A-MAX Match Bullets Explained

The A-MAX bullet line from Hornady was developed for absolute accuracy in any shooting application. These bullets are specially jacketed, tipped and cored for optimal weight, velocity and to have the highest ballistic coefficient possible. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more accurate rifle round and Hornady takes a lot of pride in this particular bullet line.  The A-MAX line offers calibers ranging from .223 all the way to .50 BMG.

A-MAX Composition

The A-MAX bullets use a secant ogive geometric profile and this reduces drag, leading to very flat trajectories over very long range. This shape also ensures stability while giving the bullet the highest level of ballistic coefficient available. The core is made from swaged lead. This type of lead provides a phenomenal blend of balance and uniform distribution inside the bullet jacket. The jacket itself uses the AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) style that Hornady pioneered and they are extremely uniform with almost no variation in thickness. The tips of the A-MAX are a hard plastic that retains its shape extremely well until making contact with your target.A-MAX Cutaway

A-MAX Match

The A-MAX Match line is intended to be used during match competition and they perform very well in this application. Any pro shooter will tell you that having absolute uniformity with the bullets is extremely important for grouping and accuracy. This is what these bullets were designed for specifically and they do a good job at it. The Match line covers most rifle calibers with .308 being one of the most common calibers used in long range matches.  The A-Max Match line differs from the regular A-MAX by being just a tad lighter and shorter.

Additional Uses

The accuracy of these bullets offer you a great way to engage targets at extreme ranges.  This is why the A-MAX is popular among varmint hunters who need long range accuracy more than rapid expansion.  Some hunters swear by  its' performance on deer sized game.  (This link shows A-MAX performance on deer, but it is very graphic.)  However, Hornady does have another popular bullet for that called the V-MAX which provides the rapid expansion for quick, clean kills.

The A-MAX is easily one of the best designed and constructed bullets on the market today.  Its accuracy and bullet to bullet consistency are among the best on the market today.  So whether your are a competition shooter looking for that edge over your competition, or a casual shooter wanting to extend your range and shrink your groups, A-MAX bullets are the way to go.