Expansion Mono Block (EMB) Bullets Explained

The Expansion Mono Block or EMB line is Fiocchi’s premier low penetration and rapid expansion ammo created exclusively for defense use. As of 2015, you’ll only find this in the 9mm Luger variety making it a very specialized round comparable to Federal Premium’s Hydra-Shock personal defense rounds. The EMB’s are part of the Extrema brand from Fiocchi and share some similarities with traditional hollow points and other expanding ammunition.

Expansion Mono Block vs Traditional Hollow Point

Hollow Point – If you’ve shot a random hollow point from your pistol you know that you can sometimes get mixed results when it comes to accuracy and uniformity in damage to a target. One shot may mushroom to the left while one will go to the right and everything in between.  This non-uniform expansion is very detrimental to consistent and reliable performance, not only in  flight path, but also in the likelihood that the bullet will stay together as it expands.  This loss of material from the bullet decreases penetration.  Another issue is that the tradtional hollow point can "clog" with clothing and other material which makes expansion less reliable.

Fiocchi EMBFiocchi EMB – This company has taken time to develop this particular round to function the same way as a hollow point but with a more uniform and predictable delivery every time. These rounds are made to penetrate through cloth then about six inches into the target without over penetrating.  The design of the bullet allows for expansion that is much more uniform than other designs.  It’s made from a lead free material and lead free primer so lead buildup from excessive range shooting won’t be an issue if you use it in that capacity.

Self-Defense Use

As with similar bullet styles, these are meant to be loaded in your home defense or concealed carry weapon. Should you need to use them, they are designed to reduce overpenetration and are less likely to damage property or people behind the target. The EMB is safer than a normally shaped bullet because it’s been designed to expand the moment it hits the right amount of resistance. This resistance is usually based on ballistics gelatin that simulates a person or large animal. When it hits, the tip folds down around the center creating a large wound cavity to quickly stop an aggressor.

The safety factor is what makes these so appealing. Not having to worry about shooting through multiple walls or accidentally hitting an innocent bystander on accident is a huge relief and can take a lot of worry out of owning a home or self-defense weapon.  This concern is illustrated here.

Some places in the US and around the world don’t allow the use of hollow points as concealed carry ammo or have banned it outright in certain areas. You will need to double check before you use this as a defense ammo as it’s technically a hollow point. Some regions have different definitions of that so it’s better to be safe than sorry.