

    "I bought 250 rounds. I have only shot 50, but have had no feeding or ejection problems. It is at least as accurate as my 56 year-old eyes can shoot and was much cleaner than the cheaper ammo on the market. Like I said, I will buy more as it becomes available."

  • no nickname said:

    "Purchased this ammo, had never used American Eagle before but knew it was made from Federal which I've never had any issues with. Ammo performed great, no FTF's whatsoever through my Springfield XDM, 100 rounds no problem, will buy again for sure. "

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  • Lee said:

    "I like the ammo, but not the rising cost of the ammo. No misfires on the ammo in over 500 rounds shot thus far."

  • zinger30-06 said:

    "This ammo was purchased for range use. I shoot on average 100 rounds per session at least once a week. I was pleasently surprised at the peformance of the round. I fired 25 rounds at one target and then 25 at a second target. Folded them over each other and the groupings were a close match. My carry pistol is a Colt Defender 1911 and this is perfect practice ammo. I will continue to purchase as it becomes available. "

  • Louis said:

    "Great ammo with high quality brass, also has large pistol primer if you are interested in reloading. As far as value goes, given the recently inflated prices that accompany such high demand all ammo has become too pricey. That having been said, in relative terms it is a great value. It is my go to ammo for practicing."

  • Louis said:

    "This is reliable, clean burning consistent ammo. It cycles perfectly and there were no malfunctions in either my XDM or my Kimber 1911 super carry ultra. It has high quality reloadable brass with large pistol primers. When available this is my go to ammo."

  • Practice said:

    "Just purchased this for 1911 range time. Shoots fine through a couple hundred rounds so far with no goofups. Market is up right now so that'll explain overall cost. I'd buy more when the time comes. "

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  • This is my Glock said:

    "My Glock eats this stuff up. I like it so much I don't want to shoot the remaining 700 rounds I have left. I just stash it with 300 rounds of 9BPLE and take it out to drool over it before I head to the range with PMC for plinking."

  • Terry said:

    "I find it a great value and excellent quality and fine performance ammo and would happily recommend it to anybody else to use. I have used it in both my 9mm pistols, SCCY CPX-2 & Kel-Tec P-11. "

  • Highdesertrat said:

    "This ammo has always worked well in my S&W M&P and Ruger P-95. I have never had a problems with misfires and accuracy is good. Great price also."

  • Orion1958 said:

    "I find it a great value and excellent quality and fine performance ammo and would happily recommend it to anybody else to use. "

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  • gokart04 said:

    "Finally got to shoot some of this the other day. Worked well and shot consistant/accurate. No feeding or fire failures out of about 100 rounds in my BCM AR-15. I feel the price is a bit too high at this time. "

  • J.W. said:

    "These were the first rounds shot through my ar. I have no complaints, it cycles fine even through rapid firing. I would definitely buy these again."

  • H.D. said:

    "Works great, cycles fine, glad I found your sight."

  • Pat said:

    "This is excellent ammo. Velocity is up there, at least in my 20" barrel DTI ar 15. Kinda lucky to buy this cheap ammo and get it to shoot the way this stuff did. I love being able to buy metal cases as well as brass cases. The metal are non-reloadable and it's nice to just shoot these and not worry about looking after shooting. I worry about the future of buying ammo over the 'net in the future. Here in Illinois our great governor Quinn moves on every front to close the avenues to get ammo. Good Shooting to All "

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  • huntinman said:

    "very happy with purchase,will buy again. "

  • Ken said:

    "I have shot just over 300 rounds at the range in my M&P 9C and nothing bad to say. Nice groupings. No failures. Excellent choice!!!"

  • Fred said:

    "Great value and quality product. Will definitely buy again."

  • shepherd said:

    "I will definitely buy more"

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  • Daddy d said:

    "Okay, first I will just say I ordered one thousand rounds after doing multiple different tests on this round. I found it to expand over .85" with the biggest one expanding just over an inch. Out of all the premium rounds and the generic rounds on the market for non-bonded hollow points in 45, this had the best performance every....single...time. Not to mention it has light recoil. I found its recoil to be on par with steel cased wolf or tulammo. It fed smooth in my glocks, 1911s and even in my tommy gun. I say buy it. Get it and thank ammo.com for this terrific product. I sure do"

  • Sr. said:

    "AA++ Thank You for the fast service. "

  • Robert said:

    "The price and availability are only issues right now. Good ammo."

  • Practice said:

    "Shot 14 rounds so far to verify cycling. No issues. Will consider this for a carry round. Market is hard and expensive right now."

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  • Frank said:

    "The pricing and delivery was outstanding. High quality ammo at the best price. Have told my friends and they are going to get their ammo from Ammo.com"

  • Nick said:

    "3000 rounds with my friends and no problems."

  • Alan said:

    "I've ordered this ammo twice now. 1000 rounds each time. First 1000 went through my glock 23 without any failures of any kind. I'm onto the second 1000 now and anticipate the same flawless performance. Service is excellent. Shipping was very fast. Value is great."

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  • JOHNTHEFOX said:


  • Bang-Bang Tazzzmanik said:

    "Will order more products in the near future. Very happy with service and product and price. Thanks."

  • scot said:

    "these guys are awsome, it takes 5 days for me to get ammo, BUT i live on the west coast, so thats no problem. i shot 10 ronds without any problems."

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  • will said:

    "love this ammo go to range ammo"

  • Ronald said:

    "Good deal and very happy with purchase. Bought a Walther creed and wanted to run some rounds thru it. Have fired 500 rounds no issues. Great service received ammo in a couple days"

  • Dinstar1 said:

    "Excellent value, excellent performance and an excellent outlet for ammunition purchases from Ammo.com. Especially the fact that I have not had to wait more than 11/2 days from purchase to delivery. All the reasons why I have passed my purchasing experiences on with everyone I know."

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  • dog said:

    "very good shells"

  • Bob said:

    "One of the few places that had the 9 mm ammo that I've been trying to get for 3 months. I think our government is intentionally making ammo hard to get. I only wish I could prove it."

  • Lew said:

    "Ordered this product via this website due to the lack of availability elsewhere. "

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  • Dale said:

    "I always have these rounds on hand as they are truly one hole accurate from my Remington 700 with 26 inch bull barrel (with Zeiss scope) rifle. As most of you know the military "experts" use the match bullets for very long range work. This is exceptionally good ammo and the price for that is not measurable."

  • Cleggras said:

    "Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to shoot any of these rounds, however, these are the flavor that my rifle prefers. They typically group under an inch at 100 yards. They have just been so hard to find in stores in my area and at a price I can afford. Thank you!"

  • Ralph said:

    "Federal performed better than the Black Hills Gold Match I purchased for my Springfield M1A and will be purchase again. "

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 3 reviews below
  • fishmonkey said:

    "Sergio, you're spot on. It's an old style jhp with rumored poor expansion in short barrels (4-stars). I've got a CZ75 and SP-01, so I don't expect to see any problems. Federal Premium is always reliable; this is no different. (5-stars) Nothing special, but JHP of good quality. It wasn't the worst deal around — I was just resigned to buying DoubleTap for a lot more. I'd rather pay for this than that, or junk, or nothing at all. (3-stars just based on what 9mm SHOULD cost — and I'm sure not saying anything bad about Ammo.com — they're great.) "

  • Sergio said:

    "Hey, when it's all that's available, you buy it !! Pleasantly surprised-- fired about 175 rounds--no problems whatsoever. Groups were roughly equivalent to high-dollar ammo (from an LC9)--OK not exactly a sniper weapon. Bottom line is that Ammo.com had the product in stock---no one else did. Is it worth 75c a round? Probably not--- is gas worth 4.00 a gallon? Probably not. Bottom line is that I snagged 1000 rounds of perfectly acceptable ammo--at a price based on supply and demand."

  • bodie said:

    "I bought this ammo on a hunch to feed my 5 nines. It is a little lighter than I wanted, but within parameters. So far it has held up perfectly; no failures to fire, no FTEs, nothing wrong, and good groups. I'm glad I bought it. "

  • Click To Purchase This 5.7x28 Federal Ammunition
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  • Benjamin said:

    "Just purchased the FiveseveN and took it to the range with this ammo. Didn’t have any issues with the first (and only, unfortunately) 150 rounds I ran through it. The accuracy was nowhere near what I’ve heard reviewed...which was the reason I purchased the gun. However the gun isn’t broken in yet so this is a premature review on the ammo The American Eagle 5.7 is the cheapest ammo you can get for the gun so in comparison it’s pretty good. However if the accuracy doesn’t improve after 500 rounds I’m going to trade in the gun"

  • PAUL said:


  • nunya said:

    "The rounds were a good fit and performed well.. I will surely be getting more !"

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  • Vincent said:

    "Bought several different boxes of 22 LR to try out at the range for 3 different guns. All three cycled the others like a champ. All three never went more than 3 shots without having to clear these. I had no issues with the Federal 36 Grain CPHP Ammunition, but these were nothing but trouble. Will never buy them again."

  • david10140 said:

    "fast shipping great price and great service"

  • Chuck said:

    "I would buy these again..........Very Good"

  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • murdock said:

    "62 grain shoots just fine. no jams. but that old vietnam ak will fire, even when dropped in mud, and water. thanks Im just glad you had the ammo, and the price was right."

  • Mikey A said:

    "As usual very prompt customer service and worry free shipping, love these guys & gals @ ammo.com. Well I am no expert about ammo, but I will say that this ammo was performing better than some more expensive products. fresh and snappy, good penetration and groupings 2"-3" @ 200-300 yds, mini-14 1-9 twist , similar to SS109 m855 but heavier Gr. "

  • Click To Purchase This 12 Gauge Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • sixftmoose said:

    "I have always trusted Federal ammo to be good quality and this 12 gauge ammo once again proves to me that Federal knows what they are doing when it comes to making ammo! I have had no problems what so ever with any of the ammo I purchased from Ammo.com and I'm a life long customer after dealing with them, the ammo arrived quickly and has served its purpose. I used the ammo in my brand new Mossberg 500 and it cycled properly with no problems, consistent pattern, reasonable recoil and came in a handy little ammo can in great shape (Nice little bonus if you ask me!) I would recommend this ammo to anyone looking for a good quality 00 Buck."

  • Hondobob said:

    "I've gone through two cans of this excellent shotgun ammo without complaint. It cycles just fine in my old Winchester 1897, High Standard Supermatic, and a Norinco clone of the Colt 1878 side-by-side. Good patterns and power with manageable recoil. Some ammo cans are loaded with 25-round boxes, others with smaller boxes, but always a total of 175 rounds. An excellent choice for hunting or defense. I'm buying more when it's available."

  • Click To Purchase This 40 Cal Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Mac said:

    "I have shot this brand of ammo before, it has always performed well in my semi-auto without jaming, and is very accurate in my particular weapon."

  • Lia_npc said:

    "Appreciate fast turn of customer order being shipped to me, thanks much in this trying time of our great country"

  • Click To Purchase This 50 BMG Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • T-Rex said:

    "Great value for your money. I plan on buying more. I have fun shooting this caliber rifle. It helps with all my frustrations."

  • m82a1` said:

    "Federal 50BMG in 660 grain FMJ is an excellent all-round 50BMG round, and as provided here at ammo.com is also a great value, especially in the 100 round box (10 boxes of 10 rounds each). I've been shooting this 50BMG round for almost as long as I've had my Barrett M82A1 and it performs well and I have yet to miss-fire or have issues chambering or cycling the rounds, even if ripping off multiple shots in quick succession [not easy at this caliber]. The brass is high quality and a good reload. I recommend this round to anyone who needs a general purpose FMJ round for practice or competition [caveat, I do not currently compete], for using "ready-made" rounds."

  • Click To Purchase This 243 Win Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Mr. Jimmy said:

    "Five deer taken on my ranch with this ammo: two neck shots, two head shots, and one shoulder shot ( 106 yds) . All dropped in their tracks! The shoulder shot hit a rib but still exited the body with a one inch exit wound that would have facilitated tracking, had it been necessary."

  • Jimmy said:

    "My friends and family have taken five deer from my ranch this season, all taken with this ammo. All dropped in their tracks! Two were heart/lung shots, two were neck shots, and one head shot. Both chest area shots penetrated completely with minimal meat damage and left a quarter size exit which would have left a good blood trail if tracking had been necessary. Tremendous performance! "

  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Russell B said:

    "I ordered 2000 rounds and two ammo boxes the 50 caliber larger ones. The ammo boxes were brand new as promised and no signs of rust, sand etc. simply new. The 1000 rounds of 556 filled it almost to the rim. We pleased and will be back. "

  • Shooter McGee said:

    "I searched many places for this product. You had the best price around, and the product arrived on schedule. Thanks for your great product and service. "

  • Click To Purchase This 357 Sig Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • spike said:

    "Ammo arrived promptly and performed as expected."

  • Sam said:

    "I feel that due to the few numbers per capita of the .357 Sig guns, the demand isn't so high which makes even the practice loads high in comparison to o ther calibers. This ammo shoots very well and is close to my carry load (Gold Dot) in felt recoil. Over all very good and I will buy more later. Cheers, Sam"

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Doug said:

    "I found that the rounds purchased were great for the money/price. Rounds can only be going up in cost in other retailer sites and locations. "

  • Sid said:

    "No more to say. Just wish I had bought before bo blathered about gun control causing prices up due to run on weapons."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • JW102282 said:

    "I purchased a small amount (100 rounds) of this ammo strictly to use for personal defense. I wanted a heavier hollow point round in order to get the most stopping power and expansion I can from a 9 mm. I only fired fifty of the one hundred rounds because I wanted to make sure that they feed into my weapon and fire without any problems. Again, I feel that I would want to run at least 200 - 300 of these rounds in order to give a better review. However,the fifty that I did test fire operated from my Glock 26 Gen 4 without any issues. I did notice that with the magazine fully loaded with these rounds opposed to the 124 grain and some of the 115 grain that I was running, the magazine was a little more tough to get it to lock in while loading. Just had to push/hit the mag in a little harder. Operationally though, they ran well."

  • korba said:

    "Great ammo, no failures, no problems at all.. Great!"

  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Chris said:

    "Not only is the price fantastic, but my shipment arrived in pristine condition. I was a new customer, and didn't know what to expect. I had a very bad experience buying ammunition on line from another place that claims to be 'cheaper than...ahem.. anything'. My experience with Ammo.com could not have been better. The trusted brand and quality of my order goes without saying. But the handling, packaging, and service from the people at Ammo.com was phenomenal, even surprising given the world we live in where poor service is pretty much expected. I will not shop anywhere else. Ammo.com is my go to supplier."

  • Tim said:

    "Good price for ammo, not shinny but who cares its ment to shoot not to look at "

  • Click To Purchase This 40 Cal Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Steve said:

    "Works good. No jams or misfires "

  • Paperbanger said:

    " Looking for some .40 cal you can feed your pistol with total confidence? Fill your magazines with the HST JHP from Federal! My Sig and I spent an afternoon punching holes with these, along with three other brands. We know there are some brands okay for range practice, because a misfeed or misfire doesn't matter much. But it was clear from the outset that if you carry, these are the guys you want to take with you. Never a misfeed or misfire, and accurate to a gnat's eyelash. I figure if it's my life and perhaps the lives of my loved ones on the line, I'll have enough to worry about without fighting the bad guys and my ammo problems at the same time. "

  • Click To Purchase This 223 Rem Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Pogo said:

    "Consistent sub MOA groups with a Fulton Armory AR-15 A2, SS match barrel 1:9 twist. Compared to similar match loads by Black Hills, Remington and Hornady; factor of 2 improvement on accuracy with this Federal ammo. Ammo.com get more of this into stock! "

  • USMC1 said:

    "I have tried a number of rounds from flat base hollow point to ballistic tip's but I was not satisfied with the results. So, I tried the 69 grain BTHP match, I was very pleased with the results, much more consistent, however purchasing massed produced ammo for accuracy is not the way to go. If you shoot a lot, reloading your own ammo is the best way to ensure that every round is the same. I feel the value of the ammo is about average in cost. What I paid for the 40 rounds from ammo net including shipping I could buy the same at a local store, so not really a savings."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Matt H said:

    "The price on this ammo is amazing, but it is dirty. I shot 250 rounds through a Glock 17 and needed to clean my weapon after 150 rounds. My daughter also bought some because I told her about the great deal. She was shooting a Sig P365 9mm, the Sig does not like the flat nose on this ammo. She shot 100 rounds and was having problems feeding before she finished 50 rounds. We cleaned her weapon, and still had the same problem. I had no feed issues with my Glock. I'm not real sure why Federal decided to go flat nose on this round when they have round nose on their 115 & 124 grain rounds. As good of a deal as this was I don't think I'll be purchasing anymore of this ammo."

  • Ronjai said:

    "Had to use the higher grain bullet in my sub compact auto. The federal 147 grain bullet fed flawlessly and provided very accurate results. "

  • Click To Purchase This 44 Magnum Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • joe liggett said:

    "ammo loads and eject great, hold a good point of aim on the target, this golden Boy 44 IS PERFECT OVER OTHERS, my only complained is i bought this rifle new and have not found a 44 ammo till now, been weeks and all dealers never get any type of ammo. what gives"

  • Van said:

    "Will do business again soon"

  • Click To Purchase This 45 Auto Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Mike said:

    "This is great ammo for Self Defense, this will get the job done. Using solid guns like Kimber in 45 & 10mm, I was able to achieve a level of accuracy at 25 yards with this ammo that I haven't been able to do since my Army days. Firing many 3 round groups at 25 yards, All shots could fit inside the circumference of a Quarter, actually the shots on the target touched and overlapped each other, nice mushrooms, 0 malfunctions and seeing some expand to over an inch, I decided to change over and make this my first "go to" ammo. Thank you Ammo.com "

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Shawn said:

    "I've shot a lot of rounds over the years, and Federal is one of the best with any ammunition. These rounds in particular are clean, accurate, effective, and to top it off, won't break the bank. If you're sceptical about ammo.com, you shouldn't be. Good pricing, fast shipping and most importantly I got exactly what I ordered. Couldn't be happier."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Mdow81 said:

    "Ordered 1000 rds of 115 grain 9 mm. Shot all butt 100 at the range with three dif guns. Had zero problems. Great product and at a fraction of the cost that the range gets. Will be ordering more soon along with some colt 45 long to go in the new judge. "

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Froggo said:

    "I recently purchased 1000 rds of this stuff and have shot half already with ZERO malfunctions. All went bang (w/o a double-strike) . It's lighter, easier to handle and was very affordable when I bought it at $169 for the 1000. And...maybe it's just me... but the recoil from this ammo is almost non-existent. Plus, the box's 100rd capacity makes for great storage & convenience at the range. "

  • Click To Purchase This 12 Gauge Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Tinacn said:

    "When I bought a used Mossberg-manufactured12ga fully rifled slug barrel for my Remington 870, I bought several different brands and loadings of slugs to pattern from the bench. These slugs shot the tightest groups of ANY I tried, had manageable recoil and were among the least expensive per round. I had Brenneke-style slugs, plain rifled Foster unsaboted slugs, as well as a couple of the newer saboted, all copper and copper hollow-point types costing $3-$4 or more per round. Some 2 3/4" and some 3". I see no reason to sue any other brand or load in my particular shotgun."

  • Click To Purchase This 308 Win Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Cliff said:

    "I purchased the Federal .308 American Eagle 150 grain FMJ-BT to shoot in my new FN FAL rifle, and boy was I impressed because I had never tried this ammo before. I was shooting at 50 and100 yards and getting .25" to .50" groupings. Also I had some Remington Cor-Lokt with me and it was noticeable that the Federal American Eagle had more recoil than the Remington. As a final note I shot 10 rounds at 250 yds at a clump of grass the size of a basketball and hit it every time from a hilltop on a powerline. Great ammo. "

  • Click To Purchase This 10mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Loop said:

    "This ammo is absolutely excellent, it ran flawlessly through my Glock 20 with no malfunctions. All of the rounds looked phenomenal no dinged casings, bad primers, or tarnishing on the casing or led bullet. This ammo is what I personally have loaded for my home defense round. Would I recommend this ammo to others? Yes, in fact I believe in it so much I trust my life to it."

  • Click To Purchase This 5.56x45 Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • Bear Patrol said:

    "Ammo comes in 5 plastic mini ammo boxes that look really neat! I wish the carry handles were real but they’re still worth holding onto for future use. So far I’ve put about 360 of these through my Windham HBC with no issues. As for accuracy I’ve only fired at targets from 100 yards or less from a standing position, so I’m not sure how they do at longer ranges but they always hit where I aim at those distances. The only downside for me so far is that I have to use paper targets or improvised targets (milk jugs, cans, etc.) Because these were leaving some SERIOUS dents in my 1/2 inch thick ar500 steel target. Overall I’d definitely recommend these to someone looking for decent 5.56 ammo at a good price."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 1 review below
  • 45Mudman said:

    "Bought 500 rds. first mag, would not feed, S&W M&P, tried it in a Taurus 709 same thing, tried some in a hi-point 9mm, made it through the first mag then the second, hmm what;s up with this? third mag 2nd round no feed, 4th same. Sorry to say I wasted hard earned money on target and practice ammo I can't use. Don't buy."

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Frank said:

    "Its was nice to have it show up in a week. had been a long time but man its expensive going pinkling now days. "

  • robert said:

    "very good shells i will buy again i orderd the ammo and recived them in just a few days i was suprised they were so fast"

  • Click To Purchase This 9mm Federal Ammunition
    based on the 2 reviews below
  • Wendy said:

    "Seems to work well for me in my Beretta 92s Italian Police turn-in. A possible alternative if you can't or don't want to use +P ammo in your 9mm However, as with the case with every self-dense loading fire at least a full mag (plus one in the chamber if this is how you would use it for self-defense) through the gun to make sure it feeds and ejects all rounds before relying on it for self-defense."

  • TexasTodd44 said:

    "They had ammo when nobody else did! New customer and I will buy from Ammo.com from here on!!"