Trophy Bonded Tip Bullets Explained

The Trophy Bonded Tip bullet is used in a couple lines by Federal Premium Ammunition. The Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid and the Trophy Copper. While each of these ammo lines differs slightly and is in a different brand like Vital-Shok, there’s one thing they all have in common and that’s the tip.

This bullet and the tip at the end was created for one purpose and that’s to take down massive, thick skinned animals. We’re talking African game here. These bullets have great features that enable massive penetration and expansion like a large, super accurate hollow point.

Trophy Bonded Tip BulletThe Trophy Bonded Tip was available as its own separate bullet for quite a while but unfortunately is not for sale anymore from the official website. You can probably track some down if you’re a reloader and are very interested in this particular bullet. A lot of distributors list them as “backorder” and that can be a good sign in some cases as it’s not quite “discontinued.”

Trophy Bonded Tip Features

Polymer Tip – The distinguishable yellow tip was created to penetrate thick hides and help the bullet to expand. The way the tip is shaped also adds to the ballistic coefficient.

Boat-Tail – The boat tail is a must have for extreme range and when hunting large, dangerous game you really don’t want to be up close and personal. Snipers recommend boat tail bullets for long range accuracy and hunters have made them a staple.

Solid-Copper Shank – The solid copper shank gives you top of the line penetration that will give you reliable results on a consistent basis.  The other advantage of the copper shank is that it loses less weight from fragmentation than traditional bullets this allows for the superior penetration.

Trophy Bonded Tip Uses

This is a big game bullet. You’ll find it mainly in large rifle calibers. The two ammo lines you can buy from Federal right now, the Sledgehammer and Bear Claw, are also big game bullets. Any ammo using this bullet will tear through a big animal and devastate it internally. Any of this ammo is perfectly usable for deer, moose and bear.  Using this bullet on smaller game is not what it was intended for and because of the deep penetration of the bullet, you wont get the maximum performance from it.

This style of bullet is really one of the high points of big game hunting technology. Reviews of this bullet around the internet are almost all positive with some great African hunting tales to go along with them. The two iterations you can find at Federal right now seem to be a little more specialized with the Sledgehammer for African game and the Bear Claw for, well, bears and other huge domestic game.

The accuracy people report with ammo using the Trophy Bonded Tip is very impressive. It’s not uncommon to have baseball sized grouping at very extreme ranges over 500 yards in the hand of a better than average shooter so someone who really knows their weapon can get even more performance.