Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) Bullets Explained

The solid copper hollow point, or SCHP, bullet can be used in both rifle and pistol ammunition. The main factor that decides the use is the caliber of course but the diameter of the hollow cavity plays a huge role too.

Solid copper pistol ammo will have the familiar large hollow opening at the end but rifle versions will have a wider range of options most of the time. The different types of rifle ammo are for different sized game and the hollow point in copper can expand in a variety of useful ways depending on the intended target. A deer hunting ammo will be much different than a varmint ammo for instance.

Solid copper hollow points can be used in most places that have gone “lead-free” including ranges and hunting areas.  There are several manufacturers of SCHP bullets, with Magtech and Barnes being the most well known.SCHP Bullet

Solid Copper Hollow Point Features

Lead-Free – Today, many regions simply don’t allow lead in any capacity to be used period. This could be on a public land or shooting range and more seem to be following this trend every year. Lead causes pollution to groundwater if bullets accumulate and this harms wildlife and plants and that translates to harming humans in the long run. A solid copper bullet bypasses any and all of these issues.

Hollow Point – The hollow point has long been the “stopping power” king and this may not change anytime soon. Hollow point bullets expand on impact creating a very large wound channel that’s more likely to bring down an intruder, enemy, animal or unlucky can or bottle.  The other advantage with the rapid expansion is that unlike Full Metal Jacket bullets, the hollow point will be much less likely to overpenetrate and hurt bystanders.

Solid Copper - Solid copper doesn’t rust, corrode, change shape or cause unwanted pollution. This is why it’s so popular as a plumbing material across the world. You can dump a ton of it into your water source and you’ll be just fine. If you do that with lead, you’re in serious trouble. Copper isn’t as heavy as lead but is a lot stronger so it’s a tradeoff in that aspect. Copper doesn’t expand as easily as lead so most SCHP bullets have special designs at the tip to ensure expansion happens uniformly at a certain penetration level usually.

Versatility – This bullet can be used for just about anything unless HP bullets aren’t allowed where you’re trying to use them. Hunting, varmint control, home defense, concealed carry and target shooting is all acceptable for the SCHP. It comes in most calibers imaginable from the .22LR to large handguns and most types of rifle.

Solid Copper Hollow Point Uses

As mentioned above, the versatility of the SCHP knows few bounds. Many of us first encountered it with our plinking .22’s as youngsters and probably again when we got our hands on a revolver. The one area this ammo isn’t tremendously popular is with automatic pistols.