Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point (LSWCHP) Bullets Explained

The wadcutter is a very unique looking type of bullet and is very much just a lead cylinder. Wadcutters are pretty much exclusively used to punch holes in paper and are usually low pressure, lightly loaded cartridges, so the round doesn’t change its shape or become deformed when fired. Wadcutters make scoring target sheets extremely easy because the round whole created is very defined compared to any other type of ammunition.

The lead semi-wadcutter is that same cylinder but it has a tapered nose with a flat point. This makes it more versatile than firing a full wadcutter so it’s a more useful general purpose bullet. These come in various forms and one of these is the lead semi-wadcutter hollow point or LSWCHP. This particular style of wadcutter can be found with ammo lines by every major manufacturer and distributor and is almost always found in the “target ammo” section.

Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point FeaturesLead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Point

This bullet is shaped similarly to a round nose flat point and has a hollow nose that is usually covered with a thin layer of lead, plastic or another material. The hollow point allows it to expand pretty well without earning the true designation of “hollow point ammo”. The flat tip, while mostly for scoring on paper targets works very well with the hollow point and what you end up with is a nicely balanced bullet that’s very accurate at short ranges.

Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Advantages

The two main advantages people will tell you about the LSWHP is that it performs very well for training and target shooting and it’s a good defense ammo. The reason this is considered defense ammo where the full wadcutter is not is due to the design. The hollow point combined with the flat tip give this quite a bit of stopping power and these are almost always allowed where regular HP bullets are not.

Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point Disadvantages

Wadcutters aren’t loaded to have high velocity because they are intended mainly for paper targets. This can cause some problems if you’re using this type of ammo as a home defense round in certain areas. In cold climates people wearing thick layers of clothing may not suffer as much damage as someone with lighter clothes if you have to engage them at a distance. This may not sound like much of a concern but when it comes to safety, you want to be sure an intruder or other threat goes down right away. This will depend on what round you’re using, who made it and the gun you’re using of course so do some testing of your own. At close range it should work fine.

LSWC ammo can be found in many calibers, with .45 LC and